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  • 20 May '19

go play for honor if you don't like the combat in this game
mount and blade or kingdom come deliverance might be more your style but I like this one.

this game makes you feel like you are a soldier who is good with his weapon.
attacks and parries etc make more sense and feel more real to me, imho, than any other game on offer.

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  • 20 May '19

I don't like the horses much.
They annoy me when they kill me.

However, I don't care if they are nerfed or buffed.

If anything make them more realistic.
make riders fall off when the horse rears up.
maybe make them buck the rider off if you stab it the butt with a zwiehander

make them stop randomly to eat grass while charging

make them spook and shy when a firepot lands near them

make hits to their legs slow and incapacitate them

killing the riders is pretty easy if you are good so practice your timing, get the right weapon and sidestep and stab!
position yourself in areas they will get stuck and mob them.. basically... get gud nubs!