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  • 16 Sep '17

@Alphonse said:
I'm still having a lot of issues with the directional attack system.

Here's a video of me trying to get a LMB standard strike / right to left swing to demonstrate my problem:

I have Strike bound to Left Click. Wheel Up bound to Stab. Wheel Down to Overhead. My sensitivity is 0.5, my DPI is 1200. I enabled "Invert X axis".

  • I'm literally killing myself and respawning with the crosshair "centered" at default height (I'm not even moving my mouse after I spawn).

  • I just left click without moving the mouse at all and it does an overhead for some reason.

  • I move down the cursor 5 cm and without any dragging I get a lower strike. Okay, I guess?

  • Moving the crosshair 2 cm up, click (no dragging), and then I get a left to right swing, hooray!

  • I move the cursor 3 cm to the left, no change in height, no dragging (or very very minimal), left click. Boom, an overhead.

  • I move the cursor another 2 cm to the left, no change in height, left click. A left to right strike.

I don't know if any of this is intended, but it just feels like I have no control of what I'm doing. Much less when I'm in combat and I move my mouse a lot more. And that's just the regular LMB strike. I bound a left strike to Thumb mouse 1 and Lower left strike to Thumb mouse 2 and it will randomly do inverted attacks as well.

I find the current directional system very inconsistent. Even after a full day of practice it seems it just won't pick up the direction of my intended swings at least 50% or more of the time.

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  • 12 Sep '17

It's starting my VR/Htc-Vive every single time I launch it, very annoying. Essentially even when I unplug my VIVE. Still happens, then when I close SteamVR the game closes.

Alright, even if I leave VR on it will simply crash to desktop along with SteamVR after a few seconds... Basically, cannot play.

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  • 14 Sep '17

PLEASE fix the SteamVR launch bug, so I can actually try this game....