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  • 31 Aug '19

Remember in Chivalry's duel mode where archers oneshotting you from across the map was totally fine but you weren't allowed to equip throwing axes/knives.

Fun times. Banning ranged weapons from duels in Mordhau was the right call.

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  • 18 Aug '19

@SushiFish said:
I wouldn't blame Jax as the community manager for this shitfest. He is probably trying his best with the limited amount of information given to him by the other developers. Seems like they have just caved in and are having a hardtime doing anything right anymore.

Partially, yeah. I reckon he's not given much information to work with and it sucks being the middle guy dealing with backlash.

On the other hand, and I mean no personal offense to the guy, he's not acting like a community manager. With the exception of the one proper July dev update (which was really well done) his presence is scattered across random short posts. There is no #1 official way to know about upcoming patches, no single thread where we find developer updates, not even a pinned topic with info like where to report a hacker.

Jax if you're reading this, here are some ideas that don't require input from the other devs:

  • Periodic community tournaments. No money required whatsoever. Maybe a unique forum badge or weapon skin for the winners.
  • Weekly balance discussions. This week we disuss Estoc, next week Eveningstar. That sort of thing.
  • Community polls. What kind of official map would the community like to see next? How would players feel if X was added to the game?
  • Screenshot Saturdays.
  • A forum category or pinned topic for modding/mapmaking. It's clear the community wants to get craftin' even if the SDK isn't out yet, might as well make it easier for them in the meantime.
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  • 16 Aug '19

@jakkre said:

Essentially, we don't want to hold back an update if it's possible, as there's no real reason to keep ranked from coming if it's ready and the maps aren't, but the maps are very close to being done, so we'll see what happens.

Will there also be a MMR for the frontline mode or just for ranked?
As a beginner I'm tired of facing mostly hardcores in this game and I could bet that many other newcomers feel the same.
It is not fun to be in every match the cannon fodder for all the hardcores in this game. Pls separate us newbs from them.

Chivalry had "low rank servers" (only lv1-lv15 players allowed) and it was probably the worst idea the developers ever implemented, especially because Chivalry's skill curve revolves around mastering controversal spinny boi moves.

Instead of new players complaining immediately they would just be in their own little bubble until after a few hours they couldn't play on their special little servers anymore. Then they'd have to join a real server against good players and they'd just complain as much as before the lowrank servers were added.

Mordhau may not have the same broken moves as Chivalry but if there's one thing to take away from these lowrank servers it's that you don't learn anything fighting against bad players. You can't protect players from getting stomped (whether that's at lv1 or lv16), the only important difference is whether those players rage and uninstall or if they rise to the challenge and improve.

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  • 7 Aug '19

@LukeJ428 said:
what I don't like is when there's teammates spamming smoke bombs everywhere and you're running through an entire battlefield completely blind with no way to stop it.

There's already a counter to those kinds of teammates, a Maul loadout without Friendly.

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  • 13 Jul '19

But we already have longsword, so you'd have to rename Bastard Sword to longersword.

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  • 2 Jul '19

@smellycathawk said:

@Shitscrubber64 said:

@Jax said:
We're really bad with timelines, we thought the game would originally come out in march 2018 - we're working on some things (new maps, ranked, etc) and they're nearing completion. We'd like to give more concrete estimates but it's hard without layers of project management and staff, as it stands at the moment we've got 9 devs all working remotely.

Assuming you already have at least the occasional Discord session with the other devs for a status update, the only missing link here would be a community manager.

If you don't have one yet, hire one.
If you already have one, fire him/her.

Screenshot (367).png


Shit, that is awkward.

Hire more.

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  • 25 May '19

@Caliko said:
Use your political prowess and initiate a vote kick.

Good luck with that in a 64p clusterfuck where you have to sort through the playerlist to find that one correct dude with the weird symbols in his name and then have to explain in chat why you're votekicking him, hoping people on your team notice and vote yes and people in the enemy team won't vote no just because they want an easy win.

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@Snake Skin said:
They removed Tourney from the base game and you now have to download it as a mod, why is this not listed?
Or did that happen in an earlier patch?

Tourney is certainly still in the game. You probably connected to a server that was running some other mod(s) you had to install.

Which does remind me that modded servers/custom maps should have some kind of special color in the server browser. I'm getting so sick of clicking on a seemingly vanilla server and then suddenly "DOWNLOADING MODS... (946 MB)"

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I think he means what the devs are prioritizing, which is definitely competitive over casual.

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Currently the ability to see your target's name and alliance is using the same setting as seeing their healthbar: it's the "Target Info" checkbox under HUD settings.

I don't really care for the new healthbar but I can't turn it off without going completely blind as to who I'm fighting. Could they be separate options?

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Okay I take back what I said about the copy-paste king objectives. They're actually implemented really well in Mountain Peak and Castello.

The torch objectives though... it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief. Running around throwing torches at small piles of books when we could just rip them ourselves or... you know, use the torch to burn them without throwing it like a caveman.

Most of the objectives are fairly good from a gameplay-perspective but logically they make 0 sense.

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A sloped castle for Invasion where the entire map is basically just an uphill battle. I think it'd work as long as there are enough flat spaces too and they don't bother trying to make it Frontline-compatible.


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@esturias said:

@SWSeriousMike said:
This topic will be moved.

I don't think we have a dedicated subforum for unnecessary threads with unfunny content that has been discussed to death already.

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@thecamguy said:
This is almost exactly what Torn Banner did for Chiv, but in this case we do not have adequate map development tools. I can't even find any sort of documentation on how to make a map. I think it would be a great idea, if said tools and documentation were available. As it stands, you basically need to know how to make your own UE4 game from scratch to make even a basic map. I don't think I've seen a single custom frontline/invasion map so far, its just so hard to put together without a more specialised version of the UE4 dev kit.

Check out the Mordhau mapping & modding Discord, they recently released an updated unofficial SDK.
It's not perfect but if you want to start creating your own content it's certainly doable now.

And it has example maps per gamemode + extensive documentation.
But yes, basic UE4 knowledge is required.

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Don't forget to link to your clan's hastily built free Wordpress site, complete with a dead forum that - despite only having one member - already goes into full detail about the different moderator permissions.

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@Runagate said:
Yeah this idea is fucking stupid, there would be no reason to not use this perk always on every build

This'll sound really shocking but hear me out, okay?


Perks cost points.

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It's made in China so probably won't last long

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@PC_Principal said:
Maul isn't fine. Make it deal 90 or 95 on t1-t3 heads, maybe only t2 and t3 survives maul head? Or only t1 and t2?
Nerf stab damage hard. (22, equaling 5 hits but enough to finish off someone you hit in the head before)
Stamina drain isn't my biggest concern. It's also not THAT easy to play maul yourself and set up the feints without getting hit.
Also revisit animations in slow mo and try to sync them with actual hits. It feels to me like sometimes maul hits before it's animation does.

Maul's one-shot gimmick is the only thing keeping it from fading into uselessness. And it's already bad at high level.

Suggesting they remove that one-shot potential against helmets should be combined with a huge buff to make up for it, not even more nerfs. I can see you find the Maul a frustrating/skillless weapon to fight against but effectively removing it from the game isn't the answer.

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They can literally bail on the entirety of Mordhau for all I care, as long as they bring out the official mod tools first. There are so many of us just waiting to start working on the map/mod they have in mind.

The unofficial SDK is a great initiative but leaves much to be desired.

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  • 29 Dec '19

Because most (casual) team-based gamemodes are plagued by a heavy armor meta right now. If they were all running around with 1/1/1 equipment nobody would use a maul.

As for competitive viability... honestly I can't base it off my own experience since neither I nor anyone I know takes this game remotely serious. But if Giru's scrims are anything to go off maul isn't particularly useful at high level.