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In what universe is making threads about how the developers are stupid for not going Early Access, six months after the game came out, constructive feedback? Or making a thread with only a screenshot showing they were unhappy with the state of shields at the time of release?

Do you expect them to turn back time and proceed differently? And you appear to be mistaken: A lot of people agree with at least parts of what you have said. They just see the futility of writing whiny rants without offering improvements where it makes sense (e.g. not telling them Early Access is the wiser choice half a year after the game has released).

And if your complaint is they do not listen to feedback then fine, that is fair. But don't treat it as some justification to fill up the forum with pointless rants. You are essentially punishing the few people who still come here to leave genuine feedback or discuss the game with others.

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I know, right? What an autist, expecting people be punished for their antisocial behaviour, which also infringes the rules, and expecting the obligation to fall on such people to behave decently rather than on innocent people to constantly mute others or hide the entirety of the chat.

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If you received one gram of protein for every time someone reported you, yours would be the strongest calves in the universe.

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Pardon my bluntness, but not only is that suggestion terrible, you provided no explanation, which makes this thread pointless.

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  • 23 Oct

As you can see, the deficiency can affect even the developers. This is a telltale sign that a patch is required immediately.

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I have a feeling OP was already aware of that thread considering he put a link to it in his post.

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@LetsFightíngLöve said:
It's beyond a joke anymore .

Chivalry 2 will be released before Feintoria will be released at this rate.

Pretty fucking clear to me that instead of working on their game and reinvesting funds back into the company to hire additional asset creators and map makers, triternion does not give a fuck and would rather piss away their money on coke and hooker binges which last months on end.

Like your stupid and terrible excuse of "we don't have enough staff members to produce content any faster because we're an indie company!" just doesnt wash anymore considering the 20 million+ which Triternion easilly got from this game. Even TornBanner (a team of modders in the beginning) knuckled down, bought a studio and hired many more developers after Chivalry Medieval Warefares release and popular reception.

Absolutely disgraceful piss poor effort Triternion, as was your piss poor effort at "invasion mode" a glorified and repackaged frontline game mode with very miniscule and negligible differences, and I think I speak on behalf of most of the community when I say we've given you plenty of time to fix your game, but you ended up killing it due to your neglect at releasing actual content for the game which drove over 90% of the initial community at release, away from the game.

Chivalry 2 will not be on steam until 2021. It will be an epic games exclusive in 2020. Not a bad thing for TB, they are getting some well deserved money from their deal with Epic. Not to mention their deal with tripwire as new publishers. So obviously TB has a much bigger bugdet and bigger team 24+ as stated on their site.

Why is everyone in a hurry? Triternion have released mod tools which have allowed so many mods to be made. Starwars maps with light sabers, Game of thrones maps are in the works, Spartan/Roman armor is being added. even if it meant taking a week to help us modders, it was well worth it. Free extra content.

As for your 20 million $ profit you have to consider Salary and job security, they aren't just getting 2 million each, they are likely getting around 40-60k yearly salary. Which is barely above minimum wage in my area. And these guys are scattered across different time zones.

instead of entitlement to a the game to hurry devs beyond human capacity, remember its their job. And a passion I'd say for all of them. So they go above an beyond already. Here you can do some calculations for how much they make and what costs people seem to forget when it comes to making games.

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  • 10 Oct

@SWSeriousMike said:
More than half of the points are bad and wrong. Someone who is right about something by accident and virtue of writing so much isn't necessarily worth attention.

He bothered to come and post his opinion in this dead forum instead of just raging in the gamechat and he wrote in a somewhat acceptable way.
If he happens to be wrong - correct him. After all, there are most likely many players like him out there. Or let it and keep silent. These dumb kiddy fanboy answers are just stupid and don't help anyone.

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  • 7 Oct

What is the uSDK ?

This is a set of modding tools created by the community that opens a lot of possibilities. To get you an idea, this video showcases a small part of what you can do !

Join the Modding discord to get more info :

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Some players have been experiencing this issue. Here are some things that might fix it for you until it is officially dealt with:



For those of you who get the "VAC check timed out". Please consider trying out the new steam beta. Go to steam settings, and under the beta, choose to opt in. The new beta addresses some vac issues.

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God damn that response time. We're like EA customer support.

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  • 27 Sep

I really appreciate the new model of smaller, more frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

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  • 27 Sep
 elwebbaro — Art

This patch mostly features combat changes for improved readability as well as some other bugfixes.

Patch #12 Changelog 27/09/2019


  • Fixed invasion spawn values being different from Frontline: Player spawn 5->15, Ballista 30->180, Cata 30->180, Horse 30->120
  • Added destroyable trees to taiga that act as bridges and environment traps
  • Adjusted spawns on camp to favor first objective for attackers a bit
  • Added another burnable house to the camp on taiga to make defending a bit easier
  • Updated plugin (Linux server crash fix)
  • Fix for mod downloads being skipped
  • Potential fix for auth ticket error
  • Fix for failing community server reward drops


  • Miss combos no longer have lunge
  • Ripostes can now chamber, their chamber window is the entirety of the windup (chamber restrictions/sides still apply)
  • Riposte clashes will now overpower regular strikes
  • Flesh wound now sets stamina to 0 when it triggers
  • Flesh wound point cost reduced to 2
  • Blocking horse rider couch/joust no longer ragdolls
  • Adjusted regular strike release curve - now looks better and more readable
  • Riposte strikes now have their own release curve, which is linear - this fixes the stutter in the early release transition periods and makes them more readable

Visuals & Misc

  • Fixed a spawn protection box that poked through the ceiling on INV_Grad
  • TeamFlinch is now a server variable (same place as teamdamage is set, TeamDamageFlinch = 1 to enable) which will cause team hits to flinch teammates. Disabled by default.
  • Riposte stabs no longer angle (always straight), they also no longer let you choose the side of the stab, the side chosen is inherent in the parry side, which forces stabs to use the more readable (flip-around) animation, fixing cases of "jpeg stabs"
  • Strike->stab morphs will now force the stab to use the same angle as the strike, making the action more natural looking and less snappy
  • Attack turn compensation is now enabled in all directions (previously depended on angle, e.g. horizontals had no up-down compensation, and overheads had no left-right compensation). - this will make certain cases more readable and no longer instant hit
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  • 23 Sep

You can join the community modding discord here:

Knight 592 2002

A profanity filter is necessary for streamers and other people who would get demonetised because of the contents of the chat.

Using slurs of any kind has been against the rules since day one, and why a games company would have such a rule should be obvious to even the daftest people.

I am going to do you a favour and close this thread before you incur a ban for breaking rule 3 or 5.

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  • 30 Aug
 Jax — Community Manager

Patch #09 Changelog 30/08/2019

Added ranked Duel mode
Added Crossroads extension - now with two points, hopefully better balance and a new ruined tower
Added Veteran’s set - full armor set with 31 variations
Team damage in Frontline now disabled for 5 seconds after spawning
Friendly toolbox spikes now deal a maximum of 25 damage to teammates, fixing the griefing done by placing spikes in front of spawns. Enemy knockback is not affected by this, meaning you can still kick an enemy into spikes built by his teammate
Added autoban of 30 minutes for having 7 teamkills in a match. Currently only for melee and projectile weapons, excludes some things like catapult etc.
Added team damage % display on votekick
Raised votekick ban duration to 10 minutes
40% of people now need to partake in votekicks for it to have effect (50% previously)
Horse desync and hitboxes are now fixed
Horse riders no longer get a damage boost on the slower horse speeds, now only from gear 3 and onwards
Horse rider momentum damage now works both ways, so that infantry can one shot horse riders when hit at high speeds
Horse acceleration slowed down slightly
Horse bump knockback reduced slightly
Horse bump hitbox reduced significantly & fixed desync on horse turning
Horse bump slowdown reduced
Horse now slows down slightly when hit by a melee weapon, the unarmored horses more than the armored one
Riders on horses can now capture points
Horse respawn time reduced to 30 seconds
Firepots adjusted - fire starts much less damaging but faster - the fire is louder and generally easier to notice and react to
Toolbox destroyable walls now start with a foundation instead of a half wall
Battle royale minimum players to start reduced to 6
Removed walk debuff on Explosive Keg deliverables
Siege tower objectives now take two trips to complete
Damageable world collision will no longer ignore the weapon tip (non-damageable will do so still), which means things like destroyables won't ignore it, making it easier to hit

Fixed crouch hitbox “iframe” bug
All armory weapons strike and stab releases reduced 25ms - this will make attack releases slightly faster and more grounded/less floaty looking
Parry window reduced 25ms (this is mainly compensation for the new releases)
Chamber window for strike and stab reduced 50ms
Stab early release increased slightly (0.325 -> 0.35) - this will make stabs hit slightly slower out of the early release animation, making them slightly easier to read
Stabs now have 25ms smaller feint and morph windows than strikes
Combo feint window increased 100ms
Hitstop recovery is now 50ms faster (hitstop followup attacks can be started 50ms faster)
Added new dynamic feint lockout distribution based on feint time - this will make early feints slightly more punishable while making late feint followup attacks more reliable to hit and less prone to get double parried. Currently has only a very small effect, adds 25ms at the earliest feint and shaves off 25ms at the latest.
Morph to kick is now 25ms faster
Kick feint now costs 5 stamina
Kick range vs held block shields increased very slightly
Kicks now ragdoll people on ladders
Kick now drains 15 stamina instead of 20
Kick now gives 15 stamina instead of 10
Kick miss recovery increased 50ms (0.6 -> 0.65)
Parry turncap is now significantly less strict
Hand hitboxes are now disabled in parry window, this will fix some inconsistent hits trough parry
Bound upper attacks (overheads) are now 5 degrees more diagonal to make them easier to hit
Fixed active parry draining stamina - now gives stamina
Chamber disarm will now give stamina to the person who did the disarming too (same as parry disarm)
Stamina start regen delay raised to 1.25 (from 1.0)
Fury now gives full stamina on kill
Flesh wound now costs 3 points
Chase mechanic range increased slightly (4.5m -> 5m)
Chase mechanic activation time reduced to 500ms (from 1s)
180 Turn sprint momentum mechanic is now very slightly stronger, making it a bit harder to turn 180 and run in an instant

Weapons & Equipment
Buckler stamina negation increased by 1
Targe stamina negation increased by 1
Timed block shields no longer give stamina on disarm
Kite and Heater shield now have slightly stricter blocking turncap
Held block shields now always have a movement slowdown of 3/3/3 armor when equipped in hand, ignoring armor values (does not stack) - this does not change much for armored shield loadouts, but significantly nerfs light armor with held block shield combinations.
Longsword main mode strike release increased 25ms
Longsword strike turncaps slightly more strict
Longsword main mode strike raw damage increased slightly, this will greatly improve HTK against armored legs
Longsword main mode strike combo speed 25ms faster
Messer strike stamina drain increased by 1
Waraxe strike combo speed slowed down by 25ms
Waraxe strike turncap slightly more strict
Waraxe strike stamina drain reduced to 20 (from 21)
Executioner sword damage against armored legs buffed very slightly
Estoc strike turncaps slightly more strict
Greatsword main mode strike headshot damage vs plate armor to 48 (reduced from 50)
Greatsword alt mode strike releases reduced 25ms
Zweihander strike turncaps slightly more strict
Zweihander main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Shortspear strike & stab turncaps slightly more strict
Shortspear strike & stab releases reduced 25ms
Bastard sword strike turncaps slightly more strict
Halberd alt mode stab turncap slightly less strict
Spear alt mode turncaps more strict
Javelin damage vs plate torso reduced to 45 (from 50)
Removed flourish emote from pavise
Toolbox now starts with 6 ammo
Fixed some leg damage values being wrong (1H axe, Greatsword & Zweihander halfswording)
Poleaxe now has stricter turncaps
Poleaxe now has 5cm more range
Poleaxe alt mode is now the same range as the main mode
Poleaxe main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Poleaxe strikes now have better damage vs armored legs
Poleaxe stab headshot damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45 (from 50)
Heavy Handaxe now has stricter turncaps and faster windups, making it less floaty
Bardiche main mode strike turncap slightly more strict
Bardiche main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Battle Axe main & alt mode strike turncap slightly more strict
Battle Axe main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Billhook strike turncaps slightly more strict
Eveningstar strike combo 25ms faster
Added new experimental longbow sway
Crossbow sway now stable for longer before it starts swaying, making it more reliable to use

Maps & Gamemodes
Lowered pillar on Contraband
Fixed out of bounds exploit on Contraband
Fixed all reported map exploits on Taiga

Visuals & Misc.
Added new Emblems: Carcosa, Melee Slasher, Purgatory, Raptor Rider, Royal Pug, Tempest Knights
Fixed missing gold & XP bug
Fixed a bug where loadouts could be written over when in face customization and going back to mercenary list
Fixed a bug with firepots that caused performance issues and damage against wooden structures higher than it should be
Fixed buckler passive projectile box being too big
Fixed fist falling animations in first person
Fixed a bug where the catapult could be turned faster than intended
Fixed the spawning naked bug in Skirmish
Certain buildables will no longer perform depenetration, fixing cases where players would be teleported around and could break certain maps. Can cause players to get stuck as a result if they stay in the spot while it's building
Adjusted hitstop attack blending for new recovery
Fixed characters bouncing around on ammoboxes
Removed flying horse from FFA camp

Improved Footstep & human awareness sounds volume and distance - they are now louder and can be heard further without the sounds being LODed
Sound occlusion is now less extreme, meaning you can hear sounds behind walls or around corners louder and clearer

Added rudimentary chat filter toggle (Disabled by default)
Added tabs to post match screen on Duel mode (this setup will later be applied to other modes)
Added and/or updated the following languages: Chinese traditional and simplified, Italian, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, German
Added new translators to credits
Split matchmaking modes into Ranked and Casual tabs
Players leaving and rejoining the server will now also have their kills/deaths/assists restored, not just score
Updated Bot and Credits backer attributions

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  • 27 Aug

Welcome, brothers and sisters to our nightly gathering. Tonight, we pray to our almighty Geach and Vesanus. Praised be their names, it has been all too long since our last patchie, but my brethren NOW, now is the time to remain strong. Keep vigilance and open eyes. Someday soon patchie will arrive and we will rejoice once more. These are dark dark days, but do not forget the light that is Jax. These evil demons, mods will try to bring you down, but never fear. Never fear and prevail, such is our way. ALL HAIL THE DEVS ABOVE. AMEN!


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  • 26 Aug

3 new maps today : DE_Dust2, StreetComp and Anorlondo.

Trailer here :

Our guide to create Mordhau maps has been updated, among other things Elwebbaro (Mordhau artist) did us the honour of completing it with valuable advice !

If you don't have the Community Map Installer yet, download it here (Click on MCMI1.1.0.4.exe):

Join us on discord to get help, chat with the map creators, or test and vote new maps before their release :

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  • 25 Aug
 Anal Error

Come one...if you don't do it, the Chivalry 2 team will do it, but you don't care because your pockets are already full with our moneys u faking piece of shiats !

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  • 21 Aug

I only paid $30 for this game. I have other hobbies and games. The only reason you want this patch so bad is because you love this game. Go do something else for a while if it's 'unplayable' in it's current form instead of being impatient and making the devs feel like shit. The real 'Toxicity' in this community is the amount of people whining like a baby who doesn't have it's favorite pacifier in it's mouth.