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  • 1 May '17

Hi all,

Let me introduce idea of a mode that would combine Faction Wars with some other features. It’s supposed to be Team Object, Team Deathmatch oriented, and alike.

Initially there would be only two opposite factions to join, but there would be only few limitations on how many Factions could be in the game.

As already known the game will support up to 64 players. So, if 2 factions take part in a battle, that would be up to 32 players on each side; if 3 factions – 20_21 players in each faction, and so on. But there is a little to no chance that more than that would take a part in a single battle.

Rules that determine, which Faction is eligible to join the FW (has 100+ players, its own emblem, a color scheme, or whatever that devs approve) have to be discussed by itself.

All available game’s maps will be represented as objects, sectors, areas, territories and so on, on a Global Map. It might be as a Mod's Main Menu.

This is a quick rough map that was made just as an example to illustrate the idea. The final GM could look as an ancient map, topographical, fantasy or a mix, made in 2D, isometric or 3D. It's just matter of choice. I didn't name sectors and objects deliberately, as it's not necessary for the moment.:


GM would contain all valuable info on game in real time as well as links to maps, servers that are available to play at the moment.

These objects, sectors, territory might be under control one or another Faction, thus they should be protected, since they might be attacked by other Factions.

A Faction can attack only adjacent sectors according to the GM. If there are seas or lakes on the GM, and a Faction plans to attack sectors on opposite shore and there's no another way to reach them, the Faction must have under its control a dockyard, where ships can be built to deliver troops to those sectors (it could be even animated, like in Belmez map in CMW from Agatha point of view, for instance). In other words a Fraction that controls a dockyard can attack any ashore sectors:


If there are other terrain obstacles like rivers, or mountains there might be a path through them, like a bridges, tunnels, mountain trails and so on, which could be represented as separate objects (game maps).

Since any single sector, object or territory can be controlled by the only one faction, the GM design itself (sectors localization, particular qualities of a terrain) will determine how many Factions can meet in a single battle.

All objects, sectors, territory would be different in terms of fortification: from lightly to heavily fortified. It might be shown in a score. The more heavily fortified object is the higher score it has.

This score or certain amount of points should be reached by a Faction in the battle in order to capture or to defend the object. It shouldn’t be a result of a single battle, but rather as an output of several battles on all servers that run the mod.

Some objects, heavily fortified, could have several levels (for instance, barbican, curtain walls, bailey, armory, keep and so on – maps or objects), which had to be captured or defended separately, and each level would have its own score. All levels also have to be reachable one by one successively.

Rule of attack. A Faction that won the battle (captured or defended an object) has a right to attack adjacent sectors or levels. If there is the only one adjacent sector that is to be attacked, it could be linked to previous battle to skip returning in the mod main menu for smooth gameplay.

If the attack isn't continued, the Faction loses this privilege in the sector, and the right to attack comes to its opponent.

If an opposite Faction doesn't use the chance, the both Factions turn to an idle stage, and next fight in this sector will be an open field battle to determine an attacker for the next round.

The same rule should be applied to opposite Factions that both have right to attack, and they are located in adjacent sectors, they might meet in an open field battle to confirm its right (it might be a Team Deathmatch, for instance):


All maps should be playable in both directions (attackers can turn into defenders, and vice versa).

If a faction is wiped off the GM, it may return by capturing any lightly fortified object first, and then continue its fight under the common rules. The same could be applied to new factions that want to join the faction war.

If a faction that is already in the FW (has object/-s under its control) has not been participating in any battle (nobody plays for the faction) for considerable amount of time (1-2 days, have not come up yet with anything useful) has to be removed from the GM.

I’m neither a game dev, nor a mode maker, and has a little experience in online games, so all of this or a part of it might look stupid. If so, my apologies in advance.

I would appreciate your constructive comments, criticism, suggestions, opinions, thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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  • 27 Mar '19

An old work of mine inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.
The Zone
A4, pencil


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  • 28 Mar '19

Thank you!

Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. drawing (a photo as a reference was used):
Pripyat River - Ship Graveyard
9"x12" paper, pencil


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  • 27 Jun '18

The only drawing with a sword I have in my gallery. Made it for my friend's video project.

Dragon City:

Dragon City poster:

9"x12" paper

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  • 4 Aug '19

@Corsario said:
Quick sketch


I have a sketch of its relative:


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  • 30 Mar '19

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

@Xekratos said:
... that looks like Charcoal pictures...

Actually, I use charcoal quite often mostly to increase contrast, whereas graphite gives me much more control over semitones.
For instance, this is an illustration for Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky where both medium were used:

"Kirill," I shouted. "Are you going to the Borscht tonight?"
"It's not the 'Borscht," it's pronounced "Borshch". "How many times do I have to tell you."
"Skip it. It's spelled B-O-R-S-C-H-T. Don't bug us with your customs. Are you going or not?..."


9"x12" 50 lb. paper,
H, HB, B, 5B, 6B graphite pencils,
HB, 2B, 6B charcoal pencils

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  • 7 May '17

@Mr_Obliviousness said:
For FFA or LTS (or a combo of both) some overgrown ruins would be very cool, with some open areas and a couple of hidden passages and such:

Castle Ruin.jpg

Castle Ruin Overgrown.jpg

Ruins would be cool for duels too.






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  • 1 May '19

Iron Company founder
Zhu Bajie


9"x12" paper

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  • 3 Apr '19

Sketches for the "Peace" Project game development, which is dead by now.


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  • 4 Nov '18

Mountain Peak

[Group 0]-20181103164835_1_20181103164844_1-3 images_0000_small.jpg


[Group 0]-20181104145213_1_20181104145320_1-4 images_0000_Sky+60_small.jpg

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  • 10 Jan '18

Possible extensions for Contraband or a similar map:


With some extra debris of course, something like this:


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  • 22 Apr '19

GULAG Chronicles
A concept art for the "Peace" Project game development:


12"x18" 80 lb paper
HB-2B Goldfaber Faber-Castell pencils
Ps Snow brushes

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  • 9 May '18

Mountain Peak

[Group 0]-Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_38_1_Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_38_4-4 images_0000.jpg
[Group 1]-Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_46_Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_46_4-5 images_0000.jpg


[Group 0]-Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_38_1_Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_38_4-4 images_0000_Ps.jpg
[Group 1]-Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_46_Mordhau  08-05-2018 18_46_4-5 images_0000_Ps-2.jpg


[Group 0]-Mordhau  09-05-2018 17_50_Mordhau  09-05-2018 17_50_3-4 images_0000_Ps2.jpg

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  • 21 Jul '17

Verrucole Castle (Fortezza delle Verrucole), Tuscany, Italy:

Schermata 07-2456845 alle 22.24.56.png
Schermata 07-2456845 alle 22.26_45.png
Schermata 07-2456845 alle 22.27_57.png


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  • 23 May '17

Krak des Chevaliers (Crac des Chevaliers) is a Crusader castle in Syria, which was in Knights' Hospitaller possession in 1142 - 1271. The Hospitallers rebuilt the castle and gave it its current appearance:

Syria the Karak des Chevaliers.jpg


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  • 16 May '18

I agree with those who have said Federschwert is a good idea. Last night some more experienced players spent their time teaching me basics of the fight (thank you arr0wmanc3r and MegaPterodactyl) and it was awesome.

As I said in another thread it would be also good to have a 1h training sword in order to use it with shields.

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  • 22 Oct '17

Sorry for bumping the thread.
For those who might be interested in such mode.
I'm trying to make a general map based on the local alpha maps, just as an example.
Currently, there's just a primary land without terrain details, and Contraband map implemented:


Constructive comments, criticism, suggestions would be appreciated.