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  • 13 Sep '16

@ToLazy4Name said:
NASA's fucking military branch thing fucking scares me because I swear to fucking christ they have actual reptilians from outer space working for them

seriously look at the shape of this fucker's head and tell me he's not a fucking alien



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  • 20 Sep '16

Wow I'm surprised at how many people on these forums are cucks.



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Made by TheEmeraldArcher, Submitted by TheEmeraldArcher

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  • 22 Sep '16

Was that you kicking Roshawn off the forums?

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  • 6 Dec '16

I like that hud tbh, idk what everyone's getting at.

Having it around the crosshairs would get annoying when using ranged weapons tbh

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@RebornChief said:
are you even an archer?







I made these, and shoot them whenever I am able. Not as much as I used to given that I am in school right now pursuing my degree in mechanical engineering while you post pictures of you supposedly being a boxer when Ive yet to see a picture of you after a real fight where your face does not look like a trannies

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  • 16 Nov '16

I hope everyone says longbow

They're sure gonna love me

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  • 30 Oct '16

@Steve Pigeon said:

Cv-tyLAWIAA-uqs.jpg large.jpg

Crazy Peasant.png

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  • 7 Jul '16

@roshawnmarcellterrell said:

@BearGrylls said:

you disgust me.

Half your posts disgust the whole forum

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  • 11 Oct '16

@ApatheticDeity said:
all of it?
just one??
the last comment???
Stop speaking in cryptic one liners!!!!

love you

Do not be tricked child

He is merely like farming

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  • 29 Sep '16

Hello all,

So I was thinking the other day about Archery in this game (go figure). One thing that always bothered me from chivalry is that you could not pick up arrows unless they were on a dead body. I honestly feel that all projectiles, no matter how or where they land, should be able to be retrieved. The only exception to this could be if someone blocks your arrow/bolt by swinging at it, where it would snap in half.

So simply put, unless the enemy breaks your arrow/bolt by hitting it, you will be able to pick arrows and bolts up off the ground just like any other projectile.

Furthermore, I believe a glowing outline should go over them to make them easier to find, just like the melee weapons do when on the ground


The only difference being that for anything that counts as "ammunition" (arrows/bolts, throwables, etc) the glow will be white/blue/whatever different color to differentiate, and will show up from a further distance for easier location of ammunition.

This may not seem like a very important suggestion, but from what I have gathered talking to the devs about ranged weaponry, ammunition is going to be fairly scarce on your person. This leaves ammo boxes/bags and scavenging arrows off the ground as a necessity, and I feel small UI things should exist to allow that to be viable.

Thanks for reading.

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  • 30 Aug '16

@Tim_Fragmagnet said:
I found a picture of dankest.




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  • 30 Aug '16

I cant answer all these questions but I personally dip all my arrows in a mixture comprised of molten salt and cancer cells before I go to battle.

They work wonders at putting cancer and salt into the bloodstream of the enemy team. Seems to marinate them quite well.

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@vanguard said:

cancer-arrows 1.png

cancer-arrows 2.png

cancer-arrows 3.png

I told you guys, I dip every single last one in cancer

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As I suggested like 5 months ago,

Just add a theater mode that records your last few matches and be done with it. You can see yourself in the most cinematic means possible without having any abusable mechanics

Allow many different perspectives and the ability to follow players as well as free flight mode and you are golden

Not to mention the easy creation of spicy memes

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