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  • 6 Aug '19

It is known.

All maps have those kinds of issues.
There are lots of general problems with mapdesign, like the lack of protected spawnzones and way too many chokepoints that don't fit the amount of players.
And don't forget all the many places where you get stuck or the glitchy places that are annoying to pass.

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  • 5 Aug '19

tbh feigns are kinda pointless except as a mid fight throw off to break up the flow of trading parries same with a kick as a Riposte

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  • 30 Jul '19

Casually clashes are fun as is, so they don't really need change.

Competitively, when it happens, people immediately stop the clash because it is basically gambling who gets the hit. People are advocating a nerf to clash in the form of "no clash on riposte." This avoids situations in teamfights where you are in riposte and have your riposte stopped not by defense, but a spammed attack by another user. It also has the unintended side effect of getting hit, having the clash occur, and getting hit again because your opponent clashed. Because of these problems, clashes will probably not proc on ripostes anymore.

Clashing in windup wouldn't work because that's when chambers occur.

I don't see why parrying out of clash is a bad thing. It grants freedom of the user to maintain clash fights or get out of it because it is too risky. Being locked in a clash fight would just be frustrating.

Increasing area for clashes to occur would also just be annoying, because of reasons I said earlier.

Clashes have barely been touched and for good reason.

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  • 29 Jul '19

you've complained about clashing multiple times now when there's nothing actually wrong with clashing lmao it's just a means of stopping near hit trades from looking weird

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  • 3 Aug '19

How old are you? The post I quoted literally has you saying "You do know the Devs have stated time after time again that you can Disable them ON YOUR END"

I can literally only assume that you are a child or addled by dementia at this point with how absolutely retarded you are lmao

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  • 3 Aug '19

@Budd said:
Why use a longsword when you could use something like rapier and heater shield, Why use a evening star when the maul is just a better version of it.

stopped reading lmao please do not comment on the state of the game when you have opinions like this

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  • 3 Aug '19

@2B said:
You do know the Devs have stated time after time again that you can Disable them ON YOUR END so you personally don't have to see them in this

Actually no, considering recent controversy the devs have explicitly stated this is not an option.

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  • 2 Aug '19

I really enjoy how you tried to bring Chivalry mechanics back from the dead.

I really dislike how it completely failed but at the same time still killed Chivalry.

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yah 3 v 3 seems to be the most interesting/balanced utilization of the combat mechanics imo

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  • 2 Aug '19

The best way to instantly improve Frontline would be to remove Horses.

They can be added back into the game once reworked. They are absolutely broken and almost everyone dislikes dealing with them; it's a case of the riders having fun at everyone else's expense. I'd legitimately rather be walled off in spawn with a troll teammate using a toolbox: because that's easier to counter and less annoying to deal with. I'd rather die to a catapult or stray arrow 5 times in a row than to die to a horse even once, because I can accept the "battlefield chaos" of random projectiles, but dying to some braindead rider feels like shit.

Problems with horses:

  • Horses cost nothing to use / Spawn for free / Don't require perks to be proficient
  • Toolbox/Traps are the only semi-viable counter, but it requires multiple people to gimp their loadout just to deal with 1 guy
  • The rider's attacks have artificially extended reach (might be a desync / hitbox issue)
  • Your attacks often go right through the rider and deal no damage due to desync / hitbox issues
  • Moving at even the slowest trotting speed, their non-couched attacks deal massive extra damage (usually enough to 1-shot)
  • Couched attacks require 0 skill to pull off, and yet are the most deadly thing in the entire game
  • Their hoofstep sounds are barely audible - you almost never hear them coming until its too late
  • Mosquito syndrome: very hard to kill, and even when you finally do, they'll just come right back on a new horse
  • Killing a rider usually doesn't feel rewarding or satisfying, especially if you dismounted them and someone else got the kill
  • Teammates don't understand the concept of keeping the horse alive and hiding it in your base after you've dismounted someone
  • People who can't even manage a 0.5 KD ratio off the horse frequently maintain 4.0 KD ratios
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  • 31 Jul '19

I like the combat mechanics and art.

I dislike almost everything else. Mostly sound and map design.

Also the server downgrade that happened after the first couple weeks.

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  • 31 Jul '19

Is it just me or it's suddenly a big ping spike when fighting on every map from these?
Happens on both low and ultra shadows and only on custom maps so far.

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  • 31 Jul '19

I really like the variety in weapons and armor.

I really dislike that there's not a single map I'd consider to be in a finished state.

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  • 30 Jul '19

In the mean time they added this feature:

Jump to 0:25 if you are impatient.

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  • 30 Jul '19

Should probably remove toolbox and horses until they have an idea what they actually want to accomplish with that.

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  • 30 Jul '19

dining hall

what the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land.jpg

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  • 30 Jul '19

The mapping community is happy to announce the release of 6 new maps !

Here is a teaser of the maps released today, congrats to Kenshin (Duelyard), Marel (Dining Hall), Squackety (Adamant), Teabag (Arena), Whym (Colosseum) and Yellowbentine (Kingsfall) for their awesome work in such a short period !

We are also releasing a community map installer !

D.Mentia has been working on a Map Installer that will auto-download and install the maps for you. This will greatly improve the way we share our files, and facilitate the life of players and server owners as it will also keep you informed on new maps and map updates.

Click here to download the community map installer (instructions under files):

For those worried about security, it is open source so you can check and compile the code by yourself if you wish to.

The maps files are also available here if you don't want to use the application, but you won't be notified when future updates and maps will be released :

Ps : We suggest you play the maps with shadow quality set to ultra. Well, everything at ultra if possible ! And music ON.

Feel free to join us :

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  • 28 Jul '19

You guys are acting like its a high priority only list. its General feedback and suggestions mates. This is only one of a few Ive suggested. Obviously, there are more important things such as content. But, this is a very easy fix. As of now, I don't even wear the tint, its not noticeable in game at all really so it just seems like a waste. Its also one of the last unlocks that people grind for, so it would make sense if it was a little more noticeable. Seems relative to me anyway. If not fix it up a little, then perhaps add another for an even higher level to be unlocked.

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  • 28 Jul '19


I know playing on high ping sucks, but its not much they can do about it.
And red parries just shows by how many milliseconds you missed your parry with.

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  • 26 Jul '19

the "crack down" happened long before you or the rest of the release boys arrived, and the drama that has happened since then has circulated mainly around people complaining about words in-game and weirdos appearing to discuss shit that the media covered