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  • 28 Oct '19

Nice to see some lifesigns. Can't comment on the changes/additions yet, sooo:

we’re adapting Mountain Peak for Invasion

You should first decide about what that gamemode is actually supposed to be and flesh it out as a concept. The half baked clusterhugging nonsense we have right now isn't very motivating.
You wrote that the new map will have all kinds of new features - take ideas like that as a first step to make Invasion a new gamemode that is worth its name!

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  • 30 Oct '19

You have to click "Close program".
I hope that helps and makes the window go away.

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  • 14 Aug '19

Wow. A sign of life.

Now... maybe a short info on how it goes? Progress? Difficulties? Something?

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  • 28 Apr

Well... yes.
Or... let's say it depends. Would you call closing the dedicated forums of a freshly released multiplayergame "normal"?

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  • 28 Mar

@Snow82a30c05909f4583 said:
I want a refund or for this patch to be fixed. Here's the things I have problems with:


Wow. Do you realize that you are the stereotypical kind of player that every developer hates? Most of what you are ragewhining about are fixes to balance issues that people DID ask for.

This is what your post basically boils down to:

Please leave. Thanks.

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  • 29 Oct '19

@The Bird said:
The Bird declares this map to be balanced.

The bird should stop pekking that hard, because the bird is horribly wrong. Once again.

Played a few more matches after having some delicious lunch and came to the conclusion that the devs should take out Frontline for that map. In case of Frontline, this is by far the worst and most unbalanced map we currently have. No idea why they just copied the Invasion "siege" for that mode instead of having Frontline take place just inside the walls...
Invasion is kinda ok'ish. It just suffers from the general problems of the Invasion mode. The hype will die off soon...

The "gimmics" (stones, pots of stones) are completely useless. The new ladders are a nice feature, but they should change the way to get them down again, because you often end up jumping onto the ladder rather than getting it down. Give them some health and let them collapse when "dead" of let them go down by kicking them.

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  • 28 Oct '19

@oHearty said:
If you check forum branch for patch 12, 50% of ppl were like - to hell with this game, i hate devs, I'm leaving, they lost it.

Pretty sure most of them are playing the patchy, like nothing happened.
And getting back to complaining in two weeks.

Just ignore the ones who rage like dumb kids and insult the devs or do other childish nonsense. Devs will ignore them anyway, be it in this game or any other one.
But the other players who provided (mostly negative) feedback all had multiple valid points. I complained a lot, too. And I will later play and test the game, too. And when I end my session, I might have a few things less to complain about and I will be glad about that, but that one patch won't change much about the overall state of the game.
If the patch turns out to be worth the hype - good. Congratulations to the devs. If the devs will then continue with the same quality (and maybe even a little faster) - even better! But for now the game is still at its miserable half-dead state and it will take more than one borderline good patch to change that.

So, all we can (still) do is stay and hope. And keep providing feedback, even if noone seems to care.

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  • 4 Oct '19

@NoYou said:
They've exceeded september deadline for maps :(

Even if there was something like an official deadline - why would anyone care or be surprised?
When I, as a "new" player know by now that this developer is one of that "It's ready when it's done - maybe."-kind, you should know that, too.

And again, for the optimistic part in all of us:
When it takes longer, it probably means that we get a finished and maybe even balanced map. A good map.
Who knows?! So just wait and be patient. I mean... even more than we already are.

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  • 10 Sep '19

Invasion turned out to be pretty much Frontlines with an asymetrical start, so that's a bit meh. Not much difference. I expected siege engines and breaking stuff...
But good to see that modding is on its way.

Now... what about fixing the scoreboard?
And maybe the servers, too, since this all has been horribly laggy again...

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  • 19 Mar

@PC_Principal said:
Bloodlust still gay, maul still gay. Noty

You just said that Bloodlust and Maul are perfectly fine.
Remember that it's 2020, not 1920.

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  • 1 Mar

Can confirm this. Saw it twice when a builder was bulding something (mounted bal... crossbow as well as firepot). I guess it has to do with the buggy placement, when you try to build something on that tiny piece of "green" surface and it commes out all crooked.

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  • 26 Oct '19

@TheKingInTheNorth said:
After the people who constantly complain are gone, it will be like Chivalry's community; a dedicated player base that appreciates the game, including its flaws, for what it is. I can't wait to be honest.

Yes, the people complaining are totally the bad guys. Why do you care about them and what bad influence do they have on the game?
And what exactly would change when those would leave? I mean... apart of only being able to play on an almost filled server with low ping on Sunday afternoon.

I don't know how often I explained that by now, but... the people who "constantly complain" still do that because they appreciate the game, because they like it and because they want to see it improving.
Otherwise they would simply leave and play something else. That should be pretty easy to understand.

And about that "appreciate the game for what it is"-part: Would you mind telling us your version of that? What is it?

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  • 4 Oct '19

Sooo... I was/am sick at home, so I tested the game again after a >6 week break (except for three matches of Invasion when that came out).

The little tweaks seem fine, I noticed melee being a little less chaotic.
Apart from that, the old problems still exist (map quality, map quantity, general balance, general performance/connection, sound, bugs, glitches, general care for the game and its players, ...) and the "patches" brought a few more (even worse petformance/connection, even worse sound, bugs around server kicks, ...).
I won't even mention Invasion as a "new" gamemode.

But the worst part I noticed: Even during "rush hour", there are barely enough players to fill TWO servers - at least when talking about the German ones. The other one or two active servers stay empty with maybe 10-20 players, who just wait there until the others have some free spots.
If you want to play off the rushhour, even just a few hours - no chance. You have to pick a half empty server in another country where your jumping ping goes from 30-120 to 60-250. Fun.
And it seems like only the dumb kiddies and immature bobs stay with the game. The raging and dumb posting increased a lot, compared to before. So did the trolling.

Well... that just as a little bit of feedback/rant to keep the forum alive a bit longer...

@邪悪な領主 said:
Can you guys please make an update that has Asian weapons or armor. For example katanas, naginata, and shurikens. PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE AND ADD THESE THINGS !!!!!

Please grow up.
How stupid would it be to have things like that in the game when the game doesn't provide ANYTHING of that kind to support it, meaning maps or... anything?
I know, the game isn't realistic at all and just a silly smashing and slashing game, but no need to make it worse.
I love Asian and especially Japanese stuff, too, but noone likes brainless fanboys...

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  • 18 Aug '19

@TheDrunkCat said:
Instead of blaming developers and updates for losing the player base , maybe think of the real “problem”. People are leaving because they simply don’t like the game , they can’t play it they’re not good at it , they keep dying by old chivalry try hards so they give up.

A game doesn't lose >90% of its initial playerbase because some people don't like the game in general or because they find it too hard.
The developers ARE to blame. And nobody but them. They released a completely unfinished game, decided for the worst way to continue development and made many obvious and dumb mistakes.

Besides that, you are blaming the devs, too. After all, a lack of newbie-friendly servers or better tutorials is their mistake.

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  • 29 Mar

@StCalice said:
And bandages are bandages again xD
No clue what this idea to call them toilet paper came from.

No idea if people in other countries are similarly stupid, but here in Germany people are currently hoarding and stockpiling two items from the stores: Flour and toilet paper. And noone knows why. It is or at least was sold out in most stores and there were people leaving the stores with whole carts filled with toilet paper.
Maybe, since everyone likes to eat Wiener Schnitzel, they coat the paper with egg and flour and fry it in a pan?

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  • 17 Mar

Thanks for that little sign of life.

That new map looks really nice. One can easily see how you made some serious progress with mapdesign - at least regarding the look of the map. For the balancing I simply hope that you learned from your mistakes, especially from the massive failures of Feitoria.
I'm not entirely sure about the MountainPeak expansion, but it's too early to judge of course.
The armor and weapon additions look nice.
But to be honest, I'm more hyped for some of the fixes.

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  • 19 Jan

@BludgeonedFawn said:
This game sucks ass.

Why don't you stop playing then and use the free time for something else, like growing up?

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  • 11 Jan

Without testing, these things are really nice to see:

  • Throwables and ranged equipment can now kick: Long overdue!
  • Shield model now acts as blocking collider during ripostes, buffing their ability to 1vX: Good idea.
  • Slowed down shield throws and reduced their damage: Poor Frisbee-Fred. But good change of course.
  • Throwable two handed rock now throws faster: No Styrofoam rocks anymore? Nice.
  • Fixed the case where ladders would be climbed while holding because someone got onto it: That was annoying as hell. Now we only need proper animations at the end of the ladders instead of teleporting players...

Questionable changes:

  • Disabled team hitstop for strikes (Experimental): Yeah. Bad idea. That forced people to watch out for teammates, even if they don't care for damaging teammates. Now they can just spam attacks left and right without caring.
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  • 31 Dec '19

That's some usable feedback. A little unaware as to why the change even happened, but still presenting his standpoint without raging or making himself look like a moron, like many before him did. Nice.

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  • 19 Dec '19

No time/motivation to download and test before Christmas, but this is quite surprising. Lots of points that made me go "Oh, wow."
Let's not ignore that most of it is still nothing but patching up old holes and cracks, meaning fixing and changing stuff that is long overdue, but it really looks like the devs are slowly crawling out of their holes again.
Can't comment on the balancing changes, so I can merely share my interest in that firepit. I hope that it isn't just another half-assed addition and that it serves an actual purpose, because right now the game really lacks some tactical depth and teamplay.

Now, all we need is basic communication and some kind of visible line and a plan in the still quite random looking development of the game. Then even an eternal moaner like me would be willing to come up with a bit more praise and clapping.
But... yeah. Looks like you did a good job there, chapeau!

Besides that, happy holidays to everyone.