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  • 3 Jul '19

Quick note: I don't support/condone toxic/racist behaviour anywhere, now with that said...

If you don't want to see/read toxic/racist things in the chat, then the solution is simple, just hide the chat box. Out of sight, out of mind. Actually just go ahead & hide the kill feed & the killed by boxes too. The game is much less distracting & much more enjoyable with all 3 things turned off.

Now, potential issue/toxic/racist behaviour you probably won't be able to ignore are players on your team or the enemy team that decide to single you out, for how your character looks or for what gender you decide to play as.

Trolls will be trolls, toxic players will be toxic, & as evidenced in other multiplayer games made by triple-A & indie studios alike, it's hard to completely irradicate toxic behaviour in games because those kind of players will just come up with inventive ways to get around whatever system is in place.

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  • 6 Jul '19

Just out of interest, where do people keep plucking the idea that this is a "medieval european" slasher game from? I don't see it mentioned anywhere on the kickstarter campaign or the steam store page, or on the official homepage of Mordhau.

The medieval era spanned over many 100's of years, which includes a lot of different locations for warfare, a lot of different warriors of various ethnicities - & probably even gender. Moors for example in regards to non-white warriors, then of course you have the vikings, though apparently shield maidens actually existing seems to be in question (after a bit of googling), though many women (not necessarily as knights) participated in warfare in some form or other during the medieval ages.

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  • 5 Jul '19

haha, this thread is a right barrel of laughs.

For me the solution is as simple as:

  1. Don't want to read toxic/racist/sexist/whatever stuff in chat, then mute people or hide the chat.

  2. A report system would be nice to report overly toxic players & trolls, & after x reports the player gets looked into. Recordings/screenshots as evidence would probably be needed.

  3. Having the ability to actually scroll the score board & right click on players to issue a report/initiate a votekick would make things a whole lot simpler.

  4. The voteklck message should be hidden from the person who is getting votekicked or at least the name of the person issuing the votekick should not be shown - though a reason message would be nice.

@NikolaiLudovik based on how people are acting here & responding to not wanting x or y in the game because it will spoil their immersion or some shite, it probably will happen - even if it's just for the memes or whatever other reason.

Me, I don't care if they put men, women, dwarfs, furries, or different ethnicities into the game. I'm playing for the gameplay, not to go around getting people to do twirls so I can inspect their character/cosmetic choices. Who has the time to give two fucks about what the other players that are trying to hack you to pieces or cave your head in looks/sounds like? Having said that, I would really really appreciate it if the devs could put the character voice over lines on a separate volume channel so that we can turn those down or mute them entirely as I'm getting tired of listening to idiots constantly spamming voice lines or the battlecry one after the other throughout the entire match.

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  • 27 Jun '19

My ping/latency is always higher than whatever the ping says in the server browser. As a result I often end up with 70-120 ping/latency on most servers I join, with random ping spikes every so often up to about 300, which includes packet loss. My ping seems to a bit more stable in some non-official servers.

You could try forwarding the ports (I'm sure someone on here can explain how) in your firewall &/or deactivating your anti-virus whenever you play. Also try non-official servers via the server browser, but stay away from icefuse servers as they always say x ping, but when you join them almost everyone has a ping of 200 upwards.

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  • 25 Jun '19

For me it's a bit of a mixed bag. Thrust, Slash, Feint, Parry just don't register randomly.

I noticed it seems to happen a lot for me after I parry, which is especially bad when you are in frontlines with 1 vs x enemies & you parry then go in for a swing attack, but nothing happens so you just end up getting hacked up by them while standing there looking like an utter tool with your ding-dong in your hand.

It also happens randomly too where I've pressed my right mouse button to parry (while not attacking) & nothing happens, which is really fun on duel servers.

Me & a friend tested the stab chamber thing (he wanted to cheese the chamber achievement), & all we were doing was back & forth stabs. We did that for about 10+ minutes until he got the achievement. We'd more often than not make it until our stamina was almost drained, but there was quite a bunch of times where after a couple or thrusts back & forth that one of us would get stabbed. I just thought we were messing up the timing before, but now I don't think that was the case as it's not difficult to spam scroll the mouse wheel up, or tap whatever button/key you've bound thrust attacks to (in my case both of my thumb buttons).

In regards to input queue thing, it's a little annoying. You input a specific attack/feint/parry & your character decides to do something else entirely, like if I do a thrust/slash attack & they decide to do the opposite, or parry/feint instead. It makes me rage & shout at my screen more than the input delay issue.