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  • 28 Aug '17

Being disappointed the kickstarter did not predict the alpha's release being in August is unreasonable. Being disappointed the alpha's launch is not the end of August is your fault because the developers said it was what they are aiming for, not what would be. Furthermore, they mentioned sometimes delays are inevitable.

Being disappointed they said a few days and are now saying two weeks is reasonable, although I think they are only giving such a length to avoid stating a deadline they may not meet and in doing so upset people. Being disappointed they waited until the last second to announce it is reasonable.

Throwing a fit or berating the developers is not the right course of action. For the past two years they have been nothing but amazing. Have faith. It is very difficult for them and they must be under a lot of stress which you are amplifying by causing a ruckus.

Knight 627 2068
  • 18 Apr '19

Good luck, everyone. It has been an honour to follow the development of Mordhau long before the Kickstarter. I hope you win all the Game of the Year awards, because you certainly deserve it.

Knight 627 2068
  • 18 Sep '17

Three patches in six days, and each patch reminds me why I love you so much. Keep it up.

Knight 627 2068
  • 19 Mar '19

Horde mode is fun, but it lacks direction, and can be mindless at times. It reminds me of Team Fortress 2's Mann versus Machine, and could use some inspiration from it. MvM lets you purchase upgrades to your character that make you much stronger than is possible in other modes, taking advantage of the fact balance is not important since you are not fighting other players. In TF2 this means the ability to fire ten rockets in a second or to build several sentries. In Mordhau's case you could make it so 'super' perks can be purchased, doing things like making you sprint twice as fast (which would be invaluable given the size of the map), making you fire several bolts or arrows at once in a single shot (without expending additional ammo), making you swing your weapon much faster, and so on.

It should also be possible to purchase things like revives for teammates or fortifications, such as spikes that automatically get built around the encampment every wave, or ballistae that get manned by friendly bots. The mode could use a tower defense element. Something that gives you a grander purpose than just seeing how long you can last.

A few pertinent issues:

  • It can take a really long time to find the enemies. If enemies are too far away, make them teleport closer. As long as this happens at enough of a distance for the player not to notice, it is desirable.
  • Everything looks brown, which can make it difficult to distinguish between teammates and bots in the midst of battle. Team colours would make more sense here. You could have team colours be forced only on the players, while the bots can be anything, as long as they cannot be mistaken for a teammate. For instance, I have yet to see a single blue enemy, so make blue the colour of the team.
  • The shield enemies are not challenging, they are an obnoxious brick wall that only wastes your time. Rethink them.
  • Players that join a game in progress start with 0 gold. This results in them being underprepared and struggling to survive, while being useless to their teammates. Going back to MvM, players that join a game in progress are given an amount of gold relative to how many waves have passed. The amount is less than one would have earned if they were present from the beginning, but enough to get equipped and contribute.
  • Your actions during a wave should be rewarded with gold. You should at least get a bonus for surviving the wave. You could also get a bonus for killing 20 enemies in a single wave, or not taking any damage.
Knight 627 2068
  • 1 May '18
  • Mountain Peak is great. Well done to those who worked on it.
  • Thank you for the rundown in addition to the patch notes, @Jax. Your diligence in the past two weeks has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate the recently high amount of communication from Triternion in general. It is the right move.
  • Steep terrain pushes you away too much and as a result is very difficult to traverse. I have noticed this very early in the alpha, but on the new map it really shows. One ladder in particular is almost unreachable because the surrounding terrain slides you away from it.
  • While on a horse I noticed opponents would sometimes parry an attack I did when I passed them by two seconds ago, despite now being far away from them. I am not sure if the issue here is the way the server processes timing or how quickly one can move away from the point of the attack.
  • Horses should deal trample damage only if going at a certain speed. Currently you can start moving and immediately deal damage to all your teammates. When facing a rider it can feel cheap to take 40 damage from his horse that just started moving.
  • Horses might benefit greatly from a simple system that makes the horse naturally move away from incoming obstacles. A sort of "smart" AI that helps you avoid small obstacles that would otherwise cause you to stop every two seconds.
Knight 627 2068
  • 8 Feb '18

Not so. Clear, consistent animations means you can adjust their difficulty through gameplay changes such as raising the strictness of the chamber window, lowering the time a parry lasts or making it require more precision, making attacks faster in general, and so on.

Having clunky unreadable animations means combat is completely arbitrary until you have put in several hundred hours, at which point you would have gotten used to the broken animations and learned to exploit them, also known as the Torn Banner design philosophy. Such an approach results in neither an enjoyable game nor a reasonable skill progression.

People who are against readable animations are only taking that position because they do not properly understand what others are suggesting, and instead think everyone is in favour of making attacks so slow and telegraphed that even players with two hours of playtime can react to them consistently. This is not what is being proposed.

When you step back from the conversation and see that one group is suggesting non-broken animations while the other is vehemently advocating the opposite, it should become clear there is a communication error, a misunderstanding, not a genuine difference in opinion.

Knight 627 2068
  • 15 Mar '19

The tutorial is excellently paced and covers everything necessary, while also having a lot of charm. Its sense of humour along with some relatively minor changes such as red and blue team having distinct names and emblems gives the game a lot more personality. Now that the lore is starting to encroach upon the game experience, Mordhau is starting to feel far more alive.

I am pleasantly surprised you included an option to see other players without team colours forced upon them. I think this is crucial for a lot of players' experience, but it is incomplete without another option to toggle from the menu - a tiny icon that hovers above teammates. It alleviates the problem of making it difficult to distinguish allies from enemies while still allowing the player to view the creativity of everyone else. And now that there are plenty of hovering icons above things like ammunition crates, and that it is evident they do not take away from the aesthetic of the game, I better not hear excuses about icons over teammates' heads being undesirable for aesthetic purposes.

I must say that even with the FPS nosediving on Frontline, it was still very enjoyable to be present on such a large battlefield with so much chaos. I can see it being a very popular game mode, and it definitely captures the feeling it is trying to create. Great job, everyone.

Knight 627 2068
  • 30 Aug '17

@Hero said:
I Hear this for every fucking time they delay. But the thing is they LITERALLY delay all the dates they've set. Personally I would had liked to know before we all got super excited and planned for it

I want to point out they have not set a single date. They have only given estimations and warned they may not be accurate.

Knight 627 2068
  • 25 Sep '17

"Drags are the core of the game"

It is time to stop using this pitiful excuse. How much a weapon can be accelerated or delayed is fully changeable. Do not treat it as something impossible to alter. Drags are important, but that does not mean they should remain so exaggerated and goofy.

"The game is not meant to be realistic"

Not above all else, but to quote Marox, "we want to encourage fights that look like fights". Having weapons defy gravity and sluggishly move forward as if caught in quicksand makes fights look silly.

Currently weapons can be delayed far too much, and while it is not a problem to fight against, it looks silly and at the same time forces you to look away from your opponent, which makes it both goofy for the player, and unwatchable for the viewer if it is being recorded or streamed. I admit it is fun to do nonetheless, but I would rather my eyes stay on my opponent rather than dart ninety degrees to the left or right.

Acceleration is in a far worse spot. A zweihander can actually strike faster than a dagger. This makes two-handed weapons even better than they already are, and deters you from waiting until the last moment to parry, while rewarding panic parries. It is difficult to feel encouraged to chamber when an attack can be near instantaneous.

Knight 627 2068
  • 4 Mar '18


Look at where my character spawned. He is too shy to stand in the spotlight.

Knight 627 2068
  • 3 Apr '18

@Huggles said:

...So weapon balance and "instant" attacks will be resolved by basic knowledge of footwork, positioning, and attack angling.

Come on, Huggles. Look at battleaxe stabs being absurdly quick for no reason. Look at how weapons that are supposed to be slow such as the bardiche can be accelerated to where they swing faster than an arming sword (not an accelerated one). I cannot find that video showcasing ripostes which last like three frames, but I have encountered quite a lot of those in this patch.

People think it raises the skill ceiling but it does the complete opposite. It feels like someone is pressing the fast forward button at random intervals whenever you are up against a weapon that is expected to be slow. This one issue with the game bleeds into everything else: you cannot wait until the last moment to parry an attack because attacks can suddenly go faster than you can react to, so you have to panic parry a lot of the time. This also makes dealing with feints tremendously worse, and so on. Current attack speeds are also something new players could not even comprehend. Learning the game while up against someone who knows how to swing three times faster than you does not make for a fun experience.

I think the single best thing the developers can do for the game is limit attack acceleration. A close second is making the release phase last much longer.

@Huggles said:
Also, you say that you shoudln't have to have 100+ hours to git gud but really the game has no depth if this isn't the case. Of course, you can't pin all the problems on "git gud" and here is what I agree with.

No no, it should definitely take hundreds of hours to get anywhere close to the top, but people either take this too far and think basic concepts like parrying should also take hundreds of hours to learn, or they use it to excuse broken mechanics, such as when people defended bad animations because it takes more skill to read them.

Knight 627 2068
  • 29 Jan '18

A nice way to mitigate the backlash of a delay, very elegantly handled. I still advise you strongly not to polish features too much before releasing them, and to at least update the community on how said features' progress is coming along.

Now that the beta backers are here, the community you will be informing or keeping in the dark is considerably larger, so do not be too distant. Please.

Knight 627 2068
  • 27 Sep '19

I really appreciate the new model of smaller, more frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

Knight 627 2068
  • 7 Nov '18

Bind Right Upper Strike to MouseWheelDown; Bind Right Strike to LMB; Bind Right Stab to MouseWheelUp. You now have Chivalry binds. You can even hold ALT to reverse attack directions. Just be sure to do as @Duckalot said and unbind both Strike and Stab, as those are the 240° versions.

Knight 627 2068
  • 1
  • 2 Apr '18

I do not think the game is in a good spot currently.

  • Attacks are way too fast. The release portion of attacks has always been too short, but as of this patch it is even shorter. This makes even attacks with little acceleration to them feel too quick to react to, let alone chamber. The instant attack problem plaguing the game has only been exacerbated. You can now lock players in a perpetual flinched state.

  • Parrying feels unreliable. Other than it requiring more precision, I cannot put my finger on what about it has changed, but here is some feedback: It no longer feels instant - It feels like if an attack hits me during the first few frames of my parry I will take damage. A lot of the time it also seems like the parry animation plays right after I take a hit. The absurd speed of certain attacks also means it is not always possible to parry in time unless your reaction time is highly above average. For a basic mechanic this is overkill. It was fine in the previous patch.

  • Weapon balance is all over the place. Heavy, costly weapons like the battleaxe and eveningstar have instant stabs, small arms like the rapier and mace can either kill you in two hits or two seconds. Note that the issue here is not how weak or powerful a certain weapon is, but how weapons are balanced relative to one another. For instance, the difference between slow and fast weapons is meagre, largely due to how much attacks can be accelerated, so there is less incentive to take a weapon because it is faster. Similarly, taking a weapon such as the eveningstar due to its damage is also pointless when the mace and warhammer are just as powerful at half the cost.
    I know there are nuances such as turn cap and morph cost that differentiate weapons further, but the balance seems no less questionable. I have a suggestion: Give each weapon a brief description. This will also help new players understand the idea behind certain weapons without requiring them to look at the highly technical list of values below the weapon (which would probably intimidate them if it was all they had to base their choice of weapon on).

  • EDIT: Stab drags are horrendous. They genuinely look like an exploit and range from unrealistic to absolutely undecipherable. I assume the only reason they exist is so chambering stabs does not become trivial, but virtually any other solution would be better than tolerating stab drags in their current state.

  • Feint woes. I will save it for the next patch in which feints will be altered, but there is still something on my mind: A while ago someone pointed out attacks require very little commitment as you can cancel out of them for the majority of their duration, which makes it very difficult to punish players who miss an attack or exercise poor judgement in when to perform an attack. Moreover it means players can attack at the same time as their opponent, and if they are about to be hit first, they can simply feint-to-parry. This does promote gambling and a playstyle in which the opponent's actions matter less, though I do not see how it can be fixed without the player's control over their character being severely limited. I am interested to hear if others have thought of any solutions so far.

  • Shields are still a chore to fight. This issue might be the hardest to correct. There are quite a few discussions on this already.

  • projectile spam is horrendous. Definitely limit the number of smoke bombs / fire bombs the player spawns with. In the future it would be nice to also make them cost a lot more unless the player has a "support / strategist" perk which makes such equipment much cheaper but in exchange you will lack perk points for other goodies. People seem to be of the opinion the projectile spam will die down once they are no longer new, but I highly doubt that. There will always be players who find it hilarious to run around and bombard the map with smoke and fire. Furthermore, there will always be new players for whom the idea is still fresh and novel.

Before you tell me none of these are issues once you have put six billion hours into the game, take a moment to consider how new players would feel about some of these mechanics in their current state and whether they would be motivated to put even ten hours into the game.

And keep in mind also that it is possible to correct a broken mechanic without it becoming so simple that even new players would master it in five minutes. A lot of you struggle with that concept.

Knight 627 2068
  • 6 Feb '18

@marox said: collision, where tip tracers are ignored so that it is less annoying to the player, actual non-world collision doesn't ignore the tip like that.

From this thread.

Knight 627 2068
  • 13 Jan '18

The game feels closer to as it should be. Whenever a patch makes people feel that way it is so very exciting.

With that said:

  • Stop buffing feints you psychopaths.
  • Fix stab drags. You have done nothing to change them even slightly.
  • Eliminate instant attacks.
Knight 627 2068
  • 12 Jan '18

User Interface

  • Wearing the feathered archer's cap (light armour) allows you to equip a chain coif (light armour) in your neck slot, effectively giving you two pieces of headgear. It works only with the feathered version of the hat. It cannot be done with any other helmet. It costs a point but does not show up in the point & cost display.
Knight 627 2068
  • 4 Jul '19

Yes, the developers are extremely greedy, which is why they are selling the game not at $60, not even at $30, but at $25, as well as having zero microtransactions, pre-order bonuses, and cosmetic DLC.

Knight 627 2068
  • 16 Mar '19

Bug #1: Opening and closing the server browser after dying in BR makes it impossible to select "spectate" or "main menu" from the rewards screen.
Bug #2: Sometimes I connect to a server with an ongoing game and am immediately assigned as a spectator. Others have mentioned having this issue as well.

I really like that you leave as soon as you die, because it results in every match being composed of different players. I do however wish it would automatically queue you for another game as soon as you die, so that you can spectate the current game while waiting to be matched. It feels like an unnecessary hassle to leave and queue up after every single match.

I also find it needless for there to be a loadout dedicated to BR. Here is a better idea - have each player spawn with a randomised appearance, voice, and clothing, as long as the player has unlocked said clothing.

As for the mode itself, I think the circle should converge quicker, and that it should converge on the courtyard, not the actual centre of the map. Sadly what weapon you get matters very little, since most players die in two hits anyway, and since the outcome of a duel is decided too strongly by cheese. Stretching the animations to their limit is still too effective and really undermines the entire idea of having an advantage since you are better equipped than your opponent.