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  • 20 Jul '17

@ZedHead said:
Faffy there are reasons people team kill you all using maul.


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  • 19 Jul '17

Frog mouth helm in a fighting game approaches For Honor levels of stupid

If the people want it, though, I guess it should be in.

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  • 13 Jul '17

"frog helmet"


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  • 13 Jul '17

@Plebican said:

frog helmet

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  • 11 Jul '17

@Sir Zombie said:
And nobody gave a shit about the armor in Shrek.

You're fucking wrong boy

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  • 10 Jul '17


Is Marox an outcast Hounskull???

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  • 7 Jul '17
 Maxilatorn — Art

I see some comments about historical accuracy, to put this endless back and forth to rest, In Mordhau we focus on bringing in armors from most parts of Europe spanning many different centuries, meaning that you will see armors that would never have faced each other in battle nor existed at the same time. We are not trying to make something that is historically accurate but many of our armors are based on things seen in the real world. As a rule of thumb, what belongs in our armor collection are armors that would appear grounded in reality to a layman.

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  • 6 Jul '17
 Jax — Community Manager

Historical accuracy shouldn't be forced, however, adding non-historical equipment that's clearly never been used will slightly detract from the game.

Like others have said, most people won't care, but creating sets of armor and weapons that do make sense will make history buffs happy and won't detract from the more casual players' experience.

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  • 3 Jul '17


From left to right:

  1. Exanima
  2. Dark Souls
    3: Dark souls 3
    4: For Honor
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  • 30 Jun '17
 marox — Project Lead

This month's update contains shots of some juicy new gear!
imgur album

First one of the bunch is the bill polearm category, made out of 2 parts with 3 choices for each (head and handle).


Our first alternate skin for a weapon category is the norse sword skin for the arming sword. A skin is simply an alternate set of parts for a weapon category. Alternate skins have no gameplay effect, and are just for looks. The parts can't be mixed with other skins, allowing us to restrict the combinations to something tasteful, i.e. the end result still looking like a viking sword.


More armors are making their way into the game, including a fancy, flashy landsknecht set. This outfit offers light protection, but good mobility.


And of course, more helmets, because there's never enough of those!


A knight sporting one of the new helmets, the bill, a brand new brigandine & a pair of new shoulderpads:


A new breastplate worn with other gear.


Until next month :)


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  • 2 Jul '17


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  • 30 Jun '17

bring on the lawbringer memes
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  • 21 Dec '15

Yeah, if anything feints should cost LESS stamina than they do in Chivalry. In an odd turn of events, feints (unless they've changed drastically from Slasher) are mostly a tool to take out those of low skill, with even mid-tier players most likely being able to deal with them effectively unlike in Chivalry. Chambering has nerfed feints into the ground.

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  • 19 Dec '15

I might break my leg or something so I don't have to go to basic training if none of us are able to play it by the time I ship out.

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  • 24 Mar '17

@PJ_Ammas said:

@Gtytttf said:
Backed 40$ for beta. What the hell do I do in the meantime?

Cough up the extra $20 and shorten the wait time