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Much i love the weapon and it's skins especially the Morning Star Head but why do i say it's the worst weapon in the game?

I'll compare the mace to 2 other blunt weapons which is the warhammer and the heavy handaxe (Hey it's technically a blunt weapon if you press R)

Let's check the stats let's start with windup speed

Windups stats:
Strike: 625
Stab: 475

Strike: 475
Stab: 500

Heavy Handaxe:
Strike: 700
Stab: 675

Ok this is looking really bad for the mace when it comes to windup speed except for stab but will it fare better when it comes to damage? I'll only count swing damage because stabbing is garbage for non swords/spears

Head: 63 (None) 63 (T1) 62 (T2) 60 (T3)
Body: 53 (None) 53 (T1) 52 (T2) 50 (T3)
Legs: 52 (None) 50 (T1) 48 (T2) 46 (T3)

Head: 53 (None) 52 (T1) 51 (T2) 50 (T3)
Torso: 38 (None) 37 (T1) 36 (T2) 35 (T3)
Legs: 35 (None) 35 (T1) 34 31 (T2) 30 (T3)

Heave Handaxe:
Head: 100 (None) 100 (T1) 68 (T2) 60 (T3)
Body: 75 (None) 62 (T1) 53 (T2) 45 (T3)
Legs: 65 (None) 52 (T1) 43 (T2) 35 (T3)

This is warhammer is looking worse than the mace now yes? NO! the moment you press R everything changes when it comes to head damage
Warhammer alt mode:
Head: 100 (None) 77 (T1) 76 (T2) 70 (T3)

Now the mace looks real pathetic doesn't it now?

"But wait!" You say: "The heavy handaxe is slow as shit and deals mediocre damage against higher tier armor! Why would you consider it better than the mace?" And i'm gonna say here's why it's better: Pressing R turns it into a utility weapon (blacksmith hammer) albeit slower than the original and deals more damage

Maybe it will fare better in length yes? Wrong

Mace: 60cm
Warhammer: 60cm
Handaxe: 70cm

This is where it ends since i am getting pretty lazy now and it is late in my timezone so i will leave a TL;DR how to fix it

Make the mace swing slightly faster (600ms) or maybe make it a 3 cost weapon or just make it bit longer (70-80cm)

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