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  • 26 Oct '17

Starting up Mordhau causes "Antimalware Service Executable" to suddenly use up 90-100% of my disk speed. Closing the game makes it immediately drop back 0-5 %. I'm reasonably sure this is why starting up the game usually takes something between 1 and 2 minutes. Why does it happen? Does my computer think Mordhau is a virus? XD


Adding the Steam > Steam Apps > Common > Mordhau folder to Windows Defender Exceptions removed the problem of ASE using all my disk speed. I've only tried it once but the game started up in around 5 or so seconds instead of the usual 1 - 2 minutes.

Duke 554 949
  • 19 Oct '17

I really cannot get into new builds when players just turn up and accelerate at your feet the whole fight and it's a gamble whether you can parry anything because you're trying to chamber attacks that can't be and in general trying to play normal while they spaz out and try and break the tracers. Delay dragging is fine but jesus the speeds on weapons vary so wildly it's impossible to tell at a glance whether something can interrupt your current action. Like starting a kick and then they have time to start an lmb and drag it into you before your kick lands, what's the god damn point of counter kicking if a fricking eveningstar can just beat it anyway.

Baron 291 224
  • 15 Oct '17

Please return to the click > flick system in the 240 system. It was really easy to use and quite precise too. I can't aim my hits at all with this new system.

Other than that I like the changes. Attacks especially look much better now that the time difference between the windup and release is smaller.

Making the parry box smaller would also be nice as at the moment direction is quite irrelevant in parrying.

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  • 8 Oct '17

@EliteTeamKiller said:

loving mordhau so far, just gonna quickly put down some criticisms;

  • chambers need a particle effect/sound, alot of people have no idea when i'm doing chambers in 1stp on stream, a chamber feint would be alot scarier if chambers had a sound, etc. Tons of reasons why this should be added in, but mostly for spectatorship

  • overheads feel totally useless with alot of weapons, it's impossible for me to make consistent switches let alone fake switches. Currently if i'm playing ES or bax its just far more effective for me to lmb spam and manipulate/leg strike my way out of being chambered. Overhead is the most satisfying attack and its sad to see it in this state - my advice would be to increase the turncap (unlock it abit more) during early release and then during release put it back to normal.

  • 220 degree turncap (to prevent spinning) is still triggering incorrectly - far too early - during combos. Been unable to replicate it consistently but can show some footage of it happening. Really cripples 1vX

  • kick has legitimate uses but i just find most noobs give up on actually trying to fight and continually try and cheese me by gambling with kicks if i go for a drag etc.

  • active parry is incredibly inconsistent, LMBs seem to be the way to make it work the most but especially on accelerated overheads chances are you will just get flinched

  • queue windows are abit awkward, i input a riposte but sometimes they come out later than i want them - i'm guessing that it's because i queue a riposte before my parry connects and if i time that slightly wrong i wont get an active parry when it feels like i should have riposted. I think that's slightly unfair because its very difficult to consistently input a riposte with like 100ms accuracy of when your parry is going to connect with the realtime swing system. My solution suggestion would be allow you to queue a riposte a hundred ms before your parry has connected

  • sometimes i get hit by stabs when they dont really seem as though they are going to hit me, and it happens quite often; i feel like it's something to do with the netcode. Makes it very difficult to judge turncaps by eye and i just have to go off pure gamesense or guesswork to know if i will be able to turncap punish a stab. EDIT: just to clarify i mean a stab tracking towards me, not talking about the range of the stabs

  • teammates flinching me, had enough of it now, please remove

  • projectiles flinching, really annoying and unfun

  • teammates RAPE you if you're using light armor, a perk to offset this or something would be great in future

  • 100% team damage is a pain, not only is it annoying to get hit by your team but also when mongols unintentionally deny stamina and hp from me with their own ignorance.

  • try to ensure that projectiles dosent render light armor useless (like vanilla archer does to chiv vg )

  • thrown mace doing like 45 damage to full plate, why. 90% of the time i play heavy armor is to avoid projectile cancer but i still take a disgusting amount of damage from them it seems

  • every time ive been headshot by a projectile its just been a random throw from some goon who will never do it again, Dosen't feel like a skillshot, just feels like luck and isn't fun especially when im getting 1 shotted as a light build from behind me in the middle of nowhere while im already 1v4

  • shields need some kind of rework - playing vs shield and playing shield v shield is very boring atm and i'd expect most new players to be taking shields at the start of the game's release

some suggestions for that:

Jump strikes are very ineffective vs shields currently, pls change

targe shield would allow you to have almost no penalty on raising/lowering shield, more vision and less turncap on block but much smaller parry/block box

tower shield (if you have plans for it) or kite, delay when raising, much bigger parry/block box and alot less vision

shield should ALWAYS lose a stamina war to a 2hander, (unless it's like a dagger or smth) because otherwise they will be way too strong and with such a low skill requirement. Shield user can offset weakness by chambering, so it balances itself out. otherwise shield is probably gonna be broken in 1v1

shield users still have a huge damage output, that 1h mace does retarded damage to full plate for what it is

  • potentially replace riposte kick with a quick jab or something

  • windup animations for riposte are unclear alot of the time (but this is already being worked on, just thought id throw it in there)

  • add more variants/playstyles to shield, so tower shield, new weps etc. i would focus on. Currently the game is very 2h focus and parrying is much harder in mordhau than chiv, which will make it very difficult for noobs

will probably add some more bits and bobs, just again to clarify; the current state of the game is still honestly really good so this post isnt me bashing on the game. Thanks for reading

Most of this is decent, but punishing team damage? No sir no no no. That defeats the purpose of team damage (Team Killing).

EDIT- also, why nerf shields so that it is more fun for you? (jump attacks). This isn't Chivalry. Jump attacks shouldn't even be a main stay. When have you ever seen a jump attack in a real fight? It's very rare, and you certainly don't see much of it in HEMA.

And projectiles flinching you, how is that a bad thing? You don't think an arrow to the shoulder would flinch you? It seems like you want to just have the game unfairly balanced toward your preferred style of play, tbh.

I agree with a lot of this, but some of it seems erring to far away from mah realism.



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  • 6 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

@DrEpochノಥ益ಥノ said:
at least shield in chiv worked...

You lowered your shield right before he hit you, watch in slomo. But I agree, this can be confusing and we might add something for this scenario

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  • 21 Sep '17

@Kaiowa said:
As a not-so-experienced Chivalry player I find this game really hard to pick up , and I can only imagine how frustrating people who are really new to the genre will feel.

Here is your first mistake, you think this early alpha build is 'the game', it's not even close to the final product yet. People will not be going through the same difficulties as you on release as by then there will be tutorials, objective game modes, seige weapons, horses, ranged weapons, just basically a lot more to the game than duels and skirmish with overly experienced opponents. You will be able to enjoy the game without ever having a 1v1 duel if you choose to.

Chambers are VERY hard to do since the correct angle is not only hard to find but also pretty narrow, drags are still there and are very efficient, feinting is also very effective. It's good to have a high skill curve but unless you make the game more approachable to new players I don't see the playerbase growing that much, certainly not to Chivalry's levels.
And I don't think just having a good matchmaking is enough.

I do agree chambers are hard, but that is intentional, it might change in the future. It's essential to have a high skill ceiling, as mentioned above, you are in an alpha jumping in at the deep end with a very high percentage of experienced chivalry players, many of them are even trying to seek out OP mechanics/tactics so they can report back and it gets balanced. The limited game mode and player base means you are going to feel this is far harder than someone new to the game at release as a lot of the best players will move to ranked/competitive once the game is released.

A simple solution would be to forget Chivalry's parry system and just adopt something similar to what Mount & Blade did. That would solve the issues new players have when facing drags and feints without affecting the skill ceiling (since skilled players would prefer chambering over parrying because stamina wars). Maybe also "lock" the player's camera position a little more when performing an attack in order to limit drag, because you can still turn a bit too much when attacking. But we're probably beyond that now.

This is the biggest mistake, anything that reduces the skill ceiling would mean there is less life to the game, less variation, less desire to improve. Drags need fine tuning but are an important part of the game, any 'lock' would completely nerf freedom and weapon movement, something that no one wants (you would get annihilated by people with better footwork and timing than you if you can't adjust after winding your attack).

The balance is getting tuned every patch and nothing at all is considered final yet (other than, hopefully, the intension to have a high skill ceiling and freedom to play how you want).

Anyone that drags too much are in fact probably the easiest opponent for me (due to flinch), you have loads of time to get in a quick hit or kick.

Duchess 6897 9885
  • 20 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

@UnderPepeGrillosControlΦ said:
I like tons of features of those 3 games, like:

  • Keep your attack ready from wherever you want, directional atack (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

Directional is in and better than ever. Holding your attack is weird and would ruin combat.

  • Block from wherever you want when you want with no recovery time (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

You don't want mistakes to be punishable?

  • Weapon clashing (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

Is in.

  • Breacking shields (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

You can lose your shield already.

  • Horse fight (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen-Development).

Will come later. This is only alpha.

  • Ship fight (Mount&Blade).

It is only alpha right now. There might be a ship map later.

Knight 160 996
  • 17 Sep '17

No votekick. everyone must play the game.


You're probably the last one who should give any opinion about that :


Baron 22 57
  • 13 Sep '17

Game Launch

I'm actually not sure if this is the game or steam or me, but when I launch I get a black screen for at least one minute before the unreal clip plays. It's not a huge deal but it's annoying.

Knight 63 88
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  • 13 Sep '17

I created some chambering footage in slowmotion to better understand the timing and direction etc. It's not perfect but maybe it helps.