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  • 29 Aug '17

I kinda figgured this would happen. Honestly getting an application built, all of the thousands of moving parts in time with each other is a bastard to deal with. Now shove all that shit into a server and make sure the server is running the application smoothly, quickly, and secure. Its alot of effort and nothing ever goes like it supposed to because the gods of computer science are hateful. Screw the public outcry make the servers work, stress test and pen test the shit out of them and send it when its ready. If its good the naysayers will come back. Keep calm and sys. Admin on.

Conscript 10 11

I swear to god 2 days after release i saw a post on leddit saying "devs add microtransactions if you need to, i wanna support community!" Look guy. Your wife's boyfriend works hard for that money, and if your REALLY wanna spend it go get some sweet merch. Also the gold progression system helps new players. If you just buy the game, and you see a dude in full gothic plate mail, with a longsword that looks like it belongs in an mmorpg, wrecking the battlefield this might be an indicator to low skills that they should not press this assault and find another avenue of attack. However if EVERYONE has that stuff on then its just gonna be. So many salty "CoMmUnIty iS CaNcER TrYhArds. GaMe Is BrOkEn." Steam reviews that i can actually taste the soy when i read them. No microtransactions now, not ever. Thank you mordhau that you didnt include that in this game, and thank god good games are still being made.

Conscript 10 11

Cswic is right. Rapier is fine, and it has counters. If you just turn accel an attack after a riposte its a pretty good shot at hitting someone who's just spamming away, and if they are using a shield, accel to feint to kick followed up by juicy over head. Once player base figures out there is more moves than just left click and right click they will be fine and stop complaining. Nerfing these weapons will just make them unusable and not worth playing.

Conscript 10 11
  • 19 Mar '17

Its probably a stupid amount of work, but what about dynamic insults? I.e. two players p1 and p2
P1"I bite my thumb at the KNAVE!"

Or like
P1"ah do they sent boys to works as men?"
P2"Aye, they wanted prisioners alive after the fight!"

P1"i shall see thee in CHAINS!"
P2"and i shall see thee in the EARTH!"
Also anything from shakespears satire