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b-but 2 week notice for work holiday..pls devs....

Well I guess this is the closest to a 2 week notice, it's going to be at the very end of the month, but more on the exact date in the trailer.

At the very end of the month... the trailer or the release date?


Release date. We're working on getting the trailer done for publishing now, so probably 0-3 days until that's out.

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Blattant Ottobloking

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Yo man thought i'd warn you that the results might be a little biased considering who you're asking and where you are posting this poll.

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just a reminder

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Its like Analgrinder suddenly went to Harvard.

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Clearly I have never played REAL LIFE?! LOLL!!! I mean in real life you have 180 degree view if not way more. This community though xD, a riot.

On the internet, no one knows you are a pigeon.


This is clearly misleading. Just sayin'...
You surely know that in real life you are aware of more than just 120°. Reasons, among others, are that the eyes almost never rest still and have practically no turn cap.

Please never make me defend Christian again. It's disgusting.

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@Christian2222 said:
Clearly I have never played REAL LIFE?! LOLL!!! I mean in real life you have 180 degree view if not way more. This community though xD, a riot.

On the internet, no one knows you are a pigeon.


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@Stouty said:
The poll doesn't matter.. because the kickstarter promised pvp


The strong players liked BR as.. evidenced by the poll

This is a straight up lie. The total number of strong players who voted "No" was greater, you're simply imagining a trend because there were proportionally more sweats in the Yes camp. This just means that a greater variety of people disliked BR.


Keep in mind the BR lobby you're playing in is an allstar line-up

Yes, this would mean the weak players wouldn't like it as much, but as I said above, more strong players reported to have disliked the mode than reported to like it. This means the skill disparity is not a significant factor in whether one likes the mode. Noobs will have similar disparities as the current top dogs.

If you think about it, the frustration of waiting in lobby actually goes to show that the mode itself is pretty entertaining because it's annoying to be taken out of it early.

Fan fiction. It was the only mode available and the same frustration was present during the first stress test.

Everything you wrote here get's diluted when you add squads

There's nothing to dilute, these things don't exist in Mordhau BR. That's the whole point of adding squads. You have to try hard to get yourself into a bad situation when the mode is 1v1s with far open sightlines and a slow circle. There's nothing to strategize and no unique challenges because there are no "needs" (or even all that varying conditions) that the mode creates. You don't need to hunt for gear, you don't need to think about your next position or the circle, you are never short of time.

With up to 3 players on each team, having map control becomes necessary, which already creates far more varied conditions per game than you could ever hope for in the mode's current state. With 3 players you need more material. With 3 players you need a good position, you need situational awareness.

You say the downtime increases, and that this would make the mode worse. Not true. The high importance of loot and the survival of each teammate means that the downtime (which in 1v1s consists of running around looking for people) can be spent in meaningful ways, scouting and preparing for the next fight, be it positioning, healing, or distributing equipment. There is something to anticipate, and anticipation is where the magic happens. Check the top 5 games on Steam. Think at which ratio the anticipation is to the execution in those games. Hint: it's exceedingly high.

Straight up incorrect. BR's foundation is the book, Battle Royale

Every match feels very much the same.

If you die in 10 seconds every round it might feel that way but even then there's huge variety in the starting location, weapons opponent etc

No, every match feels the same because your goals don't shift nor do you have needs past a two-hander, a bandage, and some armor.

Not that it matters, the circle is so slow that it's never a real danger.

Because dying in the circle is fun right? It serves its purpose perfectly if that's the case

The unique situations that a fast moving circle creates through changing needs are fun.

Big weps are a massive advantage and give you better options in every engagement practically besides the final 2

Vast majority of fights are 1v1. Big weapons are nice to have but you don't need them. Besides, they're very common.

Russians setting up archer nests in the tower and coordinating with another random guy to flush them out.

Teaming up can be a fun experience or a bannable offense, depends on who you ask. It's not going to be commonplace once the game releases, though. Not really a point in favor or against 1v1/3v3.

Who wants to watch someone else play for 5 minutes after you die in the first encounter?

Your friends? If you don't have any, just quit and requeue.

3v3 basically guarantees the win for whichever competitive stomp team

Then they'll score a higher elo and play against other stomp teams. Man, all those streamers playing stomp teams really killed the BR genre.

I get it, I do. You like dueling - you're a duel player - so of course you like Mordhau's 1v1 BR. After all, it's mostly just a long string of duels with mystery opponents and some roleplay value on top.

Nevertheless, making the BR mode 1v1s would be a huge missed opportunity.

The social aspect is a gargantuan draw to any multiplayer game -you like a game so you recommend it to your friend and get him to play with you, who in turn recommends it to his friend, and on the cycle goes. This is how games grow and sustain a playerbase. People simply enjoy the experience more when they have someone to share it with. Do you really think Apex would be hitting 50 million players if it only offered solos? Self-centered thinking.

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  • 1 Apr '19

As evidenced by the recent poll and the general consensus ingame and on Discord, the BR mode is not liked by the majority and has failed to meet expectations.

Why is this? Besides the clunky inventory management and the lack of a spawn system, I think Mordhau BR misses the mark in other, more important ways. What's unique to the BR genre are the unpredictable predicaments it places upon the players. There is oft an ever-present feel of danger, yet a decent amount of downtime, during which you can (and should!) strategize in meaningful ways - the circle will present you with unique challenges and side-objectives that you need to tackle, and they always change with the map and enemy locations as well as intentions. Often quite intricate storylines emerge from the gameplay and rivalries are forged - some engagements will last a short single second, while others will go on throughout the game, where neither player can quite finish off the other, often due to map circumstances or other players getting involved. In PUBG for example, the loot progression is very satisfying. You can find competitive gear quickly, but there's always something to improve, and the best loot will elude you unless you hunt for it, OR sometimes the loot will literally drop on you, but so then will other players come to hunt.

The fun factor in these stories is amplified in a squad of friends, and the teamwork's social nature together with the good amount of downtime in most BR titles makes them ideal to play with friends. It's quite likely the foundation that the explosive success of the genre is built on.

But none of this exists in Mordhau BR, really. Not in any concrete way.

  • Every match feels very much the same.
  • You play alone.
  • You can't see where the circle is going.
  • Not that it matters, the circle is so slow that it's never a real danger.
  • The loot is not balanced, you get what matters in the first minute or two.
  • The big weapons aren't big, it's 1v1 - BS will do.
  • There are no "hot drops", ganks, or rural areas to choose between.
  • There's no arching strategy you can or need to plan out.
  • Once you engage an enemy, one of you will die. No stories there.
  • It's very frustrating to die. It's mediocre to win.

There is a very simple fix to all these problems. Make the mode 3-man squads. With 3 players in your team, suddenly you NEED more loot than you start with, suddenly you NEED big weapons, suddenly you need to strategize, be wary of enemy movements, you need to plan ahead. Now engagement will not lead to an instant game over for the lesser player, disengagement is possible, yet loot and map control is crucial so you want to fight if you can. The leadup to each engagement will be much more exciting with poking and prodding, trying to find the best opening. Each team member's life is incredibly valuable, and as such teamwork is paramount. You absolutely want to enter the endgame with everyone alive. Real stakes are set.

Mordhau's forte was never in duels, much more so in small scale team fights. What better introduction is there to the best mechanics the gameplay has to offer? Even if you come out of a fight with only one of you surviving, hope's not lost. Taking on 2 or even 3 enemies is entirely possible, especially if they're low on health and you can surprise them. Imagine the excitement of a starry eyed noob as his friends are cheering him on in a climactic fight, well knowing that by superior skill alone he's able to beat the many, if only he tries his best. It's an aspiration that makes you want to learn more and push forward. It's an aspiration that kept us grinding through Chivalry, delighted at every little bit of progress we made in skill, despite all the issues and broken mechanics, just the idea alone. Plus, it's just much more fun to shoot the shit with your friends while you play a challenging game.


Should Battle Royale be 3-man squads?
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longsword is normie trash1487959463639.png

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The key thing about what Horde did that the others didn't: it met or exceeded expectations. With AI tweaks and variety, more different enemy types, and designated "boss waves", it only goes up from here even before diving into things like potential objectives or a dungeon crawling/raiding mode as opposed to just Horde.

Hell, imagine that if you kept running away, the Horde diverted their attention to hitting your base's towers/core instead. So, actual tower defense. The Horde's objective would be to destroy four towers, and the normal mooks would only turn to kill you if you were within a certain proximity, though the archers, assassins, and other specialists would axt differently. Some would be carrying bomb objective barrels, some would have it attached to their back and try to melee you, etc.

FL improved a lot, but I think Camp itself is doomed to be a bit boring for me for the same reason Battlefield was a boring TO map for me: it's just a wide, open field. Nothing too interesting about that gameplay wise, but it exacerbates the things I dislike about the games most: boring spawn runs, no cover from archers, no clever flanking or outmaneuvering especially in 1vX, and no hiding from horses. I think a smaller, tighter map with more story-connected objectives, way more areas with interesting geometry rather than pure open fields, and consistently short spawn runs would be better both aesthetically and gameplay wise. And the "illusion/aesthetics" part is hugely important. Yeah, TECHNICALLY things like carts or escorting flag holders are just moving capture points or rehashed game modes from 1998, but it does a lot to immerse and have you feel like an actual video game character/m'Knight and they do dynamically change where the focus of the fighting is, i.e. use more of the map's space as time passes. While increasing max running speed with an additional 3 seconds of acceleration + Rush'ing straight from spawn will help reduce run times, I think adjusting spawns themselves to be no more than 50m away is still critical to preserve the video game illusion aspect that you're always only a moment from fighting. Whether that's achieved with dynamic spawn points disconnected from capture points you must fight for, or just pushing all spawns closer and making capping faster to compensate for defenders spawning closer, I am curious to see what will happen.

I think the dev's philosophy for Mordhau BR is just not what I'd prefer, so I probably won't like the mode even if it was perfected. I only ever played BR with friends for that war combat pacing where 90% of it is shooting the shit, casual scavenging, calm Walking Dead moments but with third eye ever slightly open and 10% pure anarchy where skill, positioning, communication, and strategy go a long way but are still under the mercy of some dumb luck too. Mordhau BR seems to be gearing for an incredibly fast but also heavily dueling skill-based focus, all solo. The fast pace clashes a lot with waiting for a new BR to start, spawning in, then getting Zwei'd the first second in, especially when you have a weaker computer.

What would I have preferred? Duos or trios. Games are more fun when social, and Chiv and Mordhau make better team games than duel games anyways. Would also prevent a lot more ridiculous teaming. Being downed and having to be revived means fumbling and getting insta'd isn't an auto game over if your teammate(s) clutch. I never touched the game, but Apex Legends also lets you revive actual dead teammates by capturing some beacon or something, so even dying outright 1 minute in while your friends are still alive doesn't mean you should just leave the lobby. Sharing loot means stumbling upon yet another Bardiche isn't a total waste.

I didn't get to test this FL because it was literally unplayable, some infinite loop of blacklisting the server I was trying to join lol. But concerning the loot table from the first test... Way more emphasis of shitty peasant weapons. Getting something otherwise insignificant in normal modes like an Arming Sword in your first ten seconds should feel like winning the lottery. Vast majority of loot in the cold zones should be rakes, scythes, daggers, rocks, poop, level 1 armor, etc. Level 2 armor, arming sword, falchion, warhammer would be the good stuff here. A rare Bastard Sword spawn here is something that could last you to the end of the game.

The plane dropping system in other BG games meant that going to your favorite hot drop zone immediately wasn't always a possibility. Some games, you should get scrappy with peasant weapons, dung flinging, and getting into a complete prey survivalist mindset against the lucky bastard who got a recurve a minute into the round. Other games, you may not get into a fight until you're decked with some tier 2 pieces and a billhook.

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Virgin Frontline vs Chad Horde mode

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 Jax — Community Manager

demo system is in w/ console commands

demo settings

demo.useadaptivereplayupdatefrequency 0
demo.recordhz 120
is what you set beforehand
demorec demoname
to start recording
demoplay demoname to play it back
demostop to stop
demopause to pause
demo.timedilation x to set playback speed
demo.gototimeinseconds to go forward/back in time
thats about the most important stuff

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By the way guys, just a warning, but if a player named Jimmy enters, you should just give up. He's top 5 and he means business.

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I had fun with it for around half an hour. The gimmick quickly wore off.

There doesn't feel like much reward for winning, the maps feel too small, there are never enough chests to open so whether you do well early on feels like pure RNG, the instant death wall is a bad idea, bandages are apparently the rarest resource, and it's just too same-y after the first few games.

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Picture of Me.
Top of Castle in "Mountain Peak".

Since i was first man to summit the highest climbable peak i took myself the liberty of naming this mountain "Mount Stumpy".
I now demand creator of map to make a sign on the summit which says "Stumpy was Here". Look at it as an Easter Egg.
Picture of Me on top of Mount Stumpy. Thanks to Plou for taking this.

Me and Plou traveling to the Blue Mountains in the distance.
Zombie and Ryujin accompanied us.
Stumpy, Ж | PLOUPLOU and Zombie enjoying a small break at Camp Plou, right behind Blue spawn. (Ryujin in top right corner.)