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I'm wondering if anything will be done about the vote kick abuse?

This is the third time I've been kicked from a public matchmaking game for no reason.

The first time was when I declared someone a deliberate TKer and vote yes to kick him. He was just going around hitting his own teammates constantly and other people were complaining too. So he initiated a vote kick against me and it worked. The other two times I was top of the score board and someone just initiated a vote kick to troll me and it worked.

It's getting annoying. When they kick me I lose the EXP and Gold I would have earned, which is a lot usually.

Please fix!

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  • 10 Jun '19

Glad I'm not the only one. People just automatically vote Yes when it pops up to get rid of it, that is a problem.

If a player gets TK'd they should be given an option to vote kick that person, and if that person receives say 3 vote kicks during the match then they get the boot.

This system allows you to forgive your teammates by not voting against them if it was an accident (which it usually is), and the worst that can happen is you get TK'd twice by the same guy trolling, which isn't any worse than the accidents that regularly occur during a match.

Penalizing them with negative points might not help because trolls don't care, the lower their score the more effective they think they're being.

TK's are going to happen, it's part of the game and I get them all the time on accident, so let's not nerf anything there. Just make it so the trolls can be dealt with.

Or you could have a report player option, but that's a lot of overhead for the devs to deal with and it shouldn't be on them to police the community.

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  • 10 Jun '19

Your issue #1 with the ESC key is definitely a bug and also a problem with the way they designed the menus.

What seems to happen is if your mouse is over the EXIT button, you have to move the mouse away before ESC will do anything. That is very counter-intuitive. ESC should immediately exit any menu on the screen (respawn, character select, etc).

Furthermore, you shouldn't have to exit one menu to get to the other. Pressing M should always bring up the character select screen, whether your are in a menu or not. But if you already have the respawn menu open, M does nothing until you close that menu.

It's overall very counter-intuitive and I find myself mashing ESC often to no avail because of these quirks. It doesn't work the way you'd expect any other menu to work.

Also, I think the number one annoyance in this game for me is pressing attack buttons and not having them do anything. There is no attack queueing in this game as far as I know, you have to get everything just right, and that's part of the reason why it's frustrating. I think this just has to do with the mechanics and timing of the game (git gud). First of all, if you get hit by anything you will flinch and it cancels whatever attack you were doing, not only that, it seems to make your next attack queue up way slower, so if you're trying to get off an attack in between taking blows from an enemy, you're going to have a bad time, it's better to parry and regain some ground.

To make it even worse, it is super hard to read the animations for timing swings. For example, with the Zweihander you can test this easily. Do a parry and then try to queue an attack up after the parry. It is really hard to get the timing just right because after the parry, you have to wait until the ENTIRE animation is done. So it looks like your guy is ready to attack before he really is, because his sword is back down, but there's still a 0.5s of "elbow bob" animation happening there you have to wait out. It's super annoying.

For what it's worth I watched the video and I don't think I've had that problem, it looks like it's just failing to register the inputs. There are times however where I'm spamming attack knowing an attack should happen and nothing is happening, but I just write that off to me not understanding the game, so I'm not sure what it is exactly.