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Ok, so I gave it a good 4 days go. Since I see the developers attitude towards the game, and seeing nobody addresses the server issues I've just uninstalled the game.

If it serves as feedback (although it doesn't seem very appreciated due to the lack of attention I have gotten from any official member of the staff) I would recommend you get your sh*t straight first, a solid server, and guarantee people can connect like regular people. And then start tackling major milestones and growing from there.

I'll assume everyone that has tried playing in my region has encountered the same issues and will eventually stop playing due to the unplayable nature of the pvp. So I don't see a very bright future for this game.

It helps, A LOT, to show a tad of interest in your player base. Just a simple "We feel you, and are working on it for future patches" would have done. But I'm done with this joke of a game.

Good luck to y'all