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  • 16 Aug '19

I respect people that can admit their mistakes. Have a like and welcome to the forums!

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  • 15 Aug '19

Let's face it - the developers don't care what any of us want, and they never have to again. Mordhau's surprise success made them all millionaires overnight. Why on earth would they want to spend any of that money on a game that's already the overwhelming majority of money's it's ever going to make? If I were in their position, I'd say fuck Mordhau and enjoy early retirement.

If you're a US player, you've already seen how uncaring Triternion is. 4 months out from launch and US servers are still just as bad now as they were on day one. The fact that the US region is nearly dead and devoid of active servers speaks volumes. That tends to happen when people are forced to put up with packet loss, ghost parries and phantom hits if they want to play the game. You can only get killed by a spear that was clearly out of range so many times before you just want to play something else. 4 months and not even an acknowledgement that this is an issue. Hell, it would literally take a day to switch server providers, they just haven't done it. Sadly, any time I bring this issue up, I just get gaslighted by the poor sods on the Steam forums that have deluded themselves into believing everything is okay.

They released that absolute travesty of a map known as crossroads. They then 'reworked' it and actually made it worse. Since then, there's been no further updates. Crossroads is still unbalanced trash that causes the server to empty out any time it gets voted for, and the devs have known about this for months and done NOTHING.

When you guys set out to make a better Chivalry clone, did you also have to inherit Torn Banner's IDGAF attitude towards the game and its players? Why does every game in this genre end up this way?

Maybe one day some actual good developers will come along and make a FPSlasher. I refuse to use the Epic store for a multitude of reasons so Chivalry 2 basically doesn't exist in my mind. Maybe my grand kids will get the chance to play Bannerlord and experience an actual good FPSlasher.

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  • 14 Aug '19

When you put it like that it's far more reasonable and understandable. Should have gone for that wording right from the start.

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  • 13 Aug '19

Review rating on Steam is slipping down to a mixed rating. Player base has dropped off more than 90% since launch. No patch or hotfix in over a month.

This next update better be a goddamn home run.

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  • 23 Jul '19

Nothing should have hidden properties.

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  • 26 Jul '19




Here that store link

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  • 22 Jul '19

Compiling some ideas from #private_feedback.

If I am not mistaken, the V key and side mouse buttons are not bound by default. I think this leaves space for a new ability bind. With that out of the way...

Shield Hold Rework

Kite and Heater Shield's blocks now function as timed parries, just like the Targe and Buckler. Now these shield users have to play the same game as the rest of us, and playing as a shield is now fun again.

In return, Kite and Heater Shield receive a new ability: Guard Stance

After a brief windup of 300ms, enter a sturdy stance with your shield guarding your front. You can hold this stance indefinitely but do not regenerate stamina while doing so.

Because you are not deflecting attacks in this stance, your shield is absorbing the the full shock of enemy blows. Attacks deal reduced stamina damage, but also deal shield damage based on the weapon's wood damage. Your shield itself has health that, when expired, will cause the shield to shatter. While you do lose some stamina for blocking in Guard Stance, you cannot be disarmed.

Your stance requires sturdy footing and bracing. Because of this, your movement speed in this stance is slowed significantly as your feet drag across the ground. If crouching, you cannot move, but your feet are better protected. Jumping is disabled.

Kick stuns on shields no longer exist. Being kicked while in Guard Stance merely deals knockback, shield damage, and stamina damage. Does not get knocked down by door kicks. Couched horse attacks still spell trouble.

You cannot riposte or counterattack in any way while in this stance. Leaving this stance has a recovery time of 500ms during which you may parry but not attack.

Successful hits do not flinch you out of Guard Stance.

The windup prevents it from being an instantaneous wall of blocks and must instead be a premeditated action to perform safely. The unsafe and telegraphed nature of the windup and big movement penalty prevent the shield from being a mindless 1vX buzzkill. The inability to riposte or counterattack combined with recovery time from exiting the stance further this notion because, even if one were to hit the held shield in a 1vX, he needs not fear retaliation from the shield user any time soon - this is assuming the shield user is even in place to block with his turtlish footspeed in guard stance. The shield user has to first exit guard stance with a telegraphed recovery animation (much like the 1.6 riot shield) before he can attack.

Shields can be repaired by allies if you hold it, or by yourself if you have a hammer and go to an anvil. Shattered shields are gone and must be replaced by a weapon rack - like an ammo box, except this replaces any lost weapons instead such as disarmed Zweis, dropped bows, thrown short spears, etc. and has its own cooldown timer. Weapons shown on the rack are client-sided and depend on your current loadout.

The purpose of these changes is to give held shields a defensive positional role, being able to guard chokes and doorways effectively. Held shields can also push through smokes and lead slow but menacing tank pushes as pointmen in less open and more funneled environments such as indoors or through Engineer-designed chokepoints with longer weapon support from behind.

With an attack/defend game mode and more indoor environments on the horizon, I think it's time the held shield has a rework and a new role as a defensive tool. This would be a great tactical addition and add some much needed strategy and teamplay potential to the game. Held shields would be way more fun to play with and against and feel unique among the current weapons and items. No more 1vX buzzkills and no-skill hold-right-click rapier-shortspear nonsense.

This would use the new ability hotkey, V. You can still WSAD freely with a thumb on V, and jumping is disabled so your thumb being occupied from pressing Spacebar is no big deal.

[1] Wrecker Perk - Now also applies to shield damage.

[3] Bulwark Perk - Reduces shield damage taken and increases stamina negation from Guard Stance.

[1] Vanguard Perk - Increased movement speed while in Guard Stance.

Shield Bash

Kicks with bucklers, targes, kite and heater shields are replaced with shield bashes.

A shield bash moves at a right-to-left arc and is significantly easier to aim vertically (for landing headshots - yes, it matters where you kick concerning damage!).

Shield bashes with targe and buckler allow you to still move albeit with forcewalk (no sprint) and have no hitstop. The lack of hitstop makes the riposte shield bash a potent cleaving back-off option in a 1vX situation, especially because it must be kick clashed rather than parried. The mobility available while bashing gives these small shields an aggressive, swashbuckling flavor and adds some much needed diversity and uniqueness to the game's arsenal.

Shield bashes with the kite and heater shield would be immobile and have hitstop like regular kicks, but they would still have the horizontal shield bash arc.

Polearm Bracing

"But the devs stated this will never happen!"

A dev also has stated that momentum damage against horse riders would never happen. Yet here we are with the newest dev blog stating them exploring just that.

For the uninitiated, polearm bracing would be entering a grounded stance with your polearm sticking out - think of a pikeman. This move has one purpose: making yourself a hazard for horses. Its damage model would function like buildable spikes. It would only one-shot horses going fast enough to couch a weapon.

Bracing can be parried out of but cannot be attacked out of immediatelty. Enemy infantry can just attack and swat away or run + parry + riposted a braced weapon, so it has no practical use in that regard. A pike formation would be scary for horses, but of course they can just ride away, not to mention your vulnerability to melee, firebombs, and archery. Bracing would also have a windup time like setting down a pavise to prevent cheap instagibbing of horses - its purpose is deterrance, not killing (which should require teamwork).

Polearm bracing would use the same new ability hotkey, V. Since it is impossible to use a polearm and shield at the same time, there would be no conflicts.

Toolbox Destruction

Engineers can hold E on their own buildables to remove them. Removing a full health or auto-constructing building will salvage it instead, refunding you 1 ammo in your toolbox. Removing a ballista takes longer. Salvaging a full health ballista refunds you 6.

Pressing V brings up the destruction menu, showing your 6 constructions in chronological order. Press 1-7 (7 for ballista) to destroy that corresponding building remotely. Useful for when you want to make new buildings but want to overwrite newer rather than older buildings.

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  • 22 May '19

Le read my le reddit post

tl;dr every additional bow in your inventory significantly increases your weight and decreases your speed, and this isn't reflected by the weight/mobility indicators.

I wonder if this is a "bug" (as in maybe bows aren't supposed to slow you down) or just a UI oversight: Presumably they meant to give archers a speed penalty but they forgot to make the customization interface indicate that bows have weight.

The takeaways here are:

  1. If you're using a bow as a sidearm (e.g. crossbow, which fires real quick and is fun as a sidearm for that reason), know that it'll slow you down.
  2. If you're stacking bows in Horde, know that it'll reaaaally slow you down.
  3. If you're just a normal old 0/0/0 archer, know that you're slower than a regular 0/0/0 fella. Hell, you're slower than a 1/1/1 fella. Not sure what amount of armor corresponds to 0/0/0+Bow. (edit: 2/1/3 is pretty close, as is 3/0/0 or 0/3/0)
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  • 19 Jul '19

Sounds pretty good to me, but you haven't mentioned hiring. IMHO you really should consider expanding your team.

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  • 16 Jul '19

After doing some research I found out that Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Serbia are all part of Europe. It's a duh statement that for some reason still has to be pointed out. The game includes armor and weapons from Spain, Italy, France, and other parts of Southern Europe. It turns out that Arabian, Turkish, and African Muslims, starting in 620 AD, spent 1000 years invading, conquering, raping, and enslaving Europeans. This provides historical precedent for Arabian, Ottoman, and African warriors throughout the entire southern half of Europe during the middle ages.

As for whamyn, as a proud American of Irish heritage, I cannot accept the anti-Celtic historical revisionism that has taken place. Whamyn like Boudica, Queen of East Anglia, her daughters, and Granuaile O'Malley The Irish Pirate Queen are examples of whamyn wrriors in Western Europe. Boudica and her daughters are poor examples, as they fought against the Roman Empire, which is far before the time frame of this game. However, Granuaille was born in 1530, well within the time frame for this game. While much rarer than the Moors, there is still historical precedent for whamyn warriors in medieval Europe.

for references see

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  • 14 Jul '19

Damn... Its depressing how better the map design looks then what we have in Mordhau...

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  • 11 Jul '19

Mordhau is going down hill. I only just checked the statistics, but they were merely a confirmation of my expectations. I tried to play Skirmish earlier today, only to find a total of three servers, of which only one had decent ping and happened to be full.

People have been criticizing the lack of communication from the developers since the very start and despite everything that happened fuck all has changed. Surely now would be the time to wake up, before the game actually dies? When I started playing many of my Warband friends joined me, I actually have 93 friends on steam who own Mordhau, yet I only see like 3 to 5 of them still playing it.


It has been stated a million times before, the combat mechanics are great, however, they're being very poorly supported by the gamemodes and maps. That, in combination with poor patches (Crossroads, wtf?) and a lack of communication, is really strangling this game to death.

I know the devs are working on more maps and a competitive mode, but please, start communicating properly and hire some damn people if you can't handle the amount of work, because if you don't do so in time, this game will fail.

Don't get me wrong, I post this not because I like to be negative, but because I actually enjoy the combat so much that I would hate to see this game die.

Oh and I hate javelins why did u add those wtf

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  • 5 Jul '19
 Eld of Norway

Please add a heavy crossbow. It should deal higher damage than the regular crossbow, but cost more points and slower reload time.
Basically similar to the heavy crossbow that is in Chivalry. It would bring a alternative to the longbow for people who like to play archer, currently there are few choices.

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  • 3 Jul '19

I am a Muslim, and as much as I'd love to see a game representing Muslim warriors the fact is that is NOT what this game is. Like it or not (clearly not) the atmosphere and setting of this game is amalgamation of European knights. If you add minorities it would feel out of place. It isn't racism, it isn't bigotry. Same way I would not want to see white warriors in a game about Mongolians conquering Asia.

Ok, let's say you guys cave in. Let's say you add minorities. Well I don't accept that. That's fucking racist, if you are going to add black people I want to see zulu armor. If you are going to add arabs I want to see ottoman armor. Thats right, all the research on the different medieval periods that you did for the past few years to make the armors we have in game, I want you to painstakingly do again for different cultures. Yeah, it would be awesome, and while you are at it, add some fucking samurai. OH and pirates! And then there is the shit-storm of voice acting. If you are telling me that a black guy in crusader period armor yelling in a scottish accent "HaVe YeW SeEn THe SizE oF ThEs FoCkiN' SwoRd" is believable, I don't even know what to say. So at that point, add some ethnic accents to the voice acting. Yep, pull some cash out of your ass to add voices that don't fit with the games theme anyways, otherwise as a minority I say you guys are racist. I mean how could you not be racist, you added people of color but didn't give them the same treatment that white characters get.

You see the problem yet?

Your game is so fucking great because it allows players to have a badass fantasy. I can gucci my guy up with high level gear, get a cool sword and on the frontline battlefield players would have to genuinely think about engaging me because they would see that I am high level and know how to play the game. That is a genuinely awesome mechanic that I don't know if you guys planned for. If I see a ridiculous looking black guy in plate armor with his visor up shouting in British English, there is no way I could get that sense of intimidation that I could with a white character, not because I'm racist, but because it looks ridiculous. And I don't blame the player who made his character black. If he is black irl of course it makes sense that he wants to identify with his character, but it just doesn't translate well in game.

So just don't do this. If you did and ended up adding all those armors from different cultures with the voice acting included, I'd still say you ruined the game that I originally bought for the knight fantasy and I'd also say you could have spent the resources that you did to add that to add other things like maps, weapons, new actual knight armors and balancing.

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  • 4 Jul '19

Anybody against removing Red and Blue for something like Orange Vs, Green? Red vs. blue doesn't work with the blood shed in the game it paints blue guy red and red guys look like the went through a blender. I know I'ma just a crybaby archer but would love not to shoot or die because a bloodied guy always seems to be on my side.

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  • 3 Jul '19

No, I will not cede any ground to the left, They have not added women or non-whites to the game yet and I won't support them if they do I and I will protest them ruining the game I paid for by appealing to people like you. This game is based on european identity and it should celebrate it, white european identity if you want it to be something else go play another game. there is nothing wrong with them making a game for white men. If other people like it sure? Enjoy it. I don't care, but I refuse to play a game where sub-Saharan-African women wear gothic knight armour, and I refuse to not speak up against it and resist it and speak out against it and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It's not a game just about sword combats its a game expression the european collective unconsciousness and history and you want to undermine white identity by design by destroying this representation in pop culture.

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  • 3 Jul '19
 Sir Boring

My employers always told me not to speak to journalists, as those guys will always do something to spark drama. Truly annoying.

I definitely get the stand point of wanting a toggle and the stand point of wanting a filter. You can't appeal to everyone and there will always be people complaining, but at the end of the day, if they don't have something better to play, they'll get used to any changes you make and will continue to play the game.

Slurs and vulgar behavior are just bad form, I think. I wouldn't say they're actually racist or sexist, just a weirdo looking to annoy people, in which case they have a dozen other ways they can do that. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to removing one of those ways by adding a filter. There's nothing to be gained by talking in such a foul manner.

Toggle for gender and race? Honestly sounds pretty silly at initial thought, but I get the reasoning. I'm not for that though. It's annoying to spend tons of time and effort customizing only to have it tossed aside. Maybe some people will find the voice commands annoying, but I'm pretty sure I'm the most frequent voice command spammer on the West Coast, so I get a lot of complaints just using what we have now. I'm pretty sure you guys added the K to mute during Alpha just for me. That's pretty hilarious.

I figured your team of 11 would have expanded by now. Have you not hired any more content creators yet? Having a group focused on new maps or just mod support would be great. Surely you guys have the money to hire some people now.

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  • 2 Jul '19

They should do way smaller updates, and also should be always able to bring some hotfixes
so the game feels more alive and players dont leave if they dont get a hotfix soon
eg. crossroads, this was an disaster in balancing, then they updated it and it was even more disaster
so it needed a hotfix again, but nothing happened now

this is generally bad, and they lose nearly half of the playerbase now since crossroads got its 2nd update
(or first officially, because i once played it without the fortress in the middle - were it was a horse map only)

at this time i was looking at playercount and it was ca. 8k, before that it was something over 20k

this should never happen, and it was an fail of the devs,
excuses or apologies doesnt matter much, if you lose such an amount of players such fast
its an disaster for both the devs and also the playerbase that stays

generally games with such a fast hype should never do updates with such a long schedule time
smaller ones, windows for hotfixes and beside that a slower project for an bigger update could be way better in my opinion

good luck, i still love the game, but even boredom sneaks in for me now with rank 60, because of the long waiting

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  • 1 Jul '19

@Jax said:
We're really bad with timelines, we thought the game would originally come out in march 2018 - we're working on some things (new maps, ranked, etc) and they're nearing completion. We'd like to give more concrete estimates but it's hard without layers of project management and staff, as it stands at the moment we've got 9 devs all working remotely.

Why not use some of the millions you guys got to hire a bigger team? You couldn't have possibly blown it all on hookers and blow just yet.