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I mean this in the nicest way possible but would you kindly fuck off with the copy-paste king objectives in every single Invasion map.

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  • 17 Mar

Maps look very atmospheric, so if their layout sucks they'll at least have that going for them.

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  • 18 Jan

@^--^ Maximus ^--^ said:
Disabled team hitstop for strikes (Experimental) i think this is an awful experimental change because currently there are a lot of new players and TK in frontline/invasion is veyr common as most new players only swing and this would make it even worse, so lets hope I'm wrong or that you guys would change this next patch or patch fix

i just login to up vote this, hitstop on allies is the most retarded thing on videogames history.

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  • 11 Jan

I agree, team damage is a real problem right now. But I'd rather someone accidentally hit me in the back and still manage to hit the target, thus flinching or forcing a parry, as opposed to me getting hit in the back and the front. I get that you think it will encourage poor behaviour, in the form of repeatedly striking through allies to hit enemies, but in those cases you should probably be using the votekick function.

It would be better to attack the source of why people teamkill so much. I think its partly caused by FoV being smaller than the area we can strike e.g. winding up a horizontal while backpeddling and you move past someone, or same situation but they sprint up beside you, meaning you have no visual feedback until its too late. The other part of the problem is that player movement is generally faster/more impactful than player swing manipulation. If an ally steps into the path of your swing, it is harder for you to drag it away than it is for them to step out of your reach. I find it easiest to simply move out of the way of incoming team hits, but with low FoV it is hard to do this consistently.

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  • 28 Oct '19

The best map so far.

It's the kind of map I think everyone expected to play in a 'main game mode' on Mordhau on release.

It feels great.

Can't really comment on balance in regards to what team has the advantage, but the map is awesome. Played it last night and just had a really good vibe, fights were going on all over the place, people flanking around all the different access routes etc.

Only thing it could really use is some more sound effects, make it more atmospheric instead of just the normal parry/hit sound effects and all the foppish laughs.

A+ good job

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  • 28 Oct '19

@oHearty said:
I was trying my best not to invest any time arguing with Grumpy Georges in the Patch 12 forum branch.
But I wanna say it now - are any of those Georges apologizing to devs, before entering the game to play the new patchy?
Hard words were said, but now everyone just went playing, like nothing happened.

Mordhau is a great game. Devs are great. Not quick on forum response - but maybe they can hire some georges to do shoutouts.
Great work guys, your game brought me more joy than Witcher 3. Wish you best luck.

I'm intrigued. Apologize for what exactly?

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  • 28 Oct '19

Nice to see some lifesigns. Can't comment on the changes/additions yet, sooo:

we’re adapting Mountain Peak for Invasion

You should first decide about what that gamemode is actually supposed to be and flesh it out as a concept. The half baked clusterhugging nonsense we have right now isn't very motivating.
You wrote that the new map will have all kinds of new features - take ideas like that as a first step to make Invasion a new gamemode that is worth its name!

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  • 2 Sep '19

Been playing a lot of the ranked and I ask most players if they've felt that stabs have felt a bit "floaty" or "ghosty" for lack of better words. They look like they should be hitting and sometimes do sometimes dont. It feels very iffy, and most people I asked tended to agree. I could just be fucking stupid though.

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  • 6 Aug '19

within the game Archers are quite handy and i for one tend to play one quite often and i have noticed that spam crouching behind cover it too effective and it should effect the users aim when ever doing so,

another topic is people using spikes and place able structures to get places where others cant and only an archer can deal with that, that and they are using these locations to place a ballista and have a larger overview that the intended map design gives.

and something i believe would be best added is allowing people to only have 1 slot of throwable weapons unless they pickup one off the ground as people are standing back with 3 slots of fire bombs or javelins and things like this and the topic above i said are taking away the skill factor of the game and giving it more of a meta. yes the game right now have multiple highly effective tactics which is great but removing the 'BS' factor of over effective alternatives would be a lot better to keep hardcore players within the game.

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  • 30 Jul '19

In the mean time they added this feature:

Jump to 0:25 if you are impatient.

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  • 28 Jul '19


I know playing on high ping sucks, but its not much they can do about it.
And red parries just shows by how many milliseconds you missed your parry with.

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  • 5 Apr '18
 Sir Zombie

It takes more time to click twice compared to once

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The issue was the fucky hitboxes and horses in any movement = stun tank that cancles any input and prevents another reaction for half a second

Well that and how momentum damage started up instantly so a slow trot = instea death

Let the riders actually have to use momentum properly and have to parry for once

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  • 20 Jul '19

@valentinbk said:
Not a fan of the horse nerf idea. They should be somewhat more powerful than regular infantry and there already are enough ways to counter them, well placed spikes, projectiles, fire bombs etc

found the cavalry main

so sorry you have to learn how to play the game now pal

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  • 19 Jul '19

SDK may not be out yet but people found a way to make community maps.
Here is the first community map made by Plouplou of the Berserkers clan. Watch the vid and read the description for info.

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  • 19 Jul '19

hey jax cool post now keep doing this or else

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  • 19 Jul '19

Sounds pretty good to me, but you haven't mentioned hiring. IMHO you really should consider expanding your team.

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  • 16 Jul '19

a few weapons i noticed hitting before they visually connect:
Executioner's (feels like ~10cm longer from the tip), Battle Axe (feels like it hits 10cm before the end of the head connects), Eveningstar (like the Battle Axe but 15cm), messer (~8cm from the end), Falchion (~5cm fromt he end).

Observed at pings varying from 30 to 100 on duel servers and frontlines since launch. Other weapons of similar ping players on the same servers being the objects of comparison. As well as testing from my perspective switching between weapons.

The worst offender is probably the eveningstar. every time i pick one up it's like i'm hitting the space around the person i'm swinging at.

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  • 14 Jul '19

Messer and Waraxe are indeed noticeable, their animations are too slow. Executioner sword and Zweihänder feel off, too. Can't say if too fast or too slow. The Executioner sword's stab animation could be too fast.

The only one I have in mind right now is the big warhammer (forgot the English name), those animations seem to be too fast, as the hits always lag behind.

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  • 6 Jul '19

I know the devs are just a group of ten people, but development is way too slow. Dealing with the more annoying aspects constantly with no fixes in sight is just making me want to throw my hands up and stop playing. Could we at least get some kind of update as to what's being worked on? This is the exact shit that killed For Honor.