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  • 16 May '19

It's been like this for me since day one. I've taken my PC around to two of my friends houses which have different ISPs than myself and I still get 100ms. No matter the region the server is located. I can't use proper builds in Frontline, unless I spend most of my time ganking and back stabbing people. Spear is just about the only weapon I can use properly because of it's range and stab being so effective. As soon as I try to duel anyone I am just guessing parries and chambering. Most of the time I see people attacking me they literally grunt at the same time if not before the attack has hit me..

I know there's a lot of other people with this problem.

The game relies on you having under 50ms.

I have never experienced the game under that ping.

Are they going to fix this or even acknowledge that it's ruining people's experiences or does everyone here just think it's a bunch of made up bullshit? I don't understand.

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  • 8 Aug

Servers are still dog shit for anyone over 70ms
Uninstall game

A whole year you've done nothing to improve your servers lol.
50 million dollars.

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  • 16 May '19

@Lord Petyr Baelish said:
Then play on a server that's closer to your location..?

Are you serious? Regardless of server location I get 100ms. Regardless of internet connection as well.

Why are you and other so intent on making this out like it's our fault just because you and the majority don't have this issue?

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  • 23 May '19

@PeanutButterJellyTime said:
Game playable at 80-100 for me.
And this ping is avg for Middle East.

Of course the game's "playable" at those pings but you will have a completely different experience to those with under 40.
You are out of range in the game but not on you screen and the same with enemies attacking you, they can hit you when you're out of range on your screen but not in the game.
This might acceptable for you, you probably play the game casually for fun but I want to get competitive and it's impossible like this.

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  • 22 May '19

Person can just leave and come back with no repercussions.
Just had someone who everyone wanted to kick out disconnect and spam votekick me and then the server kicked me out.

Fix your fucking game.

This is beyond a joke.

People can just votekick the enemies top player cause he's winning the match.