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I mean this in the nicest way possible but would you kindly fuck off with the copy-paste king objectives in every single Invasion map.

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  • 17 Mar

Maps look very atmospheric, so if their layout sucks they'll at least have that going for them.

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  • 27 Feb
 Anal Error

Chivalry 2 is coming so i don't care anymore about this shiat.

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  • 24 Feb

Even if I don't partake in the language or 'racism' (which is usually just poor comedy or trying to take the piss), I prefer a wild west over a controlled enviroment. As the amount of times I've chuckled at such usage greatly outnumbers true cases of racism. Also their is a mute function.

TL;DR - Don't care, just a word. Get over it, or mute the player.

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  • 18 Jan

@^--^ Maximus ^--^ said:
Disabled team hitstop for strikes (Experimental) i think this is an awful experimental change because currently there are a lot of new players and TK in frontline/invasion is veyr common as most new players only swing and this would make it even worse, so lets hope I'm wrong or that you guys would change this next patch or patch fix

i just login to up vote this, hitstop on allies is the most retarded thing on videogames history.

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  • 11 Jan

I agree, team damage is a real problem right now. But I'd rather someone accidentally hit me in the back and still manage to hit the target, thus flinching or forcing a parry, as opposed to me getting hit in the back and the front. I get that you think it will encourage poor behaviour, in the form of repeatedly striking through allies to hit enemies, but in those cases you should probably be using the votekick function.

It would be better to attack the source of why people teamkill so much. I think its partly caused by FoV being smaller than the area we can strike e.g. winding up a horizontal while backpeddling and you move past someone, or same situation but they sprint up beside you, meaning you have no visual feedback until its too late. The other part of the problem is that player movement is generally faster/more impactful than player swing manipulation. If an ally steps into the path of your swing, it is harder for you to drag it away than it is for them to step out of your reach. I find it easiest to simply move out of the way of incoming team hits, but with low FoV it is hard to do this consistently.

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@SerJaGGsaW said:
tskaaww poor you being forced to deal with someone using a shield for its intended purpose :'(

Do you guys still remember Marox saying in the Kickstarter campaign:
"Mordhau will of course feature shields. These equipment pieces[sic] have the purpose of artificially prolonging fights and suck the enjoyment out of the game."

"Mordhau will be all about inclusion. We don't want people with short-circuited RMBs being unable to annoy other players and will add ways for them to still feel like they are contributing although they do jack sh[beep]."

I can remember it like it happened just yesterday.

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Shields didn't help with that. In fact you had no incentive to learn how much time a weapon swing takes with a shield. And your opponents will neither drag nor morph nor feint you when you use a shield. They will only try accels most of the time. You learn almost nothing by using it. The change did new players a favor even if they don't feel that way.

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  • 5 Dec '19

but in reality, Mordhau would benefit from more people funding the development

Are you sure about that? The game had enough players once and the devs once had and probably still have the option to properly develop the game, but they rather chose to keep fooling around.

People nowadays just like to call games dead if their numbers aren't the same as launch day numbers...

It's not just about player numbers. Just look around. Watch the game, its progress and the direction it took.

If it was by some random, I could care less, but if this guy had uploaded it to his main channel, and gotten over a million views, you know how easily the game's reputation could've been hurt?

I actually doubt that a few silly and negative sentences by a youtuber will have that much of an impact. Especially since there is more than one of those spreading his opinion.

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  • 30 Dec '19

Just wanted to suggest a few relatively simple changes, that (I think) would probably be pretty easy to implement. Some of these might be controversial, so I'll leave those ones at the end. The other things are quite minor, and could be regarded as quality of life improvements more than anything else.

Loadout menu folders and searchbar: This is pretty self explanatory, but I understand this is only really hurting a specific kind of player. It is nice to have loadouts without perks for duels, or trying different armour levels with bloodlust/different perks in general, or even just experimenting with a new cosmetic look. I am faced with the choice of making this 100-long list even longer, or just saving over my existing classes, both of which I am not fond of.

Static number allocation for emotes: Right now, emote binds change based on equipped weapon - e.g facepalm is on 7 if you have a weapon equipped, but 4 with no weapon. This doesn't have a particularly huge impact, but it is confusing for people who emote a lot and have to commit several different menus to memory.

Temporary HUD markers keybind: Most of the HUD markers in Mordhau are shown at all times, so there's not a huge need for this. It would be extremely useful for trying to locate ammo boxes, and could also be useful for people who want to play without markers at all - allowing them to briefly turn on HUD markers when necessary whilst keeping the game immersive.

Better votekick UI: this one is also a bit of a no-brainer. I shouldn't have to know how to use unreal engine console to votekick someone. I think most players have to look up a guide on how to do it. A playerlist showing team damage % (just like chivalry) would be simple, but sufficient.

Better votekick stats: We already know from Chivalry that a "team damage %" system is geared towards veterans, and hurts new players. A player who has dealt lots of damage to the enemy can reasonable kill several of his team mates on purpose and maintain <20% TD, whilst a new player may accidentally hit someone in spawn and have >50% TD for the whole game. To remedy this, a value that tracks total hits on allies as well as TD% would be much more informative.

"Server full, retrying..." lock-in: There are probably technical reasons for this, but sometimes you have to queue for a long time to get into a popular server. It would be nice to at least look at/change some loadouts while you wait, or look at the server browser. Currently you are unable to do anything except wait.

Map vote screen lock-in: Being able to close the map vote screen instantly and return to gameplay/chat, or even just enabling chat at the end would be a welcome change for many. The losing team being disarmed at the end of a game in Chivalry created many fun interactions between players, and it is sad to see it absent in Mordhau.

Keybinds for each stab: it strikes me as odd that you can separately bind all the different strikes, but stabbing forces you to use 240 system. I understand this could be a pretty significant gameplay change, but at the same time, its not adding anything new - just allowing players to utilise specific attacks more easily.

These last few suggestions are a bit more controversial.

"Use" action priorities: Sometimes I will try to climb a ladder, or open a door, and my character will instead pull an projectile out of his body, meaning I have to press the button several times to get to the action I want. Most notably, arrows in your upper torso will do this. This is arguably something the player should manage on their own, but sometimes it is not obvious which action you are going to perform, and in rare cases it can get you killed.

Raise the FOV limit: I know people have been over this many times, so I'll try be brief. At present, frontline/invasion team fights are somewhat clumsy because of people running into the path of your swings from off-screen. Furthermore, while flanking and manoeuvring are integral parts of gameplay, is it not fun to die to something you cannot reasonably have seen coming.

Retreat button/ invasion out of bounds: I understand the logic behind this, but cutting off half the playfield and forcing players to respawn breaks up gameplay and breaks immersion. A compromise here would be to add a "retreat" button that pops up as each objective completes, and delaying the OOB killzone by about 30 seconds. This would allow fighting to continue and give defenders a bit more of a chance to get ready.

Player moderators on official servers?: I'm not sure if we have this already, but I think the benefits of this can be very worthwhile. Player mods of Chiv could easily stop votekick spam, acted as a sort of bridge of communication between devs and players, and were even looked upon as positive role models to some extent - ensuring less "toxicity" among the games community. There was no ambiguity about what was/wasn't votekick worthy while these people were around.

And that's it. Apologies in advance if much of this has been repeated, I know at least some of it has been brought up before. With a game like this its really hard to please everyone, and I really appreciate the lengths Triternion as a whole has gone to with the aim of achieving just that. This was a bit of a vent for me in a way, but these aren't demands, I just wanted to try start some discussion in a meaningful place. Thanks to anyone who bothered to read all of this.

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  • 26 Dec '19

The shield user cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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  • 26 Dec '19

I had a such high opinion about the creators. I am so disappointed.

Such a high opinion - as long as things were going your way. When shields were a balancing issue and needed a rework, your kind kept silent. Because... who cares about balance as long as the imbalances support my playstyle, right?
But as soon as the devs dare to do more than changing a few numbers by 0,005 points, chaos breaks loose and all those kiddos crawl out of their holes.
It's ridiculous. And also quite scary to see how little they understand about the game they play for many 100 hours in total...

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  • 22 Dec '19

@NumidianPikeman said:

@Jaw said:
They did a great job with the shield rework. No longer can they hard counter the game by not being able to get feinted, dragged or acceled. People who mained shield will now have to learn how to play the game it was meant to be played, with timing and skill

Listen ASSHOLE. I play Chivalry, and im WELL accustomed to playing this L337 HIGH LEVEL combat you talk about.
Shields is a different playstyle, and you only dislike it because of its obvious advantages at reading YOU and easy counter against YOUR dumb playstyle.

They can be feinted, Dragged, and all that.

AND YET, you want it EASY.
YOU, want to be able to have ALL advantages removed against YOU so that YOU can have it easy.

SO hey go enjoy BOOTLICKING some developer ass so they bend towards YOUR requests.

people like you wholeheartedly have killed the game. People are Leaving because L337 BASEMENT dwellers like yourself need your little pathetic online ego boost because you use META weapons like zweis, large hard hitting axes and mastered all their bits and bobs, and it just gets it to you that a shield user can F**k you over right? Just like in Chivalry, where L337 sweaty no-lifers do the same.

People like YOU are the problem. Not shields.

No, you cannot use feints, drags and accels against a shield user because they will simply always hold the block up, meaning they don't have to time a proper defense, they can just initiate 1 held block which encompasses the entire defense they need because it blocks all titmings; Fast, slow, feinted or not. Kick doesn't work because with proper practice you could just backwalk on every block, which usually makes you much farther away than the kick can reach. Keep in mind the old shield was capable of doing all this with little to no effort on the user's part.

If kicks do not reach, if drags, feints, accels and morphs do not work against a shield user then the only option was to outstam them (which is boring and took forever) or to jump over their shield (which is extremely risky because of stamina cost, and only works once or twice as they may get used to it). It wasn't fair and it wasn't fun to fight against, and this is why I'm happy shields were nerfed.

Instead of thinking the way you are, why don't you realize that the "L337" players have much more experience and a better understanding on how the game works, and you might not be entirely correct. After all, I saw your post on the steam forums whining about how stab-swing morphs are overpowered and you're quitting because everyone spams stab-swing, and how the rapier is overpowered. Please be considerate that you maybe aren't the all-knowing god of mordhau balance.

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  • 24 Dec '19


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  • 22 Dec '19

"I agree that it coudl be annoying because it coutnered feints and drags but it was refreshing to have other playstyles."

Having a mechanic such as held block isn't a "refreshing playstyle", it's something that people who couldn't be bothered learning and getting good at the game used to get ahead and cheese the game. Held block should've never been in the game the way it was, but unfortunately the devs didn't know how to balance it until now.

"What else is this game now than "ballerina dancing"?"

Well if you're referring to Reversals/backswings like the ones in chivalry, they've never been a thing in mordhau except for a few occasions it seems people have been able to pull them off in some contorted way, yet still seems nonviable. Seeing as the tracer of the weapon that starts during windup behind your back doesn't cause any damage until it's entered release in front of you, as well as the glancing blow mechanic. Now I do see some new players mistaking target switching in 1vx as "ballerina dancing", but that's simply not the case. Without held block being as effective as it was before, the game is much more centered around you having to learn the animations of each individual weapon and timing when to parry at the right moment, instead of just holding block whenever you see the slightest of movements and getting no punishment for it.

"Shields could easily be countered by kicks, fast moevement around the shiled user or trying to drain his stamina."

Like i said before, coming across someone who's used a shield for a long time isn't countered by kicks, they always back peddle away from the kick or unblock before the kick would land, thus rendering them useless against an experienced shield player. As for getting around their parry with fast movement, unless they have the reaction time of a sloth, you're going to have a hard time doing that. And trying to drain their stamina? mindlessly bashing a shield to eventually drain their stamina is very boring and doesn't create fun gameplay for either side.

"Now - as I said - we only have ballerina dancing. Something that killed Chivalry back in the day btw."

The only thing that's killing Mordhau is the lack of content, competitive game mode(s) and balance to entice players to get good at the game in the first place, other than loving the melee slasher genre itself.

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  • 18 Dec '19

It's a skill-based game, git gud mentality is a no brainer. And with held block it was a hard counter to the game as a whole, you werent susceptible to swing manipulation or feints, thus not needing to learn how to read animations and timing. And as for kicks, idk if youve seen a high level shield user but they always back peddle away from kicks or unblock before the kick would land. Even comp players seem to struggle against high level shield players, it was just cancer to vs.

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  • 1 Dec '19

@Cyrus said:
*Using For Honor, Blade and Soul and KCD as a basis for competetive games


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  • 28 Nov '19

@kingnigga said:
People just aren't interested in melee multiplayer games anymore.


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  • 25 Nov '19
 Anal Error

Is boring ffs, why is so hard to understand?

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  • 10 Sep '19

Yep, wrong expectations. I didn't expect they would sit their asses sore on the release money just to release patches that make the game worse whenever they feel like it.

I did not expect that the game would be balanced around ten people playing duels. I did not expect a map blunder like Crossroads. I did not expect that horses would stay broken forever. I did not expect hidden stats in a competitive game (and no comment about it). I did not expect incorrect server labels. I did not expect that they would add increased stamina damage for certain weapons against shields - rock-paper-scissors in a competitive game. I did not expect that they wouldn't hire anyone with all the money because they don't think they will ever sell a copy again. I did not expect the devs would abandon the game before I do. I did not expect a ranking-based dueling mode with maps that don't support it. ...