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  • 29 Nov '18

I find that its animations are kind of confusing and this is the reason for it being really powerful in the right hands.
Halberd is far more readable to me. Bardiche is also a high damage weapon capable of good accels and drags at the same time. I don't think it shouldn't have the combo ability. Maybe it doesn't even need a damage or point nerf. It would be fine with some more readable anims.

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  • 26 Nov '18

Lots of these ideas have been mentioned in some form or another, but here is a combination of them that I think would help the archery situation.

The current problems from what I can tell reading through discord and forums:

1) Longbow deals too much damage.
2) Archery too spammy.
3) Even when devoting 100% attention to an archer parrying can be iffy due to the draw / aiming anims. (may be resolved in the long run)
4) Pretty brainless overall

1) Damage tweaks mainly for longbow\

Huntsman damage bonus for longbow would need to be increased to about 350% to maintain the same damage and HTK it has on live.



Adjustment highlights:
Increases HTK for plate head by 1, plate chest by 1, medium chest by 1, and light helm by 1. Medium helm still remains 2 but goes from 60 to 50 damage. The biggest tweak would probably be light armor going from 1 HTK to 90 damage leaving only crossbow to 1 HTK light helm. Light armor chest and naked chest remain 2 shot but have been lowered by 15 damage. Leg damage untouched (I think leg damage is in a good place for the time being).

Shortbow damage to plate head should also be reduced to 30 to is is 4htk vs longbow 3htk. The rest can probably be left as is. Crossbow leave alone for the time being since it has the two draw backs of having a slow reload rate as well as having to stand still to reload.

2) Make stamina matter for archery in a way that helps prevent spam, but also rewards landing shots consistently.

  • Shooting a longbow and a shortbow now costs stamina. 33 for longbow and 25 for shortbow.
  • Hitting an enemy with a bow grants stamina, same as melee. 17 for longbow and 13 for shortbow.
  • Killing an enemy with a bow also grants the same amount of stamina as hitting one. E.g. if you kill an enemy with a longbow you will get 34 stam in total, 17 for the hit and 17 for the kill.
  • If you do not have 33/25 stamina you can not draw your bow and have to wait for stamina to regen to at least 33/25 until drawing again.

  • Crossbow spam is largely balanced out by its reload time so crossbow may not need these same mechanics. I am mainly trying to just address longbow and shortbow.

The idea is that an archer who can quickly and consistently land shots should be rewarded for doing so while archers who can not will have a lower up time. In order to have similar spam to live an archer would need to land all his shots or get kills consistently. I tried to pick fairly high stam values to keep the number of missed shots you can have low, but the stam values could always be adjusted. This will also make it so that an archer who isn't careful of his stam will be at a big disadvantage in melee.

3) I am sure nearly everyone has had moments where they are charging an archer 10ft away, he starts to draw a bow, and then you get shot while it looks like he is still pointing his bow at the ground or bringing it up to his shoulder.

I suggest having something like the sniper scope glint like in Battlefield.

  • Make the arrow glint when the bow can fire or a half beat before reaching the minimum draw needed to fire. For crossbow I would make the glint happen when they ads.

I think this would help a bit with some of the more annoying quickscope shotgunning that goes on where it looks like the archer hardly brought his bow up but still shot you.

4) Bring back the original more severe sway on the longbow. Possibly consider bringing back the slightly faster draw time. Consider adding sway for bows while moving. The ranger perk could also reduce sway while moving.

  • Combination of having more severe sway on the longbow and the incorporation of stamina into archery means that an archer has to do the following to put out similar damage to live longbow:

1) Compensate for sway and fire during the more intense sway for nearly every shot.
2) Land nearly every shot or get kills.
3) Still run out of stamina eventually and have to regen unless you exclusively target archers and have huntsman (since the archers would be 1 hit kills and hitting an enemy only gives back 1/2 of shot cost).

Longbow sway was never too difficult to compensate for even with the older more severe sway. Most of the people in the alpha can adjust to the sway relatively quickly. But larger sway is still better than low sway regardless since larger sway makes it just that tiny bit harder for someone unfamiliar with Mordhau archery to just pick a bow and start destroying people.

I think having the stamina punishment / reward incorporated with the sway change would result in a greater gap between newer and more experienced archers while also decreasing spam for both. Although the stamina changes would hurt the people who can't land shots reliably more than those who can, which is part of the effort to make archery less "brainless".


1) Lower damage for longbow, lower plate headshot damage for shortbow.
2) Shooting bows cost stamina. Hitting an enemy gives stamina and killing an enemy gives stamina.
3) Arrowhead glints (like Battlefield sniper scope glint) at minimum release point to give hint to people when an archer can fire.
4) Increased longbow sway + stamina changes = hopefully greater skill gap between newbie archers and more experienced archers.

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  • 8 Nov '18
 Jax — Community Manager


This thread will be used to give periodic updates on the development of MORDHAU as we near closer to release, and show off some of our newest additions and features to the game. Keep in mind that much of what you may see is in varying stages of completion, and these work-in-progress features may be changed during development.

First off, we've been working on the back-end of Frontline, and one of the features that will help to add to the chaos and immersion of this mode is the Toolbox, which allows you to place dynamic fortifications around the battlefield. Currently, you can choose between three different items; the archer barricade, stakes, and a miniaturized ballista. These can be placed nearly anywhere, but use up the toolbox's ammo, which you can replenish at a supply crate.

The archer cover allows you to barricade areas off, to shoot out of the arrow slits. Meanwhile, the stakes cause damage to players running into them, and at certain speeds will be lethal.

All of the new items can be destroyed, but in some cases you can bypass them altogether with our newest feature - climbing! You can climb most objects in the world, but it's risky - taking damage means you will be ragdolled and fall to the ground.

Some other utility items are coming soon as well, in the form of healing items. Bandages let you quickly regen some HP, keeping you in the fight for longer. If you're more focused on teamplay, a deploying the Medic Bag will allow other players to heal from it.

Lastly, a nice quality-of-life improvement is the new pickup system; tapping E will pick up an item, but by holding it you're able to directly swap items instead.

Wrapping up, most of our development efforts are focused on map creation, and we've got a few new screenshots of Taiga to show off. Enjoy!


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  • 7 Nov '18

Bind Right Upper Strike to MouseWheelDown; Bind Right Strike to LMB; Bind Right Stab to MouseWheelUp. You now have Chivalry binds. You can even hold ALT to reverse attack directions. Just be sure to do as @Duckalot said and unbind both Strike and Stab, as those are the 240° versions.

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  • 20 Oct '18



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  • 7 Oct '18

Whatever this is. Rest of the match went on as normal.

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  • 27 Sep '18

A Place where the good people of Mordhau Discord can post relevant Mordhau info for the Forum boys.


Here is some info provided by crush if your in the VQ discord you have already seen this if not here you go.

deployable defenses etc will be a thing, siege engineer gameplay with a building system we're working on atm

In BR u start naked and find weapons and armor big map, 50-64 players and armor doesnt give a movement penalty, everyone is at light speed so theyre straight upgrades

theres no hp regen, increased hitpoints would be bad since it would raise the skill ceiling of it
its more fun than expected tbh no regen is quite brutal vulture playstyle is strnog even the best will die

not sure about looting perks yet, maybe

 full plate + longbow + halberd its gonna be quite different from frontline

 just the current loadout system +2 slots so 5 slots for items, 6 is fists but we tweaked the dropping, picking up, switching and all that shit and got rid of some wierd lockouts that made inventory management clunky so its quite fluid now eventually we want some fast switch mechanic where u can swap out things on an occupied slot somehow without having to drop it

 we see BR more as extra to frontline, not the other way around so frontline is def still the main mode

 hopefully soon we upgraded 2 engine versions so its taking a bit longer BR will def bring a lot of new eyes on the game

we're working on stats and progression tho atm

 comp matchmaking  will come post release

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  • 26 Sep '18

Invisible Halberd bug. No idea what caused this.

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  • 25 Sep '18
 marox — Project Lead

We've set up a shop with Mordhau-branded physical items (no keys, sorry!) that you can buy, featuring some amazing t-shirts designed by our very talented Rattsknecht. Perfect if you want to show off your love for the game, or just want to look cool. We're starting it off with a 10% discount this week -- check out the shop here!

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  • 16 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Hi everyone! It's been a while, but today we've just released our fourth dev blog, the Road to Release! In this blog we showcase some of the improvements and additions made to MORDHAU in the past few months during closed alpha testing. Speaking of testing, things have taken a little longer than planned and while we've had to push full release to early 2019, we've decided to activate keys for Early Bird and Release-tier Kickstarter backers, as well as Gumroad pre-orders! Check your emails registered with Kickstarter/Gumroad for more information, and enjoy the video!

Please note: currently, we have no plans for further access to closed testing - we ask that you patiently wait for full release in early 2019. Thank you for your understanding. For more information on this, check here

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  • 5 Sep '18

I HATE the sound when you hit/kill a hostile.. the anvil being hit with a hammer sound "CLANK!" is really annoying and takes me out of my immersion. I haven't seen a way to disable this.. am I missing something?

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  • 24 Jul '18

@Duckalot said:
Opened singleplayer TDM on tourney, and i spawned outside the arena. On the spectator lounge. I spawned there even tho i suicided several times.


Then fell through the ground :(


Fuck, i wished i got free tickets to that tourny

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  • 16 Jul '18

I wonder if the release grunt should instead start the ms nofeint window starts? It'd facilitate learning the punish timings.

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  • 24 Jun '18

Putting a weapon in the "Tertiary" slot should result in the weapon being on 3, regardless of whether there is a weapon in the "Secondary" slot.



I like having my shield on 3 for consistency, but it goes to secondary when that slot is empty. Not a huge issue and I doubt most even notice this. Just a suggestion.

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  • 1 Jun '18
 Neo — Webmaster

@ÐMontyleGueux said:
So, when will it be done ? :D

Good question. I started on it, have the basic functionality down, but it doesn't look good, so I need to work more on that. It also needs some kind of moderation.

Ideally, it should just hook into the game itself, so you can import/export from the game. It would be cool, but I don't want to bother the other devs with this at this stage.

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  • 12 May '18

This Ladder, needs rails moved, fall unless jump spam:

The ability to use ladders made directional, so people cant do silly stuff like this:

Angles whilst falling to negate fall damage:


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  • 19 Nov '17

Works similarly to CaptainGaymer for me. If I start it up often it starts up pretty quick, but the first start up of the day always takes a minute or so. I got the startup time halved or so by adding Mordhau to my antivirus exceptions though. At first, whenever I started the game my antivirus would go and scan the entire Mordhau folder for viruses which of course took ages.

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  • 5 Nov '17

The original lockout was perfectly fine. If you don't like spam, just attack. That's literally all you had to do, riposte, and there was no way you'd be interrupted. The fact that there was so much pressure on you to attack your opponent as soon as possible due to the short lockout was extremely useful for preventing your opponents from being able to feint or drag successfully, and it was a very well-deserved buff to fast weapons. As long as the slowest weapons can always hit before the fastest weapons with a riposte, it's fine.

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  • 4 Nov '17

Peacerer, you're the biggest elitist on these forums. Next time try making an actual argument instead of bitching about the playerbase.

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  • 2 Nov '17

Hello, here all the good change I think the balance can get :

-A Little nerf on the Normal riposte speedboost ( Less speed boost )
-A Little buff on the Chamber riposte speedBoost ( More speed boost )
Atm riposte and chamber are closely the same speed that's why I ask for it.

-1hander nerf : Mace (less domage on cut) Axe (less domage on cut) Rapier and 1h Hammer (less speed)

-Kickstun against shield holding to allow fast kill against shield

-More stamina cost when feinting with a shield (+5 stamina cost) but shouldnt change anything for chamber feint

-Less stamina for Targe and Heater, -1 stamina for both shield when parry, we can sprint when holding targe and heater but not with Kite, that's why I'm asking for it. I main Kite cause it's badass, but if I really want to play serious I go heater.

-More aimful shield hitbox parry, atm it look like every shield get the same hitbox, and give us the same shield parry mechanic as Slasher where the shield "down" and not only the body when lookin down

-Fix the dynamic lock, we should be able to chamber opponent normal riposte or chamber opponent chamber.

-Give us a DYNAMIC FLINCH, to allow people to chamber combo Delay into Fast ( the only combo we cant chamber for no reason )
The flinch will depend on the speed of the combo and the moment you get hit by opponent release.
Like if you get hit at the start of opponent release you'll be flinch for 400 MS, but if opponent hit you at the end of the release you'll be flinch for 250 MS.

-Rework Messer : Faster windup but Slower combo speed.

-A little nerf windup speed on the hallberd, I know there'll be perk system, but there is no reason to use Zwei if hallberd stay like this, still with perk system. But we'll see.

-Nerf windup and release time of the Mordhau Grip (the best lowrange 2hander is a alt grip, mean no sense )

-Nerf windup of the Battle Axe ( It's to fast for a 2shoot body weapons, still with 10 domage stab )

-Nerf stab domage of the Sledgehammer, its not John Henry simulator 2017

-Something to chase and reach lighter armor. Atm there is nothing to reach someone with a lighter armor.

-Remove kick into kick, when opponent is close to a wall, you just can spam kick, its look broken, and you can hit opponent with kick like 3 time in a row before he counter.

-Fix active Parry with shield, atm with normal riposte its look like the shield hitbox do the active parry and not the riposte hitbox of the weapons like it should be, but with chamber it's fine. And I believe normal riposte active parry are fine without shield.

-Give the guy who defend and start the kick after, the initiative to riposte, kick vs kick shouldnt happen as a clash.

Tell me what you guys think about this, I believe those change can be really good, see you in game !! ;)