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  • 24 Nov '19

I read Jax's post a few pages back about them prioritizing content first over the SDK, and I just don't understand it. Any developer team, even a big, triple A one, will never come close to the ability of a modding scene to churn out new content. No one will care about base content once there's 1,000 mods and 500 custom maps that are all supported on the workshop or whatever.

SDK should have been the first and primary priority because once it exists people will literally make everything for you. Plenty of games have been pretty mediocre and then been elevated to something great through modding tools. By contrast, do the Devs really think another map or two in 2-3-6 months is going to make any difference at all?

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  • 27 Jun '19

I disagree with everything else Unlikely says, but there's nothing wrong with making the votekick window a bit clearer. They should begin by at least bringing it to the same standard as Chivalry; team damage %, idle time X, the vote is changeable & once it concludes it should tell both the servers players and the votekick target how many votes there were for yes / no. Right now all of that is missing.
This is typical to a lot of problems with Mordhau, issues which were resolved in Chiv literally 5+ years ago still exist in Mordhau despite all the benefits of hindsight. The server browser, for instance, which has no sorting mechanism, the recent tab still doesn't work at all, and is incapable of progressive updating, is substandard even compared to what was found in games in the early 2000s.
Same goes for the scoreboard, which somehow replicated the issue Chivalry had years ago with not displaying the bottom players when there's too many in the server. Mordhau seems to have thought about this because there's a scroll bar, but no way to actually scroll it down afaik.
After all of that is fixed, maybe then Dev's can consider Stalin- er, Unlikely's suggestions as to how to enforce complete fascist censorship over the player base to ensure their political views are upheld.

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  • 26 Jun '19

We must prevent toxicity in the game.
That means banning and censoring anyone who says mean words and disagrees with us.
They hurt my fee fees and those are the most important things in the world, and no matter how much I suck my thumb,
the hurt just doesn't go away.

a leftard spaz

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  • 1 Nov '19

Thoughts might imply you actually put some kind of thought, aka. rationale, behind it, not simply assert that you thought so without any explanation. As criticism goes, this is the non-constructive kind.

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  • 27 Nov '19

Well they just boosted most 1 handers and gave subtle nerfs to a lot of 2 handers. Still your points are valid... it is still a very 2 hand oriented game. I can see how from a beginners perspective it looks pretty crazy. The thing is there are counter points to a lot of what you raise here.

Take shields for instance; yes against multiple enemies you will probably get screwed. No, it doesn't make sense. But this isn't a realistic game. Things are the way they are for gameplay reasons, not realism. A shield can be a big advantage in a duel against one person because it allowed you to ignore feints and morphs. Against a group of people it still allows you to hold block against multiple people feinting and dragging. You just have to be prepared to drop block if you see someone about to kick. For that reason I suggest heater shield over kite shield if you're going to use one.

Likewise, a lot of the combat revolves around swing manipulation. You say mace is very slow, it can be but it's actually quite fast if used correctly, and the damage is not by any means bad, I think it is actually the hardest hitting of all the 1 handers, and it even out damages many 2 handers. It can 2 shot heavy armor because of being blunt. The stab used to be nightmarishly quick as well, though they did just slow that down in recent patch. But to do these things you have to understand drags and accels. I suggest looking those up on youtube if you want to get better.

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  • 20 Nov '19

@Humble Staff said:
I'm no melee god, not even good, i'd say medium level, but if you are using a two hander how do you end up at kick range so often?
Maybe you facehug too much to improve the animation raping and thus your offensive capabilities?

I want to say this is not a problem of "git gud" or of facehugging. I'm not going to brag about my skill level but I play in some low level comp matches and do pretty well. Moreover, this is not about me, I see other people get destroyed by kicks frequently, in fights that they are otherwise going to win, I've even seen people who abuse it admitting that it's pretty broken. Someone can be completely losing a fight and two kicks will reverse the odds instantly.

One of the biggest problems is when you run towards someone, especially when they are retreating, if that person kicks it seems to magically extend the range a ridiculous amount. I think it is lag compensation or something, but the kick can be as long as a greatsword in my experience. I had one guy tell me it's because the kick hits your arm/hand hitbox as you attack, so the kick range is way longer than it's supposed to be. This is also the case against shields, kicks magically grow more range against shield hitboxes. I don't really care about shields but it's worth mentioning just to point out that kick range is not consistent, although that one is intentional.

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  • 19 Nov '19

You might expect this is another whinge thread about kicks versus shields, but I'm not talking about shields. I think kicks are borderline broken in duels, 1v1, say two people with 2 handers fighting. The main reason I say this is that a lot of people have worked out how to exploit them really well, which is fine by itself, the problem is that kicks are way too rewarding for something that is extremely hard to counter.

I frequently have duels with people where I am winning, handily, because I tend to hard read a lot and rely on drags and accels more than morphs and feints. I did the same thing in Chivalry and it worked well there, because if you just spammed your stamina away you would get punished for it - which seems only right, considering hard reads of feints and morphs is one of the hardest things to do in the game. Doing it takes patience and good reflexes and ought to be something that's rewarded.

But not so in Mordhau. Usually I am winning on stamina, because I like to take a more defensive position. But, when my enemy is gasping for breath and I run in to continue landing hits, they can just pull out a very fast kick and completely reverse the entire battle in one hit. One hit that is not countered by anything other than another counter-kick, which in my experience very few people ever pull off, not unless it's one of the slow kicks from a combo. It's straight up one of the hardest things in the game to counter, relatively simple to pull off once you get it down, and utterly destroys the stamina meta. It's like a get out of jail free card for someone who just spammed all their stamina away.

It feels completely broken when hard reading feint after feint results in a stamina win, only to find yourself on the losing end of the fight (and still getting feinted by the other person) because they pulled off one kick on you. Kicking both drains the enemies stamina and rewards the kicker with more stamina themselves. It completely reverses the flow of battle in one move.

This whole criticism probably works into a bigger problem with the stamina system in general, which is that defense is never rewarded in any capacity, whilst pure offense is rewarded at every turn. You get stamina back on every hit, feints and morphs cost the least stamina of any move in the game despite being both the most powerful and the easiest to perform (out of say chambers, combos, kicks, feints and morphs, in that order from worst to best), and even losing all your stamina is often not punished in Mordhau with the jedi-grabs midair of weapons or super fast switching to secondaries.

Chambers would theoretically counter a lot of this bullshit except the devs in their infinite wisdom made the most difficult move to perform consistently also cost the most stamina, meaning chambers really aren't worth using a lot of the time. It's almost like they put chambers in the game to counter feints, but then decided that after all they really wanted the game to be all about spamming morphs and feints so they just nerfed chambers stamina cost until it evened out to the point that both are equivalent, even though the ease of using one is way less than the other.

TLDR: at the very least kicks either shouldn't drain the other persons stamina or shouldn't reward you with more stamina. I don't mind it being a useful move but don't make it some tide turning bullshit exploit where a person who dumpstered their entire fight can suddenly reverse the tables just because they got lucky one time. It's a bad mechanic and only rewards wasteful play styles.

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  • 12 Nov '19

They should do some sales.

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  • 10 Nov '19

Personally I think OP is right about the health regen. There needs to be a change with the way nobles work, right now the only incentive they have is to go max turtle and disengage from enemies, because it is in no way worth it to your team for you to be fighting, even if you are the best player on the team. Your survival is the objective, and any hit you take is a massive loss; people bitch at nobles for hiding in the tower on Feitoria for instance, but logically speaking it is by far the best move for them to make.

Still, I think there's a better option for nobles than health regen and that is to regain health on kill, as normal players already do. Reduce the amount a bit, to factor in how easy it is to get kills, but give them some incentive to actually fight. This means the nobles won't cower like spineless chickens in the back of the fort but instead come out and try to kill people so that they can remain alive. This makes it more balanced and more interesting for both attackers and defenders.

He's also totally right about attackers needing noble players. Right now in Grad and even more so Feitoria, all the best players just stack blue team at the start, since why wouldn't they; their options are between become a king (practically), or repeatedly die climbing a ladder.

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  • 15 Jul '19

@SWSeriousMike said:

@ShapiroLibtardsDieTwice said:
Banning people because of chat? No.

Why not?

The only reason you want to ban people is because the things they say offend you.
Well, the things you're asking for, offend me.
By that logic, why can't the Devs just ban you?