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I figured they would've picked AnalGrinder instead tbh

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I don't like that we get scraps of what may or may not be coming from people who might be on the dev's inner circle. More specifically to deflect or play down combat complaints that have been made since day 1 of Alpha and will likely continue post-release.

Where is Jax?

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The fake chests in the dungeons need to be addressed.

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A little about me so you can see where I'm coming from:
I started playing chivalry a year ago on ps4, got addicted and played in competitive clan battles there. That being said, playing competitive chiv on ps4 means I'm actually shit compared to competitive pc players. This also means I play on pc using a gamepad(I'll complain about gamepad issues later). I joined pc chivalry since ps4 chiv is pretty much dying and this is where I learned about Mordhau (and also where I learned being top 10 on ps4 means I'm shit compared to pc master race players). I recently got an alpha key and I play 20-30 minutes a night if I have the time after work. I would describe myself as a casual player interested in melee gameplay. Sorry if this whole post is too wordy and I have too many run on sentences.

On combat: Fighting bots on 0 ping I can time my blocks perfectly and I can chamber any stab thrown at me and I'll at least attempt to chamber swings. The bots, however, have no footwork skills at all and prepared me little for fighting the players on 100 ping on Corpsehammer's server. I find the game barely playable at 100 ping, every twitch looks like an attack and I have to block early at the first sign of an attack. This means I'm easily punished by body feints and body movement+real feint. No issues with the riposte feints people keep complaining about, too small to make even me block early if they're not supported by facehugging/body feints or done with a fast weapon. At 100 ping, a chamber is almost always a gamble and rarely pays off. Fighting skilled players I'm often forced to drag and feint, things I rarely did on Chivalry, this isn't necessarily a bad thing since I don't feel like a douchebag using these tactics here as I would've on chivalry but often its the only way to land a hit because....

In my opinion, the parry box is too forgiving. Even with Chivalry's forgiving parry, I could use side stabs/overheads with ease to put down a player and never resort to delayed attacks or feints. Yet, because footwork is so wonky and the parry box so large, it hardly matters how I move or where I attack. I am forced to use feints, riposte feints and drags to overcome what few opponents I can. I am of the opinion that where I attack should matter more than the timing of my attack. A morph should be more than just a fancy drag, or into baiting a chamber attempt, it should be more about tricking my opponent into blocking the wrong way. In fact, I shouldn't even have to circle or sidestep to land hits around a parry. In my vision of a perfect game, my opponent and I should be able to get around each other's parries without timing delays even if we were stuck in cement facing each other.

Also, Foot work and range are very difficult to use against an opponent, a knight with a battleaxe/longsword etc can lunge at my unarmored zwei wielder and negate all range/speed advantage with ease. Spear is the only weapon I have trouble fighting against with regards to range, these guys prick me to death from a safe distance no matter what. But against any other weapon I can close the gap, even when fully plated. This paragraph is about more issues than just lunge. The issues about footwork are caused by more than just lunge speed but by a whole plethora of issues: This is about armor balance with regards to movement speed/lunge, turn cap on weapons, overheads turning to slashes, forgiving parry and maybe other issues I have forgotten(I am a casual player with laughable skill and not the brightest, the true pc master race veterans could prolly describe these issues better.)

An overhead turns into a slash and that is something very hard to sidestep(I don't see the point in this when crazy drags are nerfed anyways). However, when I try to use my right overhead to shoot over someone's right shoulder(to get around their parry box), it almost always misses due to turn cap. When I sidestep left (to trick an opponent to look to their right), then go right with a stab(my opponent's left), my stab always misses due to turncap. There's not much I can do with regards to mindgames/footwork unless I'm using actual feints and timing deceptions. Back to the zwei comment earlier: What is the point of playing light armor against a knight when I'll never be able to use my reach against him? Why play light armor at all unless you're gonna spam stab/feint with rapier/armingsword and throw in token slashes to prevent stab chambers?

I would also like to throw in: I am level 57 on ps4 chivalry and yet I find myself flinching at every twitch an opponent makes(some of this is due to ping issues but still). This game is very difficult even when using a shield. In fact I feel as though a shield hit box is easier to get around than my parries. If I have difficulty learning to defend in this game, imagine what noobs will go through? *Nothing wrong with a high skill ceiling but I am having trouble seeing new players signing up for this and sticking with the game.

I think some of this can be solved by decreasing lunge for the heavier an armor piece is, removing turn cap (weird drags/reverses do not work well anyways,) reducing parry size, making attacks more readable/fixing those overheads (animations overhaul which is already in the works, right?) and sending me a million dollars. I invite the veterans and more active players to read this, make suggestions or to tell me I'm stupid and wrong.

Disclaimer: I thought long and hard about all these gameplay issues but again, I suck and maybe I just have too much Chivalry in my head, idk. I also feel like I've forgotten a half hundred other issues regarding gameplay, maybe I should have done one of those diagram things I was taught in 5th grade to organize my thoughts.

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Lots of ping, fps issues as stated above, very frustrating to try landing hits as they often pass through doing no damage.

Very cool tutorial, prolly my favorite ever actually. Go and shoot Hans, he's had worse.

I was hoping for much more objective type stuff in the frontline, maybe pushing things to give the attacking team an edge or whatever when attacking a flag etc. Maybe the other FL maps will feature this stuff that made made Chivalry TO so much fun.

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@yourcrippledson said:

@Pred said:
Please don't let yourcrippledson's extensive track record of low quality feedback and poor ideas cloud your judgement on this. Yes, it would be very nice to see your arms.

Show me one comment with 0 hearts and i will delete my account forever.

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oog boog big kik

me strong caveman

shield man die now

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Buckler sounds like it will be the only useful shield to be honest lol

I like how shields look and liked that they used to be a soft crutch for my high ping and for beginners... but that was in patch 14, now they're useless.

Bodkin about summed it up. They're impenetrable against low level players but useless against good players (even if the shield user is also agood player.) One kick and the fight is over... One miss or ftp and the fight is over... Shield mechanics defeat the purpose of a shield and your offense is already really weak because you're only limited to 1h cheese. Also shield feels incredibly clunky to use with raise/lower delays. Its like you can't react to your opponents, you can only sit there and turtle and then get punished for turtling. Why bother chambering if it's gonna be 100% stam warfare? If you default riposte to feint/morph you can get spammed and lose uber stamina. Just ONE ftp and you're done. A 2h fighting a shield can spam and ftp to avoid punishment all it likes and still hold stamina advantage. Some people just gamble kick a shield and when they finally get lucky, they've basically won...

Shields look cool but are currently only viable with mace and that's because mace is pretty OP and you'll kill anyone before they have time to spam whatever tactic will stam you out. Fighting a shield is as braindead as using one and it's pretty boring.

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Gold armor tint for alpha testers?

Golden armor might be obnoxious if available for everyone but gold covered armor was definitely a thing in the medieval era, wouldn't break immersion if some 3000 backers had access to it.

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I really don't know why archers bother being archers, I don't find it rewarding considering how insignificant their damage output is. They can only steal kills or have their attempted kills stolen. Maybe they rape the shit out of you @Padan but I rarely see archers significantly contribute much less carry the team.

Archers shoot me often mid combat (prolly because I charge and target them alot) but I wear T3 and it makes them little more than a nuisance. Arrows don't really do significant damage to me unless they're multiple archers targeting specifically me and they're good enough to land hits where it hurts. Archers kill me by bow only if I'm already wounded and fighting someone.

Archers actually threaten me the most when they switch to war hammer/dagger etc.

I do not think it's unreasonable at all to buff specifically Longbow given its point cost.

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Yeah I like Cruel because no one uses it, but it is very faint and difficult to hear. Sounds like muttering half the time.

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ALSO, objectives for ticket bonuses or taking away enemy tickets. Burning the farms on the enemy's side of the map (next to a flag ofcourse, so people fight in the same areas.) Killing their villagers for a ticket each or nobles for 3 tickets, etc. 64p chaos with even more chaos.

Also, why don't we push siege towers to enemy's walls or battering rams to enemy gates? Sure we can climb the ladders but crashing the main gate or using a siege tower should be the safest/fastest way to infiltrate an objective. This encourages team play as well, since attackers have chosen to use siege craft instead of climbing the ladders 1 by 1.

I really wanna kill villagers.

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My blood boils when I see a new player trying to learn the game with a shield and then gets kicked to death by some guy spamming the laugh emote.

Shield mechanics defeat the purpose of using a shield.

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No flinch on archery seems rather... overzealous. Crossbows, bows and throwing spears should definitely be able to flinch enemy players, especially at close range. Flinch removal on such hard hitting weapons is an artificial and arbitrary nerf.

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Also: I'm not a fan of the new default class changes. I liked it better when the baxe boys had flesh wound and a secondary weapon, instead of an unGodly amount of throwing axes. Also Raider class should've stayed T2 torso.

Knights with bandages played out better than Knights with flesh wound. Also the bandage encouraged them to play smarter and understand the ebb and flow of team combat and to heal... pretty sure having flesh wound just encourages them to go berzerk caveman like the Raider class was built for.

Also why is cleaver in the game? It hacks apart armor like it were a 3 pt weapon and should definately be more htk against T3. Anyways, archer class should not have cleaver, it lets them spam apart wounded melee players and win with spamming rmb alone. Yeah dagger like previously may have been too weak for them but there is a short sword and I think that would be best for the class.

Did we really need to give Estar on a beginner class? I feels like Estar has been nerfed in release which is good but its still a really powerful build to give ti newbies, especially with T3 torso. Alot of the medium looking beginner classes take alot of hits and play like Knight load outs... but is there even a real medium load out anymore?

The rapier class is prolly the coolest but is obviously very weak... Not sure if it needs a buff or not but just pointing out that it's almost useless lol

Everyone keeps buying Targe and getting surprised it doesn't have held block (LOL.) There really should be a 1/2/2 class with AS and Targe so it plays like the rat class and raider class combined... but with blood lust perk or dodge/second wind. So it plays both stamina warfare/kiting like Chiv MAA in duels and maybe gets full health when finishing people off in the melee chaos.

Just my feedback on the default classes.

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I feel like all BS and below underhands simply teleport into me with no animation. I play at 90-120 ping so yeah I can't expect everything to be totally readable but underhands are dramatically more unreadable than everything else.

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I was hoping for another shield balance thread but instead this was about kicking with unarmed shield, bows, firepots and all the other memes.

If it wasn't so late I would write an actual shield post here.

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Squads an interesting idea, very successful in Battlefield. It would be interesting to see how that plays out with squad leaders and spawning etc.

Bonus points for squad asists, healing and saves etc.

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Pretty much any melee based (spear, alt-halberd, shield) support load out will be better for the team than an archer support load out. Hell we've seen 3 firepot plus brawler perk loadouts do better than dedicated archers.

Archers are below everything in terms of damage output/cost ratio. Those annoying builder load outs are the only players that do worse.

I think Crossbows in a good spot and shortbow should not get any buffs. Both fit the roles of short range archer-> melee perfectly...

But why should Longbow be so gimped given its cost? Its like you need multiple really good longbow archers to bring down any one. You can argue that projectiles should not bother plate very much but Longbow should definitely be terrorizing everything less than plate... if not plate too.

Again, archers are currently the most dangerous when they switch to melee. Don't even get me started on how over powered the cleaver is.