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I am personally somewhat disappointed with Invasion in its current state and I can imagine other people feeling the same. Let me preface this by saying that the mode is generally more enjoyable than Frontline, but there's some places it needs to be improved in.

  • Balance: The gamemode favors the attacking side too much. The attackers have ridiculously long objective completion times (up to 20 minutes) and the first objectives are most oftenly quickly lost by the defenders. This seems to be the case for all current Invasion maps. Decreasing the objective time seems appropriate. An alternative solution could be returning to the ticket based system of FL, wherein the current timer would be replaced by a certain number of tickets for the attackers. Each death of the attacking team would subtract a ticket and each captured objective would add onto the ticket pool. The defenders would therefore win upon defeating the attacking force instead of waiting out a timer, but this could present its own problems in terms of balancing.

  • Retreating: Teleporting back to the next objective as the defenders feels dumb. Although it helps the defending force somewhat, it ruins the gameplay flow and takes away from the feeling of desperation. Remove the teleportation.

  • Map Design: In regards to the actual maps, there are some jarring design decisions that I thought would not be carried over from FL. In Grad for example, there is a number of wooden platforms and stairs that are unrealistically placed and actually help the attacking side (one such example would be the gated wall between the castle and village). One major side of the castle, the one with the long wall that servers as the background of the mercenary selection scene, is completely unused, leaving the attacking team to assault the castle from one side only. This was most likely done because of balancing of course, but it's an underused area and could perhaps serve as an intermediary phase between the village raid and siege, as the raid phase is usually extremely short (perhaps to push siege towers to the walls).

  • Map interactivity: There are no barricades or structures for engineers to build, unlike in Frontline. Although this was most likely left out of the mode because it would give the defenders too much of an advantage, it makes the maps feel more static. In addition to this, I was hoping this mode would arrive with more interactive elements, and fulfill what was listed on the Kickstarter: " Bring gates crashing down on enemies, chuck boulders off of castle walls, and pick up and drop equipment as you go". More defensive elements like this would greatly enhance the gameplay and considering they're literally listed on the Kickstarter, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be implemented in some way, since they would be perfect for this mode. Boulders, boiling oil, whichever.

Now I think Invasion has the potential to be the rightful successor to Chivalry's Team Objective, but as it stand currently, some elements of the mode need to be adressed by the developers.

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This is the saddest attempt at roleplaying a clan recruitment yet

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@Quenquentthebabysitter said:

Or at least increase the time before teleportation. 5 seconds is way too low, you don't have the time to move back and be at the first lines of defense of the next objective. It really make the maps feels like it's one deathmatch arena with objective to the other, instead of feeling like an actual assault.

That's precisely the problem, you have no chance of delaying the attackers. The teleport timer should be increased to at least 15 seconds, if it's to be kept in at all.

When you only have one and one objective, it becomes a clusterfuck. At least in FL points are big and there's both attacking and defending, meaning players are spread up a minimum, but when you only have one goal, everyone is clumped up together on it (best example being Taiga's last two objectives).

I feel that's sort of appropriate for the final phase of the Invasion. A more focused objective that plays as a final desperate attempt to defend the area, unlike the previous phases that play out in more open spaces with varied objectives could fit in, but otherwise, I agree.

Having more objectives, even optional ones, would encourage player spread AND make everything feels more like, well, an invasion.

This is perhaps the main problem with the objectives currently, 64 players centered around a single objective area soon becomes a chaotic skirmish. There's really no sense of gameplay variety, most maps play like TDM with pretty static linear objectives slapped on. Some optional objectives could alleviate this problem by giving the attackers and defenders different tasks (build up barricades/siege equipment). As praised as Chivalry's TO mode is, it suffered much from the same problems, but made up with its map design.

Invasion is THE gamemode where the attacking team should have to carry and place ladder. Adding these as optional objectives would not only slow down the attackers but also help with having many objectives, and for your point on "Map interactivity".

This would complement the mode perfectly, as engineers could also use their tools offensively, to build ladders and such. Siege engines could also play a bigger part in this mode as something other than merely anti-infantry measures. Boarding and pushing siege towers or constructing trebuchets to use against the castle would be much more interesting, though that may be somewhat out of the scope of the current development team. Arriving at the castle in Grad would feel much more intersting if you had to build up the ladders yourself, rather than storming a fortress than looks like it's already been sieged since before you arrived.

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  • 6 Oct '19

@bobbydigital said:
There's an on going issue with audio where I cannot hear behind me.

Yup, that’s basically what’s happening with me too. I can’t hear fire crackling when it’s directly behind me and when I get killed by an enemy from behind, no sound is played. Hope the developers address this soon.