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@Hadeus said:



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Ok it's time to share my secret!


So that's it guys, it was an April fools prank. Even Crush fell for it lol

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  • 29 Jan '19

I feel obliged to say a few words on this, because I appear a lot in the video, but also because Vanguard asked for my input.
Usually I don't tryhard or care much about the most cheesy tactics or weapons. I love the game and I'm having fun by just playing with friends. However I always try to improve and a good way imo is to play against the best players I can find.
Stouty is an amazing player and I always enjoy dueling him even though most of
the times I end up dead.
However, I don't think that this video represents my abilities very well.
On this match I had a ping of 60-70, so maybe I was in a slight disadvantage against Stouty who had a ping around 20. I don't know what he uses but I have a 60 hz monitor. The weapon I was using (baxe) is not my main weapon and I don't know how to use it effectively. In fact I rarely use it, but you know, sometimes you just want to try new things and have fun. I main gs and zwei btw.
Fighting against a good longswordman is hard with this ping difference. Lots of instas and insiders. Some attacks were so instant that I didn't have time to react, not even with the parry button pressed down.
Would the outcome be different if I used a loadout that I feel comfortable with and tried a bit more? Most probably not, but maybe I could get some kills. I know this because I can kill him sometimes. Anyway, I hope I wasn't too boring as an opponent.
I don't remember which guys were on the server but I don't think that a very good player was present. Viktorianas is ok but he was memeing as a peasant and the guy with the red outfit was playing for the first time (first day actually).
I'm not saying all this to undermine Stouty. As I said, he is a great player, and out of my league. I admire his skill and I also like him as a person.
Now, I feel kind of bad for what I'm going to say next and I wasn't sure if I wanted to say it.
Stouty, in the video description you said that you went 150-0 and that you kept a "clean sheet". This is almost true and I say "almost" because each time you died you were leaving the server and immediately rejoined to erase your deaths from the scoreboard. I found it weird then, but when I saw the video you uploaded I understood why you did it. The kill streak had to be perfect for the video. I don't want to give the wrong impression here. This only happened a few times, as far as I remember.
But that is just a small flaw imho. Don't take what I said the wrong way. Keep being great. I'm looking forward to more good fights with you.

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  • 13 Oct '17

Ok, I'm posting some info from the interview.
I know that we already know most of the stuff but we also have new members here so maybe it's ok to repeat some info.
I always find an interview with the devs interesting. There is always something to get and they were some funny moments too.

Comp mode will start with duel matchmaking and after some time they will add 2v2 and 3v3.

Next thing they are adding is perks system.
After that there are going to add bigger maps, bigger playercounts and optimization patches for all that to play nice and good.

Also one of the next things they'll do is fixing the animations and make them more readable.

Mod tools will be added on release, or after the release.
They will make some official mods themselves to test the tools.
Also they will work with the modding community to ensure that the mod tools are easy to use and have the required customization options.

Probably an ingame Clan system will be added, after release.

About the Grasslands map, they said that it is unfinished at the moment but they might add a version of it in the alpha at some point.

They don't really care about piracy.

On a question about rapier being op, they said that it's a new weapon they just threw in the game to see how it plays.
It will be balanced with the perk system (right now rapier is the most expensive one-hander on the system).
Also, they will soon add the stamina system for the weapons, so when you parry the amount of stamina you lose will depend on what weapon you hold and what weapon you parry.
This will help further balancing the weapons.
The rapier for example, is longer than the arming sword but it has a worse stamina game, so this will cut on rapier's spaminess a bit, especially with the heavy weapons.

For the "battle royal" mode, Crush and Marox said they have some ideas on that direction and maybe they will try it out at some point, if they have the time.
They know it's popular and The Culling showed that it can be fun with melee. However they don't want to confirm anything at this point.

They are looking for options to let more people into the game, like early access or steam preorder but they will wait until February-March to see what's best.

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  • 19 Jul '19

SDK may not be out yet but people found a way to make community maps.
Here is the first community map made by Plouplou of the Berserkers clan. Watch the vid and read the description for info.

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  • 30 Apr '17

This is the part that Crush comes in and says that it isn't such a bad idea and that they are considering to add it.

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  • 31 Jul '17

Thank you, thank you!
I love you all!


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  • 8 Oct '17

By the time it comes out they will be a lot of you, so most of the guys will be in the same situation. Experienced players will be rare among you.
Right now alpha is full of vets that stomp anything in their path. The difference in skill is far more noticeable. On the other hand, there is a positive side on this. Having to fight all those guys makes you improve really fast. The key is to not be disheartened.

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  • 1 May '19

The team's server man may have found a solution.
However, there are no guarantees yet. They have to test it to make sure it's actually a fix.
There is no ETA yet, but they are working really hard until it's fixed.

Now, what happens after it's fixed:

There will probably not be a reset of XP and gold.

As the devs said there will be a compensation that will come after the progression is fixed.
It will probably be a flat amount, as it's probably impossible to award it based on stats.
They are not at the point yet to decide the exact amount, because it will be accordingly to the time it takes for the issue to be fixed. The longer it takes the bigger the compensation.

I hope it's an actual fix and you guys can finally enjoy the game as you should.
Thank you all for your patience.

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  • 23 Apr '18

How about this one?


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  • 30 Mar '17

Interesting bit of info

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  • 7 Aug '17

@•҉Ɓaron voŋ Moorland said:
But then....


Yet afterwards...

the_end of_chiv.jpg

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Also this


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  • 21 May '18

It is great to have a progression system.
It gives the player a sense of accomplishment and he has something to look forward to while he enjoys the game.

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  • 15 Sep '17