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But we already have longsword, so you'd have to rename Bastard Sword to longersword.

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We're really bad with timelines, we thought the game would originally come out in march 2018 - we're working on some things (new maps, ranked, etc) and they're nearing completion. We'd like to give more concrete estimates but it's hard without layers of project management and staff, as it stands at the moment we've got 9 devs all working remotely.

Assuming you already have at least the occasional Discord session with the other devs for a status update, the only missing link here would be a community manager.

If you don't have one yet, hire one.
If you already have one, fire him/her.

Screenshot (367).png


Shit, that is awkward.

Hire more.

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@Caliko said:
Use your political prowess and initiate a vote kick.

Good luck with that in a 64p clusterfuck where you have to sort through the playerlist to find that one correct dude with the weird symbols in his name and then have to explain in chat why you're votekicking him, hoping people on your team notice and vote yes and people in the enemy team won't vote no just because they want an easy win.

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Cloaks will be fun for about five minutes until you realize they look terrible without cloth physics enabled, aren't cool anymore because everyone's wearing one and every single player now looks like Batman whether they want to or not.

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@Tr0gledyte said:
Except one tiny little problem: to chamber an attack, you need to start an attack of your own right when your opponent is about to hit you. Similar to the parry window. And when an opponent is right about to hit you, he can't feint anymore! If you start your chamber early enough to punish a feint, it's not a chamber, it's just a gamble that your opponent will feint, and if he doesn't you will be punished for it.

This theory is based around humans having a near 0ms reaction time, which we don't, and the chamber window lasting only for 1-2 frames, which it doesn't.

The decision-making moment of whether or not to input a chamber doesn't occur a single frame before you get hit. It's much sooner, while the enemy is still in his wind-up phase. If you decide to attempt a chamber that doesn't mean you'll immediately input one. It means you will input one a few hundred milliseconds from now.

Then there's the chamber window during which it'll absorb the enemy's attack. It lasts for a few hundred milliseconds as well.

Bottom line being that just because chambers only work during the enemy's attack's release phase doesn't mean they're decided at that same time. No human on earth has that low of a reaction time. It's not really a gamble any more at that point and if the enemy doesn't feint you can always ftp to recover from a mistimed chamber attempt.

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Yeah this is why I'm not on board either:

  • FW costs 3 points, points you could've otherwise spent on better armor or weapons.
  • FW is literally designed to only be useful less than half the time, since losing your right arm or getting hit in the head means you get little to no value out of it respectively.
  • It's only five fucking seconds max. Someone with FW isn't gonna play defensively during those five seconds. You know they're gonna attack - if you consistently die to such a level of predictability then FW isn't the issue here, you are.

It's just a perk that costs points. Are we going to ban T3 chestplates next?

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@HansTragarsky said:

Poleaxe now has 5cm more range
Poleaxe alt mode is now the same range as the main mode
Poleaxe main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Poleaxe stab headshot damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45 (from 50)

Good changes, but I still have one concern.
It needs at least 5 - 10cm more range since a Poleaxe is not so "Pole" when even an Estoc and Greatsword have more Range.

By that logic the Longsword should be the longest weapon in the game and the Eveningstar be unavailable until 6pm.

Estoc and Greatsword are both historically large, about the same length as the average Poleaxe if not more so.

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I disagree with the Handaxe being a failure, if only because the wooden mallet and blacksmith hammer both feel frustratingly short when you're trying to repair something that's on the floor. That alone is worth picking the longer Handaxe over them. It also allows me to put a smoke bomb in my loadout to counter at least one fire bomb.
(Side note: it'd be nice for both sides if smoke bombs' duration was reduced when they put out a fire.)

I do agree with the Handaxe feeling too floaty and damaging for its point range though.

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@2B said:
You do know the Devs have stated time after time again that you can Disable them ON YOUR END so you personally don't have to see them in this

Actually no, considering recent controversy the devs have explicitly stated this is not an option.

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fog? yeah that would be OK to ruin the fun for archers and close people in and have crazy dudes running out of fog. but again, to make the effects look real, you need a really good system and engine and all that so it feels pointless.

Actually if anything, a fog-heavy map would have better performance than other maps.

Most if not all maps already have an Exponential Height Fog actor placed in the level. Increasing the amount of fog has no noticeable performance difference in Unreal Engine and even means only the absolute nearest buildings and terrain have to be rendered - while everything else that's hidden by fog has such a low draw distance set up that the engine doesn't have to render it.

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Since Chivalry is constantly brought up
vs Mordhau

...I'd mention that Chivalry managed to stay relevant by having constant free weekends and sales (about every other month at least).
If Mordhau doesn't do the same (AND continues to fail at communication) it'll die a lot faster than Chivalry did.

Figured I'd post this here.

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+1 for the input bug, though I doubt it'll ever be fixed.

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But then how do I annoy players on duel servers if placing random crap in-between two fighting players doesn't block their movement?

In all seriousness mate how about we nerf the fuck out of horses before nerfing one of their very few counters? Then we'll talk.

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Since the SDK technically IS Unreal Engine, you can download Unreal right now and start blocking out the general layout of your map using Unreal's default shapes and brushes. When the SK is release you just continue working in your map (or simply select all objects and copy&paste it into an SDK map) and then start filling out the details with actual meshes.

I would NOT import your own assets just yet. We don't know what is and what isn't allowed by the SDK. You don't want to import a ton of fancy medieval castle assets only to find it's impossible to properly migrate those assets to a custom Mordhau map.

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@gamerpvp001 said:
I also think macros and some cheats are being used more than we think.

I use a toggleable autowalk macro so I don't have to hold down Shift+W all the time. I check under my car and my bed every night worried Jax or Crush is going to hurt me.

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I like Bardiche alt mode too. It's like a built-in Exec sword with more range, while still keeping the ability to switch to your main mode if you need to combo.

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@esturias said:
Some valid points, some wrong points because of a lack of experience.

Maybe, instead of coming up with the most childish and useless answers, our proud and honored veterans here could acknowledge that even a "bad" player notices some of the many issues of the game.

We could, but opportunies for a calm, insightful discussion get thrown out the window the moment OP starts literally raging over facts they got completely wrong.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
I have the same questions about War axe users, medical science is studying the wrong people.

Hey now hol' up, I mained the Dubaxe in Chiv for the vast majority of my 3k hours and it was considered dumpster tier throughout all that time.

I proclaim myself rightfully deserving of Mordhau's actually viable equivalent.

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@bobbydigital said:
My system struggles with fps in invasion mode.

Ryzen 5 1600x
16gb ddr3
rx580 8gb
Samsung evo ssd

Sometimes it's dropping from 90 fps to 35/40.
I just think there's too many players in the server for such a mode, at least for the average pc user.
So many players in one place, not sure if it's my hardware not being good enough or the server struggling with having say 40 players in one place at any given time.

Not up for potato mode though.

Nah, Invasion just runs far worse than any other mode right now, I wouldn't blame your hardware.

Those dummies probably didn't set up LODs for the many peasants or burning houses. Or too many intensive tick events (that run every frame).

Plus Invasion is just generally not as suited for 64p clusterfucks as Frontline is so it's time for separate servers.