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Good but

  • The population is decreasing more and more. I don’t think this content will hold us for another 5-6 months until a next
    update. It is not with 2 more maps that we will stay on Mordhau for 4 months.
  • Some map still have bugs. (Ex: Contraband: go through the wall with spears to get out of the map, Crossroad: Fly over
    the central tree and put a balista on it)
  • I think you should review your horde mode and especially the BR mode. There is something to do.
  • Stop bear traps from touching allies. It will eliminate a large toxic part.
  • Create a vote kik (just a key like the "5" for example) without spam.
  • Create EVENT for gold and xp (Double XP)
  • Create more realistic horses. (not a mastodonte)
  • Anothers awesome games in coming.

Its just my opinion. Thanks a lot.