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@Manu said:
The 3/3/3 speed penalty from held block shields is applied even if the shield is in hand but not blocking. There is a noticeable running speed difference when I stow away the shield.

That's intended.

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@Tee said:
I have been experiencing this the last few games. A vote pops up and everyone votes yes right away for literally no reason. I don't tk, I make it a point to avoid it as much as possible, yet... I get vote kicked. It's absolutely abused. I think the proposed fix with a toxic community like this is the completely take out the votekick option and instead incorporate TKs as double score taken away (-200) or add a threshold for TKs such as consecutive kills against teammates (5 or so). This was the only thing I could think of to avoid these issues. Cause I've seen it multiple times that people get kicked for literally nothing or one accidental TK cause a dude and his friends are raging in their discord channel hardcore and it seems to only take 3 votes to kick someone.

Sadly, this is one of the most toxic communities I've played in. I enjoy the game, but I am losing interest because of the toxicity and vote-kicking. If you even so much as disagree with someone votekicking you it pretty much solidifies your votekick.

Now assholes on duel servers are untouchable if there is no admin