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  • 15 Sep '19

Footsteps are still nonexistent. And horse audio is still a mix between 100m away and vaguely 30m away, there's no audio level difference between a horse 30m from you and 10m from you.

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  • 4 Sep '19

Feelings on the patch.

Netcode is fucked again. Randomly jumping between 60 and 300 ping. Was stable before. Also, I think the game lies about the ping anyways. Either that or it doesn't register my parries, but there's no way I only have 50-60 ping OR sometimes parries/ripostes/general attacks just don't get registered by the game. One of the two.

Horses shouldn't be able to cap points while moving. They can driveby neutralize a point, not even capture it, but rather just to keep people from spawning. Most noticeable on Grad and Mountain due to spawns not particularly close to the point with little incentive for red to be on their point unless they're forced onto the defense.

Horse receiving damage just doesn't work sometimes. I can hit a horseman at full gallop and they take normal damage.

Shields are so bad now it's hilarious. Just remove them if you can't balance them this "hotfix" makes them worse than just wielding a Bastard Sword in one hand.

Crossroads is a lot better now but it still feels red biased due to spawn locations for the mortar, which is ridiculously hard for blue to retake because of said mortar. But in general the two middle point system is MASSIVELY superior to the other maps in flow and fairness.

Mountain and Taiga are still imbalanced lmao why even bother maps the outcome is decided 90% of the time in both cases by the color you pick. The 10% of the time a bunch of good people decide they wanna try to carry but just end up steamrolling in the opposite direction.

Grad is still the most blue biased map that Red still wins regularly in the game. Everything about the map is Blue favored except the last point, which is still harder for Red to take out than it is for Blue to take out theirs. Blue gets two ballistae, high ground, endless chokepoints, actually usable defensive walls that block traffic unlike reds that do absolutely nothing to even slow Blue down, but the catapult is both easier for Blue to use and because they ALWAYS capture the Stables first, due to massively closer spawn distance, they even have easier access to the catapult. The Catapult is only useful for Red on taking the stables, it has no good firing angles for the castle or smithery. And yet Red still wins regularly. Funny that.

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  • 17 Sep '19


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  • 3 Sep '19

Noticing that horses are still one shotting even after being slowed, and riders not being one shot despite moving at full speed. I assume the riders might release the forward button as they're getting hit or something, because that's the only logical reason I can explain how I can hit a galloping horse rider in a full sprint and not one shot him.

Also horses can speed up while next to someone, who's technically "inside" the horse, which does a damage bump, even if the horse was stopped at a standstill.