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  • 21 Jul '19

Everything is looking quite awesome bro. But the thing I (along with many other peers) am wondering is how do you plan on increasing the racism? I personally want epic amounts of racism (when picking a race I want to be able to set stereotypical racial features, so the killing is nice and comfortably personal).

I absolutely love you guys for listening to your community and knowing what we want, and the fact that you are taking the issue of no racism seriously is quite honestly, freaking excellent.

To accompany the racism-oriented additions (don't tell me about them, I want to be surprised!), please add a whip. It will add to the racist cosplay that I and many other peers will be practicing. It doesn't even have to be balanced. They can be 1 point and for peasants.

Alright stay awesome my dudes!

A side-note, Grad is a wonderful map but it needs some optimization for when you are on the castle walls in frontlines. There is too much in the distance to render that isn't even in the play area, so that might be something to consider.

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  • 10 Jan '19

This is the big truth