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Knight 627 2068
  • 8 May '18

@Pred said:
lol, classic forum.

OP: Sometimes people walk sideways or backwards when attacking, their legs clip through each other and the lunge on top of that makes the whole animation look bad.

Reply: If you want to remove drags the game would be an attack -> parry simulator with fights lasting forever.

Your creation comes to haunt you, Pred.


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  • 29 Aug '17

@Mufflin said:
Just like it was a maximum of august 2 weeks ago and a maximum of 2 days, 2 days ago?

It was never a maximum of August.

@marox said:
We're aiming for end of August, if all goes according to plan. Sometimes delays are inevitable because things can break spectacularly at the last minute, but hopefully that won't be the case.

Notice how he does not say "I am announcing the launch date to be the end of August guaranteed". That is what you heard because it is what you wanted.

Knight 627 2068
  • 4 Jul '19

@PC_Principal said:
Leave the game as it is and send a message. You're not racists or sexists because your medieval game doesn't feature out of place people of color and women.

Some people are of the impression females and darker skin tones will be added as some sort of apology or capitulation to the recent hitpiec- I mean articles that have been written about the game. This is not at all the case. It has been known since 2015 that those aspects of character customisation will be part of the game.

Knight 627 2068
  • 21 Sep '17

Releasing a patch every two days is seriously incredible. I am amazed at how hard you are working on the game.

I love the rapier. It is pure aggression. With it you can force clashes and flinch your opponent before his attack lands. My stamina gets depleted every time, which makes using a shield mandatory as it will fly off instead of the rapier and restore enough stamina to end the duel.

Fifteen new emotes? Wow. Great change that attacking only cancels the emote while parrying will actually parry. I used to be able to land a surprise attack by attacking out of an emote, and sometimes I would be attacked during the emote. Now neither are an issue. It may be a tiny change, but it still amazes me how you are thinking of absolutely everything.

I love all the other additions too. Reading patch notes has never excited me, let alone this much. I am not sure if reducing the recovery time of a missed kick is a good change, but it does make the fight more fluid and fast paced.

Knight 627 2068
  • 13 May '19

This is called combo feint-to-parry and is an intended mechanic. The downside is how much stamina it costs.

Knight 627 2068
  • 20 Apr '18

With the making of some monumental, controversial changes to the game, a lot of minor yet nevertheless important changes are bound to go unnoticed, and I want you to know they are appreciated:

  • The sound that plays upon killing someone is fantastic and adds weight to thrown weapons especially. Great job.
  • An assist counting as a kill if you dealt at least 75 damage is vastly underappreciated and will result in a lack of intention to killsteal, which in turn will improve teamwork. Brilliant.
  • I really like the feedback for damage dealt and points earned. It looks very professional and makes the game appear that much closer to completion. In the future you should include an option to display the damage of each strike as a separate number rather than aggregating it all into one value that gets updated with each attack. It would also be nice to include additional information such as which region your attack hit (legs/torso/head) which can be enabled or disabled in the options menu.
  • No riposte feints improves the game tremendously.
  • The maps so far have felt dull because they are linear, but the expansion of Grad assures me you will improve existing maps to where there are many paths to take to the enemy base, and many areas in which to isolate fights. The ladders have also helped bring out Grad's verticality, a crucial feature for any map to be enjoyable. I really like the new version of the map, from the flat open plains to the tight walls and stairs (and the well).
  • Various other changes like health regeneration beginning earlier and small throwables not flinching while heavy ones still do are great. These tiny changes accumulate, and their effects might not be immediately felt, but that makes them no less wonderful.
  • I am amazed you managed to fix smoke bombs and fire bombs in a single try. Now they are no longer a nuisance and look great as well.

And now onto the unsavory:

  • The removal of both active parry and health on kill has made 1vX impossible. While I admit hit trading has not been half as atrocious as I expected, it does nothing to make fights in which you are outnumbered winnable.
  • I am very happy to see the kick stun brought back, however it needs some work. It feels awkward for both sides as @Huggles pointed out. At least include an animation for the stunned state or an indicator.
  • Clash on disarm. Like the kick, I am happy to see this feature but it needs to be tweaked. Currently it means there is no way for a disarmed player to outplay their opponent. I recognise being disarmed should be punished, but you cannot deny how immensely enjoyable it is to watch someone lose their weapon and still win through sheer skill, and how satisfying it is when said person is yourself. Once the fist animations have been made more readable, the disarmed opponent will be hopeless enough. Maybe make it so the armed player cannot combo after the clash? Make it clash but deal less damage? Anything to give the defenseless player a chance while retaining initiative to the armed player.
  • I am seeing some weird issues with stabs where they often hit way past the range at which they should have. I do not think this is due to stabs being altered, but rather all the partial sprint changes and movement debuff upon being parried. Something, probably related to those things, is causing the lunge to be far more exaggerated.
Knight 627 2068
  • 25 Sep '17

@Frise said:
You wanna know the risk in dragging? Footdrags can be jumped, headdrags can be ducked, regular delay drags can easily be avoided with proper footwork. Drags leave you looking away from your opponent so if you get parried, you can't properly react to the riposte.

Now, if you stopped crying and played the fucking game you'd start punishing bad drags, and let the meta evolve.

The game's been out for 2 fucking weeks, you can't make opinions like this yet. Go play the fucking game and practice.

If you can't be patient and strive to get good at the game and understand the combat then you're playing the wrong game.

This is akin to saying "let us first build a house out of straw and then judge if we should have used bricks instead."

It does not take months of playing to develop the judgement required to see why a zweihander striking faster than a dagger is bad or why attacks defying gravity deteriorates the believability of fights which Triternion has been aiming for. Most complaints do not seem to be related to balancing in the first place; people dislike how artificial dragging looks.

Moreover, the attitude that it is too early for certain kinds of judgements only reduces the amount of feedback the developers receive, and ultimately the point of the alpha is feedback, whether it is regarding bugs, balancing, or whatever else. Discussions are always helpful, even if most players have yet to master the mechanics.

Knight 627 2068
  • 17 Sep '17


  • In local play, the "Match starting" message and countdown do not appear.
Knight 627 2068
  • 10 Sep '17

Not only does Neo single-handedly vanquish the Eastern armies, he finds time to update the website. Thank you, Neo.

Knight 627 2068
  • 28 Nov '19

@yourenemiesfriend said:
"4 days"

Whatever happened to "we're bad with timelines."?

Pretty sure if it takes you 2 days just to post about this issue it's going to take you longer than 4 days to fix.

Careful, Chizzler. You are on your way out. Make a constructive post for a change, or save the space your unhelpful disdain for the developers takes up.

Knight 627 2068
  • 19 Apr '18

Congratulations, Jax. May the job treat you well.

Knight 627 2068
  • 29 Jan '18

Adding to that, I have noticed something strange going on with weapon shadows.

Normally it looks like this:

But sometimes the weapon shadow is more prominent:

This can make it look like only your weapon has a shadow. It happens regardless if shadows are set to low, high, or ultra. Doing something that would 'update' the shadow such as flourishing or changing the setting in the menu causes it to go away, but simple movement does not. I am able to recreate this bug by switching between my primary and secondary, but it takes dozens of tries.

Knight 627 2068
  • 19 Dec '17
  • The short spear is so much fun, with a targe or by itself.
  • The falchion skins are stellar. Every new weapon and piece of armour that has been added recently is gorgeous. Tremendously nice work.
  • The mace costing an additional point is deserved, and further distinguishes it from the warhammer.
Knight 627 2068
  • 7 Dec '17
  • The weapon skins and armours are a delight to my eyes. Phenomenal work.

  • But this may need a tweak. Point & cost display obscures large weapons, even if zoomed out

Knight 627 2068
  • 28 Sep '17

Main menu

  • Mashing spacebar during the Triternion logo will cause the featured character to be missing. It seems he instantly flies up and to the left. I have seen others' characters get partially offset, still present but not where they should be.

Weapon models / blood

  • Only the default side of the pickaxe gets bloody. Killing someone with the alternate grip adds blood to the wrong side.

The non-default side lacks blood after several kills with it.

The default side gets bloody as intended, but it also gets bloody when you kill someone with the alternate grip.

Several kills with both sides, only the default has blood.

Knight 627 2068
  • 25 Sep '17

While I am flattered you think I am important enough to be the new topic of the thread, I would rather you did not derail the thread simply because you are so infatuated with me that you cannot help yourself.

You still failed to provide an example of me saying feints should be removed. What you posted was me giving my first impression in the first impressions thread. Yes, feints struck me as cheap and unreadable, and they still do. You claimed I wanted them removed rather than slightly adjusted, and now that you realise you cannot back that up, you are trying to distract from it by taking something else out of context. It will not work.

Knight 627 2068
  • 23 Sep '17

It may be so that when you are close to death you do not kill yourself just to deny your opponent the kill.

Knight 627 2068
  • 15 Sep '17

Map - Contraband

  • Blood splatter on the pillar is unnatural. The same rectangular shape appeared on the floor, but smaller in size. It was beneath the corpse on the right.
  • Upon joining a server the camera is partially in the ground. It does not occur on The Pit.
Knight 627 2068
  • 7 Sep '17

It is alright, Spanky. A test of the servers would require the cooperation of trusted members, so they chose Jax among others. I doubt they are currently having fun. Most likely they are doing very specific things and making sure the connection is stable.

Knight 627 2068
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  • 23 Aug '17

One outcome from having Dissociative Identity Disorder is one of the personalities killing the other. The best outcome would have been for them to peacefully merge into MackFain.