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  • 23 Jul '19

A suggestion for a potentially fun game mode down the road:

Similar to Horde mode, but allow players to play as the band of rabble. Triternion has even mentioned a close quarters town/city map in the mix with a small village.

The premise: Two teams face off, one much smaller team gets to play as a the “nobles”. Nobles get access to all the weapon load outs and equipment they normally would. The other much larger team gets to play as the “peasants”. Peasants can only equip peasant weapons and clothing.

Nobles must win by “quelling” the peasant uprising by holding out long enough to outlast the timer (or a certain amount of rounds/waves) and by holding certain objectives. If killed, they do not get to respawn. Their numbers are fewer, but they are much better armed and equipped.

Peasants must win by “overthrowing” the nobles by capturing the objectives, or killing all of the nobles. Peasants respawn regularly (or with each round/wave). What they lack in weapons and armor, they make up in numbers.

This is just an unfinished idea however, but I thought the basic premise had a lot of potential. Feel free to post your own thoughts or suggestions.


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  • 17 Jul '19

Simple quality of life suggestion that would be nice to have:

Add an option/toggle in the load out customization screen that allows us to see what our character will look like in frontline on red team or blue team.

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  • 20 Jul '19

Triterion, thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. I can't wait for these updates and to watch the evolution and future success of Mordhau. As a player more on the older side, you guys remind me of a young Blizzard/Blizzard North. You've really made a quality product and you should all be proud at what you have accomplished.

Keep it up!

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  • 23 Jul '19

You're the first person I've ever heard of complain about dodge. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

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Honestly, I don’t think cavalry needs to be nerfed per se, they should buff anti-cavalry weapons. For instance have arrows/bolts do more damage against horses, have spikes kill horses, add a “stance” for spears and pole arms that roots you in place but deals damage to cavalry, etc. that sort of thing would make certain weapons and load outs more viable. Especially archers.

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@ToLazy4Name said:

@smug said:
At this point Trit has to make a statement that they infact don’t stand with white nationalists.

Why the hell would they need to make a statement about this when there is zero evidence that they do? You don't humor accusations of this sort. Doing so means that the accusation has any credibility at all, which it doesn't.

However, when it's gotten to this point, NOT addressing it also allows people's minds to wander and can potentially fan the flames even further, because it can be interpreted as you being complacent with that bullshit. Yes, it sucks, but this is where we are now. By choosing to just ignore it, then it potentially gives the claims more credibility.

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  • 17 Jul '19

Created a “poll”.

Back to statistics 101.

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  • 15 Jul '19

@CatR said:
Gonna be honest here. You can bang the drum of 'But we are adding muffins to this game populated entirely by cupcakes ANY SECOND NOW!' all you want but you can't get credit for it. You don't get grades based on what you were going to add into your paper if you had 2 more weeks, you get graded by the paper you hand in. Your movie doesn't get reviewed based on what the sequel looks like. Mordhau is a product that is sold for full price as a finished product and is treated as such.

Also, getting offended that journalists write news about the contents of the game and calling for their heads most of the time by discrediting their work and sometimes quite literally calling for their execution, as you'll see more frequently on the Steam forums; it doesn't exactly scream 'calm rational people that are really just doing their best'. Meaning no offence, but having a mod call the piece 'slander' is not really helping the image, because I actually took the time to read the thing everyone was outraged about and here is what I found:

The research is cited and uses a credible source. It postulates a correct phenomenon that entertainment about medieval times or European martial arts attracts white-supremacists. Mordhau as an example quite literally had people talking about the 'white ethno-state' and 'cultural marxism' until very recently. And in the end the article does not say anything about Trinternion that is not true. Let us get some quotes!

The developers of Mordhau, whether they planned to or not, have created an environment that is amenable to the
viewpoints of white supremacist appropriators of medieval culture.

Yeah, pretty much. Until very recently the entirety of the front page was "Don't add black knight!!" which incidentally is still what the Steam forums look like every other day. Sorry, Void, but you can't stem the tide on your own. You don't have to agree with the sentiment to see that it is still a very present factor in the community.

Mordhau’s forums, officially moderated by Triternion, are currently home to a number of threads and communities that
have a relatively lax approach to offensive slang.

Yes, pretty much. I don't find "Kniggas" offensive but I'd call it 'lax' indeed. Of course even people who argue for stricter moderation often use the N-word or the F-word or the R-word in descriptive or mocking ways. I don't refer to them as such in private but this is not private, is it?

Not only is this a gross misrepresentation of historical concepts of medieval societies, but it offers a dangerous space
for white supremacist movements to take hold, claiming that “authentic” portrayals of medieval Europe look a lot like
Mordhau: white, male, bloody.

Same as the first statement, Mordhau certainly contains only white people, only men, and a lot of blood. It certainly did not ever enforce the 'no racism' rule. Seems fair to me; we'll get to the historical argument in a second.

The fact that Mordhau, a game that draws heavily from the same aesthetics as neofascist white supremacist movements draw inspiration from, is grappling with bigotry and hate movements within their
gaming community, comes across as disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising.

Nothing controversial there, it is struggling, and neofascists do love knights. In fact I challenge you to find any part of this article that is in fact slanderous, inaccurate, or attacking Mordhau. I challenge you because these quotes I put forth are in reverse order and they still are isolated descriptive statements that in no way, shape, or form lie or mislead about what the Mordhau community contains. It in no way claims Triternion are racists, nor does it claim that this is an intentional development, nor does it claim that Triterion actively endorses any of its community bad behaviour. Now if you want to argue with their cited expert then go ahead, I won't join that discussion because I have better things to do than arguing with 10 people none of which has read a primary or even secondary source; but you enjoy that.

So let's all smash our pots and pans and yell loudly about how Trinternion is being targeted by the SJW press, that they are a victim of a conspiracy by Epic Games to make their work look bad. Let's weep sad little tears about how the average outside observer sees the Mordhau community as a place where people gladly engage in rubbing one out to romanticised medieval fantasies about murdering each other. Let us claim that everyone who criticises Mordhau is either out to get us, or over-sensitive political activists, or just don't see the bigger picture, man!

Because sure Mordhau is a game released where the only customisation options you have are being a white man, but you can be female soon! Very soon! And black! Or Asian! You can be all these things in the future just trust us NOW that all of this is coming in the future. The only reason it is delayed is because we have such a HIGH STANDARD that we wouldn't want to release LOW QUALITY CONTENT. That's literally the only reason. Just trust us, despite being given no reason to do so, despite the community showing that you really shouldn't; please trust us. The word filter? We'll release it when it's perfect, we'll release all the moderation features when they satisfy our personal standards. Don't worry, once they're all released you'll think yourself a fool for doubting us!

Or, perhaps, just maybe.

Now this is just, you know, a suggestion.

You know me, my silly suggestions.

How about taking responsibility for your actions?

I read the article in it's entirety, I agree with this statement 110%.