The Mordhau Alpha is out!

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Rest in papayas

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  • 24 Sep

The tournaments will ofc be rigged for Tempest, right?

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  • 25 Sep

Yes, there will be ranked matchmaking as well as a hidden MMR for the casual main game mode.

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  • 18 Sep

maybe a killing blow could kick in the regain effect instead? hm

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  • 18 Sep

Makes 1vX easier

maybe, make a valid argument why you shouldn't get health on kills instead of getting mad in MS paint

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What are you trying to say? The weapons are specifically designed to actually hit shorter than they physically are?

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  • 18 Sep
 marox — Project Lead

I'm afraid we don't offer refunds at this point because we don't have all your money anymore, a lot of middlemen take their cut, especially from Kickstarter. We were able to offer Gumroad refunds, because that was actually supported by Gumroad, but that is closed now.

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  • 16 Sep

Zenith Mordhau.
House of Vipers.

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@•҉Ɓaron voŋ Moorland said:
This is where it comes down to those of us fortunate to be in this role.

We are the forbears of Mordhau.
It truly is up to us to make this a cinematic/atmospheric experience for those who are to endure us upon release.

This is where a persistent world server with a large number of active people would come into play, especially if the gameplay was akin to a medieval version of Planetside 2 with castle creation based upon faction resources and subsequent castle sieges to secure territory. A noob would feel far more useful and engaged in a game if he/she were able to man the battlements, drop rocks upon the heads of players from murder holes, refill cauldrons with pitch, activate traps, and use siege equipment during a large scale battle. You would also have the peril associated with the locomotion of a large force in foreign territory which could give noobs the opportunity to launch ambushes, evacuate villages to prevent acquisition of supplies, serve as scouts for more talented groups of players, and engage in hit-and-run bouts with baggage trains. Such an environment would allow noobs to get a glimpse of what combat is about whilst partaking in other roles that prevent them from feeling completely useless and abandoning the game.

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  • 16 Sep
 Spook — UI

An idea I had to help remedy this (won't completely fix it) is to add "Enemy"/"Friendly" above someone's name at the bottom of the screen when you look at them, like this:


In the future we'll probably have small icons that hover over friendlies in close proximity, as well as changing the crosshair color when looking at enemies/friendlies.

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I'm also waiting for this feature. My hand has been hurting after I play too long. Keep hoping to see it in the new builds.

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Instead of low-born servers per say...

You could have grand scale maps and restrict particular spawn points to lower-born ranks?

So low-born could spawn together and decide to leave the fort in which they spawn. ;)

This could allow for some amazing Objective type maps. Restricting spawn points for particular classes n' loadouts.
Having the lowborn ranks actually more beneficial for example... Maybe closer to conflict.
Heavy troops spawn further away unless they are lowborn...
Light troops spawn closer, unless highborn.

Closer = fields and farms
Further = Castles n' forts

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I agree, there's no reason not to add it.

Baron 470 1261

This is where it comes down to those of us fortunate to be in this role.

We are the forbears of Mordhau.
It truly is up to us to make this a cinematic/atmospheric experience for those who are to endure us upon release.
Being gracious and honorable to the meek n' low-born ranks is imperative to keeping them hooked.
Give thanks to the defeated fallen. Uplift them.
As the creatures we are, ego has it's means of overtaking us at times.

Rest at ease in the knowledge that your single strike - hopeless as it may appear - can sway the tide in your faction's favor. Focus not on raising one's self for thy single glory, instead raise one-another to reflect the glory of those by your side.

Factions I can foresee as being heavily important to the cinematic aspect and overall atmosphere of the game. We have 6 months to get our factions in order for to greet the new players. Ultimately we can play as a team with and against the new players when they arrive. A grand scale orchestra to act as the theme/setting of Mordhau.

We are the training/tutorial server/maps - we are the defense commanders - we are the offense captains.
Be one with Mordhau.

We must learn to fight together as brothers in battle - or perish alone as fools.

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  • 15 Sep

Lowrank servers in chivalry were cancer cause they tricked new players into thinking that lmb spamming is meta. Then after playing for 15 hours they see a feint for the first time in their life and the rest is history (no-feint-meta on public, "clanfag", "dragnoob", kicking people for feinting, etc).
Force people to do the tutorial and then have a good matchmaking system.

Baron 1226 1590
  • 15 Sep

Yep, people massacring their team, and suddenly realizing they are blue not red happend a lot.

Even a little colour reminder in the HUD would be enough...

Duchess 316 1072
  • 14 Sep


I like to win and it kinda annoys me that I am at a disadvantage in first person? It's a much cooler and intense feel when you're in it and I don't like to sacrifice it.

No, the best players will be using first. Your player model blocks the view in 3rd meaning it's harder to react to swings, aim, chamber, etc

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 Spook — UI

Alpha Build #9



  • 240 attack input changes, now using old method of angling before button press but with improved detection. Angling after press method failed on things like scrollwheel and had too much input delay in some cases
  • Increased walk -> partialsprint accelleration
  • Partialsprint is now 10% faster than before
  • Movement strafe modifier increased speed from 0.95 to 0.975 (faster)
  • Removed partialsprint restriction in attack release, remains enabled in attack recovery
  • Parry recovery (both successful and unsuccessful, will skip if riposting) will now limit to partialsprint
  • PartialSprint limits added to: blocked (chambered, parried, worldcollision, clashed), flinch, and feint recovery
  • Character hitboxes revamped: this will make the hit detection more consistent, as well as headshots etc. Cutting off limbs is also easier/more accurate as result
  • Attack lunge reduced overall and duration is now weapon and mode-specific: Halberd, Spear and Zweihander have a lunge duration of 0.3, rest have 0.35 (0.4 previously)
  • Spear stab windup on main mode increased by 25ms (from 0.625 to 0.65)
  • Increased parry window by 25ms (from .425 to .450)
  • Reduced parry recovery time by 50ms (total parry time is now 900ms)
  • Increased all weapon releases by 25ms
  • Dynamic feint lockout adjustments: the lockout ramps up faster, which means you can now punish mid windup feints easier. Maximum feint lockout reduced from 450ms to 425ms due to parry changes
  • Chamber attack 240 angle tolerance increased from 0.5 to 0.75, so it is less picky in terms of getting the exact right angle
  • Made successful parries have a more lax view direction check making them easier to parry another attack
  • Made chambering have a more lax view angle direction check, making it easier to aim them
  • Increased strike chamber window by 25ms (0.25 -> 0.275)
  • Riposte queue window is now entirety of parry (for held blocks its same as parry duration though so it isn't infinite)
  • Feint queue now works based on endtime instead of starttime but remains 200ms


  • Adjusted animation of feints in 1P for better feel
  • Adjusted projectile sticky to new hitboxes & reduced floating
  • Made 3P feints a little more readable by adjusting the animation
  • 1P movement anims now scale with character speed modifiers which should improve the feeling of faster loadouts feeling faster
  • 1P anim movement velocity is now directly sampled from input, instead of actual movement speed, making it much more responsive
  • Head look-at fixes to prevent neck breaking
  • Fixed bug with movement anims sometimes not playing after spawning in air
  • Fixed some issues with crashing on death in 1P for certain loadouts/settings

Known Issues:

  • Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
  • Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
  • During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
  • Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up. WORKAROUND - thanks to iluvfuz
  • Bots are afraid of heights.
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  • 14 Sep

Instead of ALT, you can also have it so that the left/right direction is determined by your mouse while the angle is still determined by Chiv bindings.

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@Lord Commander Guts said:
LMB = right strike
E = stab
Q = overhead right
R = use
F = kick
Thumb 1 = overhead left
Thumb 2 = understike left
Wheel up = primary weapon
Wheel down = secondary

No feint button :( not enough buttons on mouse or keys on keyboard...

what you need is one of these bad boysoDGifZA.jpg