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@bobbydigital said:
My system struggles with fps in invasion mode.

Ryzen 5 1600x
16gb ddr3
rx580 8gb
Samsung evo ssd

Sometimes it's dropping from 90 fps to 35/40.
I just think there's too many players in the server for such a mode, at least for the average pc user.
So many players in one place, not sure if it's my hardware not being good enough or the server struggling with having say 40 players in one place at any given time.

Not up for potato mode though.

Nah, Invasion just runs far worse than any other mode right now, I wouldn't blame your hardware.

Those dummies probably didn't set up LODs for the many peasants or burning houses. Or too many intensive tick events (that run every frame).

Plus Invasion is just generally not as suited for 64p clusterfucks as Frontline is so it's time for separate servers.

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@PatPeter said:
Thank you!!! This is exactly what I was searching for and it was extremely helpful. Talk about a confusing keygroup name. I never would have gotten that right without a copy and paste.

You do realize the OP is asking a question, not answering one?

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The problem with momentum-based damage is that it requires almost a complete overhaul of most fundamental mechanics in order for it to work:

  • Stab-focused weapons like Spear or Estoc become terrible if stab drags deal virtually no damage, as regular stabs are too easy to parry.
  • 1vX goes from already near impossible to nonexistent if a riposte target switch swing deals only 20 damage.
  • Weapons like Maul rely on swing manipulation to make up for poor feints.
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@ນ҉ັ҉ກ҉ຮ҉ົ҉ບ҉ said:
I lost me plat II rank because of a(n) 3/3/3 guy with a dagger and shield yelling at me to kys isnt that bitchen

They added a mute function specifically for special boys like you, why don't you use it?

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Neat, I can't wait to get one-shot by shady looking side-stabs because the game can't tell the difference.

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@Mr_Obliviousness said:
Yeah but that doesnt seem to work

What am I supposed to do with that kind of reply?

It DOES work. Use big brain.

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There's no parry cooldown with shields, they completely break the flow of your 1vX, they can hold block for 10 seconds while still being allowed to riposte and kicks are extremely risky in a teamfight. They block projectiles both actively and passively and your movement speed is pretty much unaffected even while holding up the heaviest shield available.

Shields are great in (large) teamfights because the time and mechanics required to deal with a shield user mean you'll allow his teammate to get a free hit on you.
Convince a decent amount of teammates to stack shields (good luck with that in pubs) and you're virtually unstoppable.

Shields aren't underpowered in general. If you wanna focus on the fact they don't dominate in duels or 3v3 that's your choice.

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Sledgehammers cannot be thrown, you're talking about different Maul skins.

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@Rergato said:
If they just make the turn cap when the shield is raised suuuper slow (making the shielder have to lower it to efficiently turn) I think then shields would be fine..

It’d make trying to stab them in their blind spots a lot better because they wouldn’t be able to turn like a beyblade unless they lower the shield.

It's already pretty easy to side stab around a shield though.

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@Gambit said:

@VampireDuck said:
theres also the problem of people turning skirmish into duel servers, like why the fuck do people want to make every gamemode duel?

I don't like that either, but if it's down to 1v3 sometimes doing it is fun and respectful.

I have a signature

It encourages people to dick around near their spawn, avoid any encounters and then throw their hands in the air yelling "DUELS!" when they're inevitably the last man standing.

At least half the time I join a Skirmish server the top scoring players are terrible teamplayers who happen to be good at 1v1.

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@ZipZip said:
Yea, and I don't think it would be taken serious anyways. I mean it's just horde mode where someone spawns himself in with full gear. Protect the hackers :)

Not really, they respond pretty quickly on the Discord and as long as you have proof they'll add them to the banlist on the spot, regardless of gamemode.

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Frontline is probably going to get much better maps in the future anyway (and Invasion will hopefully be good enough to be pushed as the new "main mode" and take FL's place in the matchmaking screen).

So for now I'm actually okay with one-sided stomps.
Yeah, it sucks when you know you don't stand a chance after only three minutes, but I'd rather have quick losses than super balanced FL matches where you just keep losing and recapturing the same farm at the center of the map.

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@ZugZugNeverEnds said:

@chair-apparent said:

@Goof said:
Mountain Peak is absolutely not balanced. Blue point is much easier to defend and blue spawns in general are much closer to the objectives. Not to mention if red is pushed past their point they are fucked completely due to bottlenecking at every entrance to the castle. Imo is the second worst map behind Crossroads.

Crossroads you hit every major issue. My main quarrel with Crossroads is the fact that middle is considered a spawn point despite spawning in the exact same spot.

The spawning on Crossroads make sense if we look at it as a King of the Hill game mode.

but its not king of the hill mode... its frontline/deathmatch/whatever mode.

Team Deathmatch with circles.

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Glancing Blow is already in the game and all it does is fuck you up during 1vX.

I've never once had Glancing Blow occur to punish my drags, the only time it triggers is when I try to riposte Dumb #1's swing into Dumb #2 standing behind me.

It gets in the way because it feels like a last-minute attempt to minimize dragging even though the game'd be stale without it. I'd rather not have such mechanics.

So while it's good to discuss realism in Mordhau from time to time, I believe any sort of "realistic momentum" damage system would never work both in duels and teamfights.

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I really like the variety in weapons and armor.

I really dislike that there's not a single map I'd consider to be in a finished state.

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Trying to repair stuff on the ground is kinda frustrating right now because you'll usually miss. I saw a reddit post from 2 months ago that talked about this but I don't believe it's been implemented yet(?).

The extra range only being in effect while repairing would obviously be preferable but if that's not possible then having the wooden mallet and blacksmith hammer just be a bit longer probably wouldn't be the end of the world either.

The placement system is a little too strict (especially for mini-ballistae) in my opinion. Is this to prevent clipping or other issues? It's annoying when you believe you found the perfect ballista location but end up having to spam LMB in a 5m radius until you find that one tiny spot that's allowed. Maybe add a small circular floor to the ballista preview model that indicates how much flat terrain is required around it?

Finally it'd be nice if we weren't teleported at random anymore when a structure is healed/damaged. I'm all for practising my 1vX skills but it's a little much when I try to place a wall between the enemies and myself but then end up teleported to the other side, locked into a 1v10 with no way out.

Edit: Maybe an additional ~5 degrees in either direction for the mini-ballista to turn in. FL maps in general are too open for their currently restrictive turncap.
Or maybe if an engineer destroys his/her own structure they'll get some ammo back to place a new one instead.

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@LoPan said:
I don’t have a problem reading any weapons.

Pls. Polearm lower strikes (especially riposted) look like idle animations until you suddenly get cucked for 50+ damage at their first frame of release.

I'm a strong believer in getting good at a game but honestly even Chivalry's Powerpoint-framerate animations were sometimes easier to read.

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I noticed both the Bastard Sword and the Messer can only be found via the search bar, they're neither in the one-handed nor the two-handed category (should probably be in both, right?).

Also the page number doesn't update correctly. If you browse the two-handed weapons all the way to the end you're on page 3/3. If you then click on the one-handed tab the page will say 3/2.

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@LoPan said:

lol the dodge is tiny when you try to use it but seems huge when fighting sum1 doing it, don't see how that's even possible tho.

if you think dodge is what's wrong with the game and are fine with 12 ft swords you are part of the problem sadly.

You find a way to turn literally every single post into complaining about zweis lmfao.

Funny thing is the real good players don’t even use that trash and you’re just bad.

WARSAW and some absolute lunatic called Loin were the only reason I kept up with the Chivalry forums back in the day. They always provide quality banter.

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Depends on the weapon you combine it with.

Yes, you're not gonna get much value out of Dodge if you combine it with a Short Sword, Dagger etc.

On the other hand Spear+Dodge is so stupidly effective for the few braincells it requires to hold S and spam SPACE. It's not gonna work against top players but you're guaranteed to win the stamina game against everyone else.

It can alse be useful for newer players who aren't good at reading feints yet. Weapons like Maul and War Axe force you to be close to the opponent where feint reading is most difficult, so Dodge can help them get that little bit of distance to make reading easier.

I'm all for a Dodge buff/rework if it also addresses some common complaints:

  • It's so fast it's practically a teleport.
  • It takes less stamina to dodge than it does to cftp...
  • ...which combined with Dodge's lack of cooldown means spamming panic dodges is more effective than it should be.
  • You can't know beforehand which player has Dodge. In Chivalry you always knew.

Personally I'd make Dodge cover more distance at a slower speed, with either a cooldown or a stamina increase. Probably more like a dodge roll.

Instead of being an alternative to parrying it'd mostly be useful to reset positioning/escape a potential gangbang.