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User Interface - The UI in Mordhau is simple but accurate it would be nice if you could reposition things like in CS:GO so your config has a more personal feel to it.

Customization - Colors could be fleshed out a bit more for example if you like a certain shade of blue you can't get that shade consistently across all pieces of armor and as for the looks and quality of the individual pieces of armor they all look very impressive and there is a ridiculous amount of choice when making a new loadout.

Animations - Overall animation quality is great but certain weapons like greatsword lookdown ripostes occasionally feel very instant and hard to see/parry and windup animations are still somewhat deceiving for example on the halberd it can be hard to tell the attack angle on windup alone so any further improvements in the windup department are greatly appreciated.

Movement - The movement in Mordhau feels very skillful good movement definitely makes dealing with other players much easier for example dodging an attack after you fall for a feint usually nets you a kick or at the very least forces your opponent to CFTP

Armor Balance - recent speed modifier change makes light feel way more rewarding to use and all other armor types already felt good initially and the addition of a perk/proficiency system will most likely improve the armor balance.

Weapon Balance - Isn't perfect but the addition of a perk/proficiency system will definitely make it a lot better.

Active Parry in Riposte - For those who dont understand this mechanic if you riposte in a 1v2 for example and someone attacks into your riposte you have a parry box around you which parries incoming attacks while the mechanic is needed to make 1v2/3/4 possible it doesnt have good visual feedback as of right now and it can be hard to tell if you have been active parried which results in some confusing situations where you get hit before you realise you have been active parried.

Feints - Feints are the general strength between all weapons if you can feint with it then even objectively weaker weapons always have viability the readability of feints right now feels pretty good they're definitely readable and can be punished easily with kick or a chamber attempt but feints are not weak and purposeless and need to be used against better players in order to secure quick and efficient kills.

Kick - While it's definitely not perfect atm it has a genuine useful purpose for punishing mistakes such as bad feints and misses but it can feel cheesy when you get kicked in the hand hitbox from what feels like a mile away or getting kicked during a riposte in 1vX.

Chambers - The balance between risk/reward for chambers right now feels very good for the most part chambers are rewarding to land and most certainly save you in a lot of clutch situations or just give a slight stamina advantage which is enough to win a lot of duels alone but they aren't so common that they take away from the rest of the games combat mechanics. chambers could use some more visual feedback for example sparks flying when you chamber someone or they chamber you.