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@LoPan said:
I don’t have a problem reading any weapons.

Pls. Polearm lower strikes (especially riposted) look like idle animations until you suddenly get cucked for 50+ damage at their first frame of release.

I'm a strong believer in getting good at a game but honestly even Chivalry's Powerpoint-framerate animations were sometimes easier to read.

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I noticed both the Bastard Sword and the Messer can only be found via the search bar, they're neither in the one-handed nor the two-handed category (should probably be in both, right?).

Also the page number doesn't update correctly. If you browse the two-handed weapons all the way to the end you're on page 3/3. If you then click on the one-handed tab the page will say 3/2.

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@LoPan said:

lol the dodge is tiny when you try to use it but seems huge when fighting sum1 doing it, don't see how that's even possible tho.

if you think dodge is what's wrong with the game and are fine with 12 ft swords you are part of the problem sadly.

You find a way to turn literally every single post into complaining about zweis lmfao.

Funny thing is the real good players don’t even use that trash and you’re just bad.

WARSAW and some absolute lunatic called Loin were the only reason I kept up with the Chivalry forums back in the day. They always provide quality banter.

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Depends on the weapon you combine it with.

Yes, you're not gonna get much value out of Dodge if you combine it with a Short Sword, Dagger etc.

On the other hand Spear+Dodge is so stupidly effective for the few braincells it requires to hold S and spam SPACE. It's not gonna work against top players but you're guaranteed to win the stamina game against everyone else.

It can alse be useful for newer players who aren't good at reading feints yet. Weapons like Maul and War Axe force you to be close to the opponent where feint reading is most difficult, so Dodge can help them get that little bit of distance to make reading easier.

I'm all for a Dodge buff/rework if it also addresses some common complaints:

  • It's so fast it's practically a teleport.
  • It takes less stamina to dodge than it does to cftp...
  • ...which combined with Dodge's lack of cooldown means spamming panic dodges is more effective than it should be.
  • You can't know beforehand which player has Dodge. In Chivalry you always knew.

Personally I'd make Dodge cover more distance at a slower speed, with either a cooldown or a stamina increase. Probably more like a dodge roll.

Instead of being an alternative to parrying it'd mostly be useful to reset positioning/escape a potential gangbang.

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Don't buff crossbow damage. Buff its weapon switch speed instead. Let players fire a quick bolt during a fight with the crossbow while the bows remain as actual dedicated archer weapons.

Simply put, crossbows are historically the "easier" alternative to bows. They're lighter, smaller, don't require as much practice and don't put a lot of strain on your muscles. Their drawback was a long reload time - meaning parties would usually have to alternate "waves" of crossbowmen so the previous wave has time to reload.

Why Mordhau is so determined to follow Chivalry's mistake of implementing the crossbow as a shotgun that somehow deals more damage and has more range than a huge longbow is beyond me.

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@SherbershLemel said:
your options against horses:

avoid them (be aware of horse circuits)
shoot them with arrow
use siege equipment
trap them with firepot
parry them
build spikes
use shield
bear trap
use billhook
use another horse
attack them normally (requires skill)

frontline requires teamwork and tactics, im sorry that your jon snow builds aren't working out

While some of these options DO work, horse hitboxes are broken AF and beats all of the above.
It's hard to "outplay" a horse rider when his/her spear hits you long before it visually should and any attacks you attempt in return ghost through the horse.

Probably worse is the poor gameplay design revolving horses. Everything is in the riders' favor and I do mean absolutely everything.

  • Momentum-based damage for both parties? Nah, only the guy on foot receives bonus damage and gets one-shot. When the footsoldier instead hits the rider at full speed, only normal damage is dealt.
  • Contact with the horse immediately flinches and cancels your attack on foot. Makes it near impossible to fight back. Not even a javelin to the face flinches you but horses do.
  • No penalties whatsoever for riding your horse head-first into a wall at full speed. If an enemy is standing in front of said wall he'll get one-shot because of your momentum, but that very same momentum somehow does not harm the rider nor the horse when they hit the wall afterwards.

If Mordhau wants realism, Mordhau better implement realism all the way. Don't half-ass it to favor the horses.

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As a EU player, trust me when I say you're not missing out on anything. The 64p servers - while admittedly having fairly good latency for such a large amount of players compared to similar games - are a mindless clusterfuck, featuring non-stop barrages of teammate maul headshots and cavalry insta-deaths from all directions.

I would kill for some more 10p, 16p, 24p servers even if Front-line wasn't designed for that. 99% of all populated servers in EU are either Contraband duels or 64p Front-line spamfests.

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@juqual said:
... ... ...

You already made your little thread, stop salting in other topics.

@OP Removal of horse trampling flinch would be great. Personally I'd also tweak the momentum-based damage as it only seems to favor the rider right now. If a horseman gets smacked by a simple stick while going full speed it should do insane damage and knock him off his horse.

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Blunt weapons having an additional niche like fucking up someone's stamina or shield doesn't sound half bad in theory. Would need considerable tweaking to be actually balanced though.

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@takemura said:

@SWSeriousMike said:

@takemura said:
This is the problem with this game, you people are afraid of archers that is why you want them nerfed and then spew crap like : "archuruh uts un a greut sput!" yeah, great spot to kill archers with 0 effort.

Aren't you the guy that wants to ban female avatars because his raging boner would make him even more awkward?

Stop proyecting yourselff.

I wouldn't worry so much man, raging boners help me focus during gameplay. It's a vicious cycle too because killing Spear mains gets me even more erect.

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I just tried this outside, can confirm it's a little difficult to sprint in a straight line while bobbing like a chicken

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There isn't one, probably because it promotes toxicity (flaming enemies/teammates when they kill you for "ruining your KD") and it just generally has no business being tracked in a game where protecting your team or the objective often means sacrificing your life.

It also doesn't help that many maps have "stuck spots" that force you into pressing the suicide button.

The game also doesn't appear to have any autobalance whatsoever (other than the basic "Team A has more players so you can only join team B") and two out of four frontline maps are very noticably unbalanced. I'd really rather not see people worry about their stats with all this going on.

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Simple question. Why does it take forever to switch back to your weapon after using bandages or throwing a knife/rock/whatever? Bandages in particular have an insane delay after usage where you're just a sitting duck.

Is this an issue to be addressed soon or was it done for balance purposes? Because if it's the latter then I don't think making something frustrating and unresponsive is the best approach.