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The most awesome difference between Chivalry and Mordhau was beside the chamber-mechanic that people couldn't hit through mates. So whenever there's a 1vs X challange, you knew who you have to block.

Since the no-hitstop-change people do so much more teamdamage. Now you get an award if you swing through your mate from the side: you can steal* the kill. So I had fun in general, didn't played for the kills, but now so many rounds are frustrating.

It could be a good feature, if you did ANYTHING against teamdamage.
It was a frustating topic in Chiv and now this arrived in Mordhau... really disappointed

what is still a huge problem:
Camp - invasion: People can still shoot into spawn with cata + you cannot get the cata-guy (restricted szone lmao)
Grad - invasion: people camp in restricted szone, with bows and firepot.
Crossroads.. well where should I begin with -.-