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  • 31 Dec '18

I never understood why dismounting on alt halberd was removed, horses were already OP before shithook was made the only weapon capable of dismounting. Now fighting against horses is pure cancer and frustration.

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  • 9 Jul '19

@SWSeriousMike said:
All you badasses never bothered using shields. When you are beaten by someone just because they use a shield, you are maybe not that good.
The real easy mode in frontline is using spears by the way - not shields.

Also the parry box without shield is bigger than the block box of the shield. So much for the discussion about magic.

Epic strawman my dude, no one here is complaining about losing to shields, we're complaining about how shields get to ignore basically every offensive mechanic.

90% of the game is timing based and shields get to ignore that entirely because the devs are afraid noobs will insta quit if they don't have a giant crutch.

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  • 1 Jul '19

@smug said:
That money went to their mortgages

The 20million+ ALL went to their 9 mortgages? I find that unlikely

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  • 11 Jun '19

The real question is why the fuck can dagger and arming sword 3 shot T3 torso with stabs? What retard thought that was a good idea?

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  • 2 Jun '19

While removing morph feint is a terrible idea, I think it'd be good if they had a slightly longer attack lockout. Probably with a longer lockout on failed parries so falling for morph feints is still punishable.

But currently, punishing morph feints can be so inconsistent because of how quick it is to queue up another attack.
For example, if you successfully read a morph and goto chamber the strike of a stab to strike morph feint but they follow up their morph feint with a stab there's a decent chance that their stab gamble will still beat your chamber attempt. That doesn't feel fair IMO.

Morph feints are one of the most effective offensive mechanics while simultaneously being low risk/high reward and that seems like an unhealthy balance.

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  • 30 May '19

@Sorrow said:

@GAYFISH said:

@Sorrow said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
Lmfao yeah make it a 1 hit, getting 100+ kills wasn't enough for me

lmao why do you follow me around n post behind anything I say ? are you that bord n lonely where your only accomplishments in your day is trolling on the forums ? I doubt you have over 30hrs of playtime

30 hours is nothing, you haven't even the slightest grasp on what is and isn't good for balance in this game.
Lazy, the guy you said probably doesn't even have 30 hours, has somewhere over 500.
Nearly everyone in this thread has well over 10x the amount of playtime than you do.

You don't have a clue as to what you're talking about and it's blatant to everyone but yourself.

lmao and your just a stupid and ignorant as those people. ya and he still sucks lmao. and your really telling me everyone on here has 2000 hrs hahaha your an idiot.

Plenty of people have 2k hours from the alpha. I have 1.2k and that's slightly below average for alpha players.

And you just admitted to having 200 hours but you still think war axe needs a buff. Thank you for clearly illustrating just how bad you are, really helps gauge the severity of your down syndrome.

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  • 25 May '19

@AngelEyes said:

@GAYFISH said:
A really simple way to buff it is to allow you to dodge forward.
The reason dodge isn't great is because it can be only used to dodge away from an attack which is very easy to counter with morphs and lunge. The only exemption being side dodging into an accel overhead but those are extremely risky and hard to do.

You can dodge anywhere between wind-up and release with no restrictions currently. I won't comment on any other tweaks to it and you and Cswic are two of my favorite crafty players, but allowing to dodge forward sounds like a really REALLY bad idea.

"Dodge" forward.. Just saying that sounds wrong.

Maybe you're right about dodging forward being a bad idea, but right now dodge is absolutely useless outside of duels and even there it's mediocre at best.
I wouldn't be against changes to how often you could dodge and if lockouts were placed on it during wind up and recovery, but only if it was made actually useful to compensate.

I hardly even use dodge in duels anymore because it usually isn't even worth the 4 points. The only people who really do use it are the noobs who spam back dodges and then die disarmed 5 seconds later.
It's just sad how lazy the design of dodge is

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  • 24 May '19

@Divenity said:

@smellycathawk said:

@Divenity said:

@GAYFISH said:

A really simple way to buff it is to allow you to dodge forward.

They really doesn't fix anything.

They should just make the dodge go further. The problem is that it's easily countered by just sprinting at the person dodging and that it because dodge doesn't cover ground any faster than sprinting does, while costing stamina.(which is also why letting you dodge forward would fix nothing, sprinting forward covers the distance just the same)

If they just made it go further it would be fine.

While the idea of restricting you from swinging while sprinting is a terrible one

As for this, I can't agree with you. There's currently no reason to ever let go of sprint in this game, I find that to be absolutely ridiculous. Sprinting should not be the combat pace, otherwise the sprint function may as well not exist and that should just be the default runspeed.

And you go sprinting while flailing a sledgehammer around, we'll see how long it takes you to fall on your face.

u came up with a topic worth discussing, gayfish a more experienced player refined your post down to the actual problem/solution, and you ignore him, even doubling down on the terrible sprinting idea... lol

gay has the correct answer.

I didn't ignore him, I gave counterpoints.

Letting you dodge forward fixes nothing, because simply sprinting covers the distance just the same without costing stamina, or 4 equipment points.

How, exactly, does that solve anything at all? Please, do tell.

I already explained how but you ignored my point.
It would allow you to dodge offensively to evade obvious drags/accels or punish bad positioning by your opponent.

Currently dodge only allows you to move defensively away from attacks, and not by very much. Making it easy to counter with lunge and morph drags.

The ability to use dodge forward would open more aggressive footwork strategies, something current dodge is extremely lacking in.

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  • 22 May '19

@Antoniokontos said:

@Donald Trump said:

Developers know! Your shit-game deserves to burn in hell, play some cheaters with players who play 24/7 ... Like playing your craft, it's just not possible, endless FEINT, which simply cannot be read, remove this shit from the game, I deleted the game and no longer want to return to it, just spent the money in vain ... Self-respecting players have already done this for a long time, return me my money! If you delete this entry, you automatically confirm that you are right with all this and you will not do anything about it.

Can you explain how what you mean by cheating?

"I deleted the game and no longer want to return to it, just spent the money in vain"
So you don't want a refund.

Next sentence.

"return me my money!"
So you do want a refund.

God Emperor thats a title i never saw befor

He's the bik boi who dropped 10k on the kickstarter

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  • 12 May '19

Imo countering morph feints is way more inconsistent than it should be. Mainly because of how quickly you can attack after morph feints.
Even if you read the morph and goto chamber the real attack that was feinted there's still a decent chance they'll beat your chamber attempt if they instantly gamble you after their feint.

Morph feints are already one of the strongest if not the strongest offensive mechanics in the game and the worst part is they take absolutely no skill to perform.

You might need to make the double parry lockout slightly longer to compensate so people who actually fall for morph feints can still be punished for their failed parry.

I just think morph feints are too good in all situations and should be nerfed slightly, there's no reason for such an easy mechanic to be so reliably effective.

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  • 8 May '19

@Pred said:

@RօռGɨɛʐ said:
shields are easy to bypass unless you're in a 1 man way tunnel. just go around them and they die as easily as the rest.

Gud gaem dezine

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  • 2 May '19

@Christian2222 said:
Go up against someone half decent, face hug them, have them just step back, not even dodging as you kick.. They will be completely out of range, and you will be standing there looking goofy open up to attacks. it is only useful when someone is backed into a corner (or of course if they just running right at you and have no reaction speed) Then these shield guys just float up to you and wait for you to hit their shield, and you can't kick them. maybe if you are naked, and they are full armor, but otherwise, NO, you can't kick them.

You are the ones who are lying here, not me. And using the same mechanics for 2 years doesn't mean they are perfect, so your arguments are pretty invalid.

Tired of this nonsense. Anyone can see it needs a buff.

This is coming from someone who gets shit talked for using kick so much and effectively. You don't know shit about using kicks even slightly.
Kicks are insanely good at punishing feints and punishing players who crutch on chambers too much.
If you land a kick your opponent won't be able to chamber for a short time. On top of that kick follow up attacks are much faster than regular ones but they can still be feinted. The end result being nearly unreadable feints even for alpha veterans.

The thing about kicks is they require good spacing/footwork to actually use, something you obviously don't have.
Which is why they're good where they're at, but you'll still probably say they aren't because you have the brain capacity of a fucking cabbage.

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  • 21 Feb '19

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Maul doesn't even 1shot naked/light torso lol Its truly infuriating when my Longsword/poleaxe is deflected by a farmer's hat or naked chest. Cheap armor gives you no speed nerf from naked and more damage reduction fighting cheap 1h weapons but falls short against heavier 2h. Realistically messer, baxe and other slash/chop weapons should rape the shit out of light torsos. Would love to see naked/light get health nerfs (more 1htk torsos by 2h) in exchange for some of the buffs mentioned above or for more expensive T3 torso armor costs.

T3 torso= 4pts? Helmets/leggings are already well balanced by previous point costs and corresponding movement speed nerfs.

OR we can swap head/torso speed nerfs with each other, so torso becomes the heavier weight instead of helmet. Torso's alot more important/valuable than helmet anyways and this should be the weightier both realistically and in terms of balance.

I'd speculate either would make medium torso's more prominent... but let's be real medium torso's are meh. I think we would all appreciate more medium torsos.

I'm almost positive that helmets and torso have identical speed debuffs, T1 is also slightly slower than naked.
But I like the idea of 4 points for heavy torso

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  • 20 Feb '19

@Cswic said:

@GAYFISH said:
Changing lunge based on armor worn could really help lighter loadouts.
The main reason footwork and dodging are so ineffective as a light class is because plate fatty can just zoom straight up to you and be immediately in range because of lunge.
I mean lunge distance is nearly identical to the dodge distance which just makes it feel useless.
Why ever go light when you effectively have the same mobility as a rat when it comes to small team engagements or duels.
It seems like the only melee meta the devs want is full plate accel/decel apes making their animations as unreadable as possible.
It's sad really

Early on we did have lunge scaling upwards with armor speed before they made it static since lighter lunge felt too strong or something. I think Izil suggested the same thing recently (before it was said we'd have this 25ms lunge nerf). 1/1/1 or 0/0/0 would have the current lunge and then anything heavier would have worse. Kind of the opposite of the original way it scaled.

Should definitely push for this depending on how things play out with the lunge nerf.

Ye that's how I'd like it, previous light lunge was absurd but to balance it by making lunge static is just plain lazy.

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  • 15 Feb '19

I think more mobility perks could be attractive to people. Maybe some form of faster backpedal acceleration, but that could be hard to balance.
Improved climbing would be nice.
An expensive perk that gives upgraded climbing mechanics like short vertical wall runs would be hilarious if it could be balanced properly.

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  • 26 Jan '19

@Huggles said:

@GAYFISH said:
Honestly I thought whiff punishing was in a great spot before the introduction of stam recovery on hit.
If you were skilled enough to force misses and punish your opponent's poor stam management while remaining aggressive you were rewarded by winning the stam war.
But now that stam on hit exists punishing whiffs and poor stam usage is much more inconsistent since you can regain anywhere from 13-20 stamina by landing a single hit.
I feel like this greatly encourages more brainless combo/morph feint spam because poor stamina usage is much more difficult to punish.
I really don't know why this mechanic was added, did anyone think it was necessary?

The issue is stamina being a huge part of gameplay in general imho. Stamina should be less of a balancer and more just as a barebones mechanic that keeps fights from lasting a zillion years. Stamina was simply too limiting in chivalry and I think it's changed for the better in mordhau, but that being said there are simply too many powerful moves solely "balanced" by stamina. Chief among all these being the chamber. Chamber is a read anything mechanic for the cost of stamina and it's pretty gay that way imho. And everyone just morph spams everything and it overall leads to combat feeling extremely non-committal and less than lethal with a lot of prolonged artificial survivability.

The thing is that the stam on hit mechanic adds a ton of artificial survivability though, because as long as you're able to land every 1 out of 2-3 hits you can keep being mindlessly aggressive and not worry about blowing your load too early.
The reason you see so much chamber botting and morph/feint spam is because the chances of you being punished for bad stam usage aren't good, especially if you land an occasional hit.

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  • 13 May '18

@das said:
Have you considered that it's because we did so much exploring on Chivalry already? Imagine if Chivalry never existed and this game got released out nowhere with zero cool or educational Youtube from Jax, moosey, Sharantil, Giru, etc. You'd probably have the same half-decade slow meta optimization and discovery process of matrixing, spacing, aiming, etc. We've discovered the big, obvious, macro mechanics long ago. There's still a lot of subtle depth not being touched imo. I'll elaborate furthermore.

I play mainly with US West Coast, which means I do play a bit with some US Central and East, but the best players there tend to only Private Skirmish these days.

Gauntlet and Bob Sapp are two good examples of players comfortable with a blisteringly fast playstyle. With weapons like Bastard Sword or some other 1hander, their aim is to condition you with a barrage of riposte and chamber accels, then mix it up with morphs (punish blind counterchambers), chamber feints and empty ripostes (punish parries). The Bastard Sword in particular is quite versatile because it can drag a bit like a 2h. Unfortunately, I can't have a fair superspeed 1h vs 1h with them because either one of us is gonna lag.

GAY FISH has a pretty solid and underrated "neutral" imo. He's among the best at baiting and initiating a fight that has yet to start. Very good spacing and matrixing. A lot of people telegraph pretty badly and don't give much consideration to a duel in that beginning phase when neither player has attacked, or when the fight has reset with neither player flinched or out of turn (thus, neutral).

Nauleaus, wizardish, and Huggles really ingrained in me just how essential footwork is in tandem with chambering and overall defense. Combine this with GAY FISH's matrixing to force later hits/whiffs, and your defense feels so much more in your control. Still not common, but I think people are slowly starting to utilize more and more waterfall/wessex drags. Not the most reliable thing, but it's good against stationary chamber bois and can screw over even regular parry attempts with their deceitfulness.

Speccing and playing against Prince is always a good "barometer" of sorts in learning how to play with and against stab drags. It's taken me a long, long time but I've finally understood how stab drags play out on both sides of the fence (well that and the recent patches make it look less silly lol). Both my defense against stabs and my estoc/rapier gameplay have improved tremendously in the past 3 or so days just from conscietous practice and observance with the one player everyone here loves to hate.

You want to diagonal strafe AWAY from the hand he's winding up with (go WITH the stab flow, not AGAINST it). If his hand is raised (thus starting a "high" stab), do a crouch tilt back matrix and chamber a little late, you're forcing him to do a late stab drag by taking advantage of his turn cap since you're "dodging". Your smaller hitbox also disallows him from doing mid to headshot drags. Since he started winding up high, he won't have the turn cap to do a headshot to foot drag with a stab. If he's aiming lower, it could be a side stab or aimed at the foot. Sprinting sideways will buy you time to chamber the former reliably. For the latter, doing that and aiming low should suffice.

So let's say YOU are Prince. How do you start gnawing at the defenses at a guy who knows how to chamber your stab drags? Start using your strikes like a quarterstaff! Estoc and alt spear have blistering speed LMBs that are ALSO really long. Mix up those chamber feints and morphs, ripostes, heck even drags because of their lengths. Condition your enemy to move in a way so that, when you morph or riposte back into a stab, they'll be caught "in the middle" of your stream and have immense difficulty reading/guessing which side you'll stab drag to. The worst scenario to be in against a spear stab is backpedalling with no lateral movement; from here, he can drag from sky to head, side to left, side to right, torso to lower, and any combination of these since you're not footworking to limit his options. Of course you can parry. If he's conditioned you enough to parry in these troubling spots, whose to say he won't feint the next time your feet are tied?

The way I approach the same people with Zwei, Rapier, Estoc, Battle Axe is all pretty different man! I adopt different philosophies in range playing (or lack of -> facehugging unga bunga me axe man), mixup "patterns" (more morphs on Zwei rather than feints, more parries and feints on Rapier because it's tough to FTP or morph with it), and emphasisbon aiming. I love adopting to enemy reactions and their own unique adaptations. For instance, I headshot Prince with my rapier aftee he falls for a feint. He begins crouch 180ing when he falls for a feint, thus dodging my headshot attempts. If I whiff and didn't combo, that's bad news. Now, he's soft forcing me to aim for torso hits as feint punishes, which is significantly less damage. Or, I disarm him or successfully feint him from a distance. His reaction is to 180 and sprint - darn I can't reach him! Except oh wait, I'll chuck my damn sword at him!

Forget about duels. There's so much freedom in how you want to approach team fights and what "role" you wish to play. You can play nimble, backstabbing rat with a rapier, flinching enemies any moment they don't look at you. Or, similarily nimble footed, you can wield a mighty Zwei, Halberd, or Maul instead and sneak up for some nasty headshot and cleaves. Or you can play more with the team and support them with pokes from the backlines with spear, halberd, or Zwei. Maybe you prefer 1hers but want to be more of a frontliner? Well, how about a shield + 1h messer, bastard sword, or shortspear? Fire pots and smoke pots leave a lot of room for clever play, and this will undoubtedly be even moreso with Frontline maps. And we haven't even considered archers or cavalry and potential counterplay styles to them... Billhook + caltrops, anyone?

Agree with everything ur saying cuz u complimented me and made me feel speshul