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  • 26 Apr '19

@Stumpy said:
Got my T-shirt, it looks amazing.


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Mercenary 1263 2303
  • 11 Aug '18

@Jax said:
It should be out this month - it's a big content and gameplay drop incoming and we are busy ironing out some of the finer details before we're ready to ship #17.


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@Humble Staff said:
Yea no.
Last night I launched the game to play with a friend, I played a few matches and the magic was gone. I was like a robot, I did things out of pure reflex and everything felt tasteless, even when I made some plays it felt like nothing.
All I could thing about is the years of below shit tier management of the community, horrid communication, bad decisions and the bigot moderation we have had to go through, that slowly made me loose the respect for the dev team. Not to talk about the big disappointment the game turned out to be, stupid decisions left and right, badly balanced maps and loads of stuff that could be hotfixed but are still in game, some since the alpha days, etc.
I still believe the game has a lot of potential because it's the best thing this genre has spawned up until now. But the biggest potential in my eyes is in the modding community, not on the dev team. They may learn from all of this and become actually good developers but at the pace they are going, any good results will be seen no earlier than years down the road.
I have started to watch chivalry 2 stuff and it actually looks like it could be a lot of fun and as good if not better in some aspects than Mordhau.
So yea, I'll be showing up for patches if there's anything interesting in them.

Hate to say it but I have to agree. I still enjoy the game and I have defended the devs for the longest time but they keep making super weird decisions that nobody seems to ask for. Can't keep defending their decision making forever. Closing the forum instead of trying to keep it alive through active moderation and promotion was probably the final straw for me. It's like they don't care about their community. They don't seem to listen to feedback much when it comes to the game, and the direction they're taking it in, either.

So I won't be quitting the game or anything (although Bannerlord is currently taking up all my gaming time anyway) but I'm no longer going to support the developers actively on the active discussion platforms we have left.

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The funfair at the test map is a great addition! Only downside is that the nice long bit people used for jousting is now occupied... by something awesome though. Maybe add a jousting lane on the other side?

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@idiotgod said:
Funny, a million random individuals buy the same game > now they are a community apparently.

...that's kinda how that works, yeah.

Which the developers of said game are in charge of admonishing or endorsing each and every position this group holds apparently, or face the consequences of the left wing propaganda machine.

Being criticized for allowing racism and other extremist ideas to run rampant = left wing propaganda apparently. Classic.

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@Shitscrubber64 said:

@Snow82a30c05909f4583 said:
I agree with this completely. I'm going to hit teammates anyway, why not let me swing through?

Try actually not hitting teammates. Hope this helps.

Holy shit so much this.

"I don't have the finesse to aim at just the enemy"


"I have no sense of awareness so I can't account for teammates coming up from behind when aiming my swings"

These are literally the only two arguments I've seen for bringing back swing through. It's ridiculous. Thank fuck they brought back hitstop.

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  • 26 Apr '19

@SK.Edam said:

@Rattsknecht said:

@SK.Edam said:

@Stumpy said:
My guess is 6pm -8pm CET

When will user submitted emblems be inclued in the game?
When do we get our gold teeth?
Will i have my Duke title Ingame on Scoreboards, or even ingame at all?

Can we get some more variety on shield customization?
Why is heater shields already worn out in the paint?
Why cant i remove the ugly studs in targe shield?

Why is achievments completed in a match only given to you once the match is finished? Why not instantly? If you complete an achievment then leave server before it's match is finished you won't be rewarded with completion.

i dont accept your guess its to late for me I WANT IT EARLY.

but its literally a fucking monday

do you not have, like, work

i have guard duty

My cousin is out playing Mordhau... and what do I get?

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@wierHL said:
Already got 1 friend who's definitely gonna play, I'll see if I can gently spread the word some more.

There's also a horde of people stuck playing chivalry that desperately desire liberation from their suffering.

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  • 22 Sep '18


Killed a guy so hard he became naked.

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  • 30 Apr '18

@crushed said:
Currently no plans of removing this

At least let us just press kick in the air to do this then. It feels too much like an exploit at the moment. Either fully support it or remove imho.

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where patchie

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@Salted said:
So let's look at this from another point of view. You, SJWs, just coming in here and literally begging and talking smack just because the game doesn't appeal to you. You threaten them. Whatever. The same shit happened to BFV. Looks where it's now. Women running about with robotic limbs on a WW2 battlefield and it's only them that you can hear with their 140 dB screams. Wow is all I have to say. You only think about yourself and YOUR needs. What about other people? The game and the world is not built around just you. Look around, there are other people other than yourself.

Let me ask you this, what's the appeal? Why do games have to suddenly become political? Especially a fucking melee slasher? This is a video game. We're here to git gud or look away from our problems in our life. Goddamn, chill the fuck out. Just because they're no women or no blacks don't mean it's the end of the world. Enjoy the game. As I said before, if you don't like it then

We don't need or want your SJW complaining ass in here.

Oh, and don't forget about the most important part. Mute/motivational mute exists yaknow. Toxicity solved. Ezpz. Back to Mordhau, gamers.

Cringe, you just posted bro.

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@Stouty said:

@dustytretch said:
What about crush responding to a post on the steam forums post-release citing realism as a reason for a client-side toggle for female models?

Funnily enough this toggle would have worked both ways so you could play with only women in game as well, obviously the journos went straight at the white male gamer attack and decided to throw in race as well for maximum outrage

The toggle idea was a direct response to dudes demanding that women not be added. You can dress it up by saying 'well, you can also toggle just females' but that's not really the point. How many people have you seen asking for this game to be females only? I'm glad they abandoned this idea.

They throw race in there because, in case you missed it all these years you've been here, it's a bit of an issue in this community and especially on the forums (particularly pre-politics ban, but it's still not moderated that strictly). Honestly, besides overreaching by going after the Kniggas thread and misinterpreting statements from (apparently) uninformed Triternion staffers, the article made some fair points that have been made by plenty of others on this forum and elsewhere in the past.

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  • 15 Mar '19

Ghost hits. Ghost hits everywhere.

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  • 15 Jan '18

@Frise said:

@Havoc said:
So is no one going to point out the 1h spear anims.... just me?

????? everybody and their mother has pointed them out you absolute moron

I love how nice and friendly this community is

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Not specific to this version of the alpha but I recently started playing without HUD and realised some audio clues for being low on stam would be nice. Like the panting sound in chivalry.

Didn't think it was worth it's own topic so I'm posting it here.

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@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Just wanted to thank the devs for finally adding a MOTD with clickable links! Thank YOU!!
This is now on our server!
[Message of the day]

Were you going for maximum cringe or is it just a happy accident?

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
The devs failed to mention they added a hand gun, called the 1411, which is prolly a typo, meant to be the 1911.

I have no screenshots but its a hand gun that looks like a poorly imitated colt 1911, a dev was playing with it in a public server today, kinda funny. You can parry its bullets I heard some people saying in chat.

The 1411 name is not a typo but a joke, since '1911' refers to the year in which the gun was made, but it is several centuries after Mordhau's timeline.

Any admin can access it by going into console and typing 'ParryThis' without the quotations. May be without caps, not sure as I haven't tested it myself.

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  • 26 Sep '18

Invisible Halberd bug. No idea what caused this.