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Good news, nothing about female crap.

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One thing to keep in mind is whether a game includes the delay caused by server tickrate in the ping total or not. At a tickrate of 60 the server will take up to 16ms to send your packets around. I believe that in CS:GO, for example, the ping displayed on the scoreboard takes this into account, but the ping displayed in the net graph does not, hence it consistently being a bit lower than the ping on the scoreboard.

You can't really make a fair comparison without knowing whether the other games do this.

This. The value seen in Mordhau is not ping, but rather latency, which is ping + any frame/processing delays. We could display raw ping as some games do, but that's not very helpful for anything in particular. Most UE4/3 games do it this way, best comparisons ideally would be with other UE4 games.

Excuse me but i think that's partially bullshit, I got a dream RIG with consistent 60fps and i still get higher pings from time to time until i restart the game, As a developper i suspect your game code and management concerning this, since UE4 in-game latency really depends on how things were implemented, unoptimized calculation. But there is a chance i may be wrong since i'm drunk right now.