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  • 19 Jan

@FirePig said:

Game should hide level of players.

I recently reached LVL 100 and after that game turned into a real hell.When I play just for fun (with pans, stones, fists, or maybe an archer), players start whining and insulting me."- Where are your frags? You're nub. Your mommy is ♥♥♥♥♥..." This is the FIRST reason.

SECOND reason: when players see other players with high levels, they often sit in spectators to wait in line to enter the team with the same high-level guys. What's even more fun, guys with high levels do same! And in almost any game there is just wild imbalance.

By the way, after second reason,first also begins. Lol.

How solve this problem and not lose old players? Easy, just need hide level in scoreboard (TAB button).

I often talked with old players, and this is main reason why they deleted game forever.

PS: I hope that at least one developer of this game reads this and discusses my proposal with colleagues. Because it becomes impossible to play Mordhau.

happens to me every time when i play,
you can go silent as much in the chat,
i mostly play without any feints, morphs and nearly always only with drags and accels
and still you get hated for the lvl(197), being a tryhard and shiz like that.. even when i dont care winning or just trolling around

i dont really care about that trigger-attempt - it only starts to bother when they try to votekick you for being a high lvl player..
which is always the case after a while

your team lost- its your fault
your team win - its your fault
its all your fault..

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  • 2 Sep '19

@equine said:
executioner did not have it's release increased by 25ms in this patch. was this a balance choice or an oversight?


Beside that...
Cant describe this good enough, because english is not my native language, but:

Whats up with a generally Stabbing fix - we are still able to stab somebody with the middle of the weapon, when we missed the Attack and just re-aim it fast enough into the enemy... there is a window for that..
painted something for that.. to describe it maybe a lil bit better:

Generally the aiming/hitboxes(?) in the Game is/are not accurate,
sometimes swords hit you, but the animation looks like they couldnt, like they are a feet too much away from you
and still they hit..

same with overheads, cant count how many times i made overheads into crowds of blue and reds,
to just kill an enemy between my mates, because they were not able to kill him..
guess what.. my screen shows me that i directly hit the enemys head(my eyes also saw this... lol),
but game SAYS team-damage... and no enemy damage at all..

i mean, helloooo.. i just hit a enemy head, nothing else..

and there we come to another problem, i encountered numerous times in the game, pre and post latest big patch,
the hitboxes are also sometimes disappear randomly and arent accurate at all

like how swing ends, and i know for sure, after nearly 600 hours only on the exe, how long the swing is..
but still i miss the enemy hitbox sometimes with the tip of the exe

and finally
the exe sword with katz* has an skin-/texture-break in the middle
it would be nice, if this get fixed aswell:

So for me, the only Update-News i would really applaud to, are:

Stabbing is fixed
Hitboxes are fixed
Aiming is fixed
Exe Skin fixed

i'm generally really happy that you guys come up with such fast Hotfixes now
nice refreshing surprise!
Thank you!

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  • 24 Feb

I read that more frequently in the game chat lately, that players seems to be invisible to other players.
I've not yet encountered the problem by myself, but was waiting for any recorded evidence to report it & here it is..

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  • 14 Feb

i would bet the hitboxes & hitreg still arent fixed in the next patch, since how many patches then now? dunno anymore..
the exe will also not being fixed, i would bet again
stab fix ... nope
horses wont get thinner collis
teammarkers wont be ON by default
still no toggle for Team-Colors in the Char-Editor Screen
still no "always run"-function instead of just the toggle-option we have..
still not a complete steam-name support(unicode)
the cata will still getting stuck or jump around like crazy.. means also no cata fix
archer weapon-change time wont be increased, but archery will just get new stuff or buffs(because they arent disgusting enough already)
there will be some hotfixes after the patch(1-2), then they will change something completely unexpected as test in the last hotfix
and we'll go through fire and back(-rage) until the next patch arise in over a half year
cant wait...

mark my words. good day. 8|

btw. since when has the fire becoming that ugly again, didnt they reworked it, just lately played without fireproof for a while and was shocked how ugly it is, feels way more shit than back in the days..
and horses also still ride through us like wind through a full clothesline, wasnt there a rework to slow them down somehow?

whats up with the spawning while playing with controller - cant choose spawns properly when i'm in potatoe-mode on the couch

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  • 4 Nov '19

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
The nobles one shotting with rapier is ridiculous. I would also argue that nobles shouldn't have any bonus damage at all if they can't be flinched and can move freely around the keep. I think it's cool that they do get to move around and aren't tied to one specific room, but the bonus damage is absurd. Leave one shotting and bonus damage for the commanders and guard captains or whatever.

Frontline objectives and point placement feel wrong. It would make the most sense to me if Feitoria was more like Crossroads: Two teams spawn on opposite sides of the map and choose which objective to take first and in whichever order they want, multiple at the same time should they choose.

If this can't be accomplished then the point order should be reversed: Where red has to take the village first, then town gates/ town square and then finally the keep. The objective in the keep could be killing the NPC commander much like Grad. Attacking the keep as the middle objective is just too blue sided and feels wrong. It would make more sense to attack the city first in Frontline. Invasion objective order plays fine, it's just in FL where it feels weird and plays too blue sided.

Also, killing the villagers/townsfolk in both Frontline and Invasion is way too easy. There needs to be either more of them or better defensible spots in the town that's less spread out.

They also have a absurd Hitbox on their Weapons and also the Body, same like the King.

  • The Range/Weapon-Model doesnt fit visually to its Weapon-Hitbox - so they are able to stab you, and you see the Rapier doesnt reach you visually, but still it does & kill you...
    makes it impossible to estimate, when you have to block etc.
  • I also read a lot in the Chat, that Players glitched into & out of the Nobles when fighting/jumping onto them etc.,
    but i didnt encountered this by myself yet
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  • 3 Aug

@lazy said:
John Wilkes Booth was a hero.

„Sic sempre tyrannis!"

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@Bluellama said:
It's a vocal minority.

..are we delighted with the presence of a Messiah or do you just have a broken Crystalball?
Beside that, it seems you've no Idea about the opinion of the broad mass
If you just wanna lick some butts, do it by your own, but please stop harnessing other Players into it..

Beside that, this Forum Community gave them way more of your so called "good feedback" than i've ever seen in the discord.
Maybe its one of the reason Players are upset, because we wasnt "relevant" to them... *just sayin

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  • 11 Apr

yep @ ZugZugNeverEnds
zero dev comments regarding the balancing.. didnt played since days..
i really wonder how over 5k players enjoy this garbage balancing actually

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  • 24 Feb

@Cracksmith said:
Does carnifex have an off switch? Or at least a volume control?

you are not the center of the world, not omniscient, not perfect and above all:
my opinion is mine and your opinion is yours and these opinions are never the norm,
because the norm is made by several together,
doesnt matter how often you search for disputes like a toddler,
as if your favorite shop would not offer the lollipop because I expressed my wish for chocolate ...

beside that, you derail the thread with offtopic nonsens or even are you looking for litigation & this not only for the first time now ..
you dont like my opinions, i got that .. now do us both a favor, grow and shut up.

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  • 10 Feb

I dont know how they they got into that, but it was on purpose regarding to the chat, where the commandant admit, he will also leave it at the 5 min. timer


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  • 11 Oct '19

no more fun to play, this perennial waiting for fixes, the lack of content, the lack of interest for suggestions even if they are common sense and the shitty netcode/servers or whatever excuse to insert for this.. has becoming way too much to
outweighs the experience, love for the genre & idea behind that...

the fights doesnt even feel the same since the last two updates/hotfixes,
with 780hrs i now end up in the middle board very often
enemys start their swing and your dead immediatly.. (i mean there is zero time between this)
blocking is impossible... if i look to the fps it doesnt even show a framedrop or anything, same with ping, everything looks normal
oh and without this magical matrix timejump, i'm still happy if the blocks even trigger,
because sometimes also nothing happens..

and these strange things comes and go, with every new update or hotfix
one breaks it, the other fix it, the next breaks it again
but the last one or two just changed the fighting completely for me

i was tryin now for weeks, but nah i dont really find back into the game(-fights)

but whatever, what could i say more, thx for the time it lasted...

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  • 1 Oct '19

Grad Invasion is broken in terms of gameplay
just had a match now, where some guys killed the warden & king in the first phase of the round with spikes
right in the moment the first phase ended, red lost immediatly

i would bet this will happen a lot now in the next days and it screams for a hotfix...

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  • 30 Sep '19

same with the overhead and exe, the end of the swing doesnt hit anymore in the end-animation-phase

hitboxes are generally still broken and disappears

and what can i say, my old post from last patch is still a current one

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  • 27 Sep '19

... its hopeless

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  • 18 Sep '19

Ok Guys,
we need a Hotfix, the Game completely broke now since the last Night.

Most if not all Players lose their Progress,
after they get the "Please Wait..." Message (for several Minutes waiting...) at the Start of the Game.

Everything started over Night, when we cant spawn anymore and got kicked after some Seconds with:
Kicked from server "Timed out while waiting for the inventory"

I noticed we had a Steam-Update right in this Situation,
so i would assume, this has something to do with it.

Because the losing of Progress happened after Steam Update,
and the "Timed out while waiting for the inventory" just didnt let us Spawn and kicked us out of Lobbys before.

I would suggest, that everyone who isnt able to play anymore with Inventory Time-Out,
shouldnt start the Game anymore, after they updated the Steam Client,
UNTIL the Devs gives us a Hotfix.
Because otherwise you could lose all of your Progress.


@Void said:
Steam maintenance caused the problem.

There was 2 announcements in discord.

"It appears that the regular steam maintenance is either still in progress or has affected our backend in some way. We apologize for this interruption and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks."

"During this time, if you encounter the "please wait" inventory screen for more then 30 seconds or so, we advise that you close down the game and try again later. Waiting on it, may incur some inventory conflicts. Thanks"

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  • 6 Sep '19

@bobbydigital said:

@DefendinMyBase said:
Feelings on the patch.

Netcode is fucked again.

Crossroads is a lot better now but it still feels red biased due to spawn locations for the mortar, which is ridiculously hard for blue to retake because of said mortar. But in general the two middle point system is MASSIVELY superior to the other maps in flow and fairness.

Mountain and Taiga are still imbalanced lmao

Grad is still the most blue biased map that Red still wins regularly in the game. Everything about the map is Blue favored except the last point.

The forums will say it's all in your head, the game is perfect and so are the maps.

I have been dying a lot, parrying but they do not register.
Maps, didn't seem to received any useful updates apart from Crossroads.

They have the new invasion mode in the pipe line but I think it only has 2 maps, so will be another mode with very limited map choices and if 1 map is bad then half the maps for that mode are bad.

well, the netcode or whatever "they" call this pingpongshow happening ingame, is indeed wrecked up.
i also have framedrops since the update, and no patch/hotfix after this made it slightly better.
the fights now feels so honkywonky, sometimes even -30s are able to kill me easily because input isnt registered or framedrops do their job perfectly timed.., dont wanna mention the lack of hitboxes etc.pp here again

the last 3 days i can play maybe 3-4 rounds and then i'm done
dont wanna puke on my keyboard...

if i would be a tester of this game, i would say them: reroll all this changes, except the crossroads fix
because the game were running very good for me before the update & hotfixes

sad to say this :/

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  • 20 Jul '19

"At the moment, development is focused more around our short-term goals ..."

very good decision, win win!

beside that, i hope you guys also add a proper unicode support for the names,
so we see our user-/player-names in-game, like we can see them on steam

best wishes

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  • 14 Jul '19

Same just happened to me now

Joined a LObby on Grad/Frontline
somebody trapped our blue Spawn in the Castle
and i found out who, and initiated a votekick on him
got kicked myself in 20 seconds...

its the same Shiz i already encountered in csgo.. :/

Edit: i will try to find the guy again... to report him
wasnt possible, couldnt find the right server again...