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  • 19 Jul '19

Its great to finally hear something from you guys.

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  • 13 Jul '19

Those gamer journalists sure know how to spew their shit around. apparently we are all racists for just wanting a fun melee slasher game that focuses on the game itself and not to have representation of every color, gender or whatever.

Also, don't get why a small portion of a community suddenly paints all of Mordhau like this. Gamer journalism at its best I guess.

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  • 20 May '19

A change suggesting to give weapons that have alternative grips and modes the ability to change mid-combo, or change faster.

For example with the Greatsword. You do a regular horizontal slash right to left, then you switch to half-swording and do a combo stab from the left.

This could be a added mechanic to let you decide between which animations to use for different combo chains, which could give you the element of surprise, or mix up your attacks a bit.

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  • 7 Jul '19

Shouldn't the moderators they pick be an exemplary through following the rules on the forum they are active on, and not to mention that participating and moderating in a forum are two different things.

Obviously we want a moderator that knows the rules and how to deal with forum users accordingly to them and not some popular shitposter. AFAIK, shitposting is also against the rules.

2lazy4name should never be a forum mod from what I have seen.
Let it be based on competence and NOT popularity.

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  • 28 May '19

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days, but never really bothered to make a post about it. Since not everyone is here to have a productive discussion whether for or against the proposed idea.

If there were to be a such dual-wielding mechanic in Mordhau. I think it could function as being able to equip and decide which weapon to strike with depending on which side you are choosing to attack.

Right side > Main hand
Left side > Main hand

Or reverse for lefties.

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  • 23 Aug '19

A quick solution would be to give shields two defensive moves.

Tap - - > The user tries to parry with the shield which leaves them vulnerable if failed.
Can riposte after a successful block.

Held - - > The user holds the shield up till the button is released like normal.
The lowering speed is slow so it cannot be used to riposte and will generally lose the shield user the initiative.

This way the shield can be used as an defensive tool for one-handers without making it a crutch, while still retaining the held-block for different scenarios but with drawbacks.

Edit: Also shield should get a massive buff in terms of stamina management if these changes are made too so that shields can truely be used as a proper defensive tool.

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  • 10 Jul '19

Throwable weapon is a catagory given to designated throwable weapons such as: (Throwing Axe, Throwing Knife, Javelin....)
while there are other weapons, mainly one-handers that have a throwable alternative mode.

The throwable weapon has a state chain as following:
Idle > Windup > Thrown > Reload / Switch (depending if thrown weapon has reserve ammuntion)

Almost all designated throwable weapons have reserve ammo, which allows the user to throw another weapon consecutively till the weapon slot ammo is exhausted, but alternative weapon thrown will always perform a weapon swap after thrown since there is no extra ammo count for Arming Swords and E.g.

From the moment the primary fire button is pressed, the chain of state will complete without the user being able to interrupt, following with a lenghty windup before the throw, and then a reload OR weapon swap.
Here is what I think needs to be done:

Throwable weapons should function as a toggle-able 'weapon stance' similar to other alternative modes, rather being immediately throw as soon as the windup is through on alternative mode throws.

It should also be able to be held ready in the windup. (The throwable windup is too predictable and easily parried, being able to hold the throw weapon ready in a similar fashion to how Shortspear, Javelin and Heavy Javelin functions in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare before its thrown.

From the ready state, the throwable weapon should be able to be canceled, and 'feinted' if you will to also throw off opponents. This will give more depht to throwable weapons and more chance of actually landing a shot. It's already too easy to avoid being hit by a projectile weapon since they can be parried with ease, and then there is also the matter of shields that exist in the game, and not to mention that the weapon has to be aimed with projectile gravity and velocity being accounted for.

Another minor idea could be that when a throwable weapon is toggled, the thrust/strike button will determine which type of throw will be performed..Such as a 'strike button' throw can be a quick throw with low velocity but faster recovery and windup, and then a 'thrust-button' heavy throw that deals more damage, better velocity but much longer recovery and windup.

Please let me know what you think about this idea?
I personally hate the way throwable weapons currently function, since it feels like such a hassle that when you throw a javelin or shortspear, there is a 1.2 second windup before the release, so you cannot time the aim when you press the button, but will have you wait for the windup duration to count down when I think that you should be able to hold the weapon ready to throw after the 1.2 second windup, or if necessary either cancel or 'feint' the throw.

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  • 9 Jun '19

Why is there no stamina cost for holding the shield active, or stamina drain over time?
The problem with shield as they currently are, is that you don't get punished for being a bad shield user even, cause there's hardly anything to punish them anymore.

The current mechanics of the shield is just broken and can't be fixed by tweaking numbers. Shields needs a rework.

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  • 8 Jun '19

The hidden map found by activating console commands back in Patch 6 showed much more promise than the crap we ended up with as a official release in Patch 7.

Patch 6 was a open field where each team spawned far away from each other, there were plenty of horses so this map could sort of simulate a Cavalry On Cavalry fight, which could have been an interesting map for cavalry warfare.
But as of Patch 7, it ended up with a ugly King of the hill style map with a hideous looking fort in the middle of the map. So the whole focus around cavalry battles from patch 6 to patch 7 is forever ruined since the control point on the map is on the top tower of the fort, which horses can't really reach efficiently, nor can you cap while mounted either.

Just a huge disappointment. It would have been fun with a open battlefield map with horses as the main focus.

Was Crossroads the 'siege map' we were promised a couple of months ago?

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  • 8 Jun '19

If they include an option to disable female characters, they should also add a function to disable armor cosmetics, so you could just leave it to the armor pieces that shows which tier it is.

Because let's say fuck it and don't let the players customize their character in the way they want, and while you mention about immersion, since when was a Rapier used in a open battlefield that of similar to the ones you find in the FL modes.

In my opinion, it doesn't really kill immersion since Mordhau doesn't take itself that serious in that regard.
Fun gameplay and a decent customization pool is better than a strict immersion, as long as they don't strive too far off and we suddenly start seeing chainsaws and light sabers added to the game.

The female characters do look pretty cool in armor.

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  • 6 Jun '19

The Warhammer is described best as a 'economical' weapon of choice versus heavily armored opponents. The low cost makes it ideal for archers who are on a strict budget due to their costly ranged weapons.
However, compared to more expensive blunt weapons such as the Mace and Eveningstar,
The Warhammer has a incredibly weak 2 hit to kill if all hits land on the head, where as the other two will reliably kill with two body strikes.

I think that the Warhammer head strike should have the damage increased from: 53/52/51/50 to 75/70/65/60

And body strikes from: 38/37/36/35 to 45/44/41/40

So the weapon can have a reliable two hit to kill granted that least one strike connects to the head.

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  • 6 Jun '19


While we are talking about Halberds, here is a quick comparison between original mode and alt mode.

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  • 19 May '19

Firstly, the whole concept with shields being a held block has never worked well in all three games, Age of Chivalry > Chivalry: Medieval Warfare > Mordhau. (And yes, I consider AoC and Chiv to be spiritual predecessors of Mordhau.)

A shield should be a defensive tool, an option for one-handed weapons over two-handers, and a reliable defensive protection versus ranged weapons.
It never made sense to me why shields always were introduced to be a tool that let you skip learning the core mechanics of the game, like learning how to time your parries and be just as vulnerable to advanced weapon maneuvers, instead of just skipping all that because you got a shield.

And I wish to address one thing before I continue with this post. So hold your horses Dual Chads.

This is not a ragepost or me complaining about shields being broken just because I got owned and I need to git gud.
This is just me stating the fact that shield mechanics, ever since around 2007 or something, have never really functioned well. So now with that out of the way, let's continue.
Why not make shields give you empowered parries rather than focusing on it being a 'held' parry?
At the very least the shield should have two defensive option: One being a parry, while the other being a held block.
Difference being that a timed shield block, will have a short shield lower timer, and allow ripostes.
While the held block should be focused on usage versus ranged weapons. It can still be used to be held against melee attacks, but with a penalty such as a slower shield lower so you cannot riposte immediately from it. Perhaps in most cases just putting you to neutral, but the point being you can't capitalize on a held-block.

If this can be balanced/adjusted properly, then in turn the shield should instead just become an empowered parry, and actually do the job better by having a wider block hitbox than a regular parry, while also having less stamina drain. This would make this an option for one handers to be more defensive if they want to instead of this being a wheelchair for players who don't care to learn how to battle advanced combat maneuvers.

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  • 15 May '19

I noticed earlier some guy pretending that he had a single clue what he was talking about when he mentioned about his friend learning to hit the arrows despite the slow speed, and it was called "skill". Well except for the fact that every godlike archers that I had seen from Chivalry like J-P, Planetus and a couple of others have seemingly given up on archer and gone for a melee setup because of how weak and insignificant it is.

And I think their input matters way more than some random dude having one lucky game out of how many?

Bottom line, the whole archer class could need a overall buff if it were to have any existence in Mordhau. The buff shouldn't be too significant. The archer should be considered a support role, or one to take care of other archers.

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  • 11 Sep '19

You already pointed out one way a secondary weapon can be used. A faster weapon you can use to either finish or throw your opponents off.

And like you said how it is pointless since the opponent will always get in an hit after you are disarmed, but should you survive that hit, a secondary will let you parry the next blow or fight back. Where as if you are struck with your fists, then you are essentionally defenceless.

You can also catch your weapon mid-air, but that's not consistent.

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  • 3 Jul '19

How about less shitposting from the three of you?

But regardless, there's a wide diversity when it comes to swords, axes and blunt instruments, but as for our five different types of shield, there's hardly none.

There is the Pavise shield that is strictly used to counter ranged weapons. Targe and Buckler that is just another parry and then there is Heater and Kite that hardly has any difference between each other.

I wouldn't mind seeing a tower shield or the type of round shield that vikings use.

There needs to be more diversity in terms of how a shield statistically functions, not just in the way they look.

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  • 24 Jun '19

Patch 9 be like; Waterpots added!

Though interestingly, you can 'sometimes' use a smokepot to save your buildings from burning up.

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  • 21 Jun '19

Estoc is basically an Longsword that has downgraded strikes in trade for having stronger thrusts with added range, even the Mordhau grip on Estoc is slightly longer but has the same HtK as Longsword Mordhau grip.

The normal mode Estoc can two shot tier 3 with two consecutive head thrusts, but can do head strike and body strike with Mordhau grip. same as the Longsword's Mordhau grip with slightly more range but less speed.

But the main problem in a duel setting is that stab oriented weapons tend to be very easily chambered, but you can always turn that against the enemy by morphing.

thrust weapons seems to have a faulty at strikes, where as strike focused weapons 'usually' has a faster thrust as a flincher, where as thrust weapons do not have that.

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  • 7 Jun '19

A shield should just be an empowered parry tool, like the OP is suggesting with having it function the same as a Buckler.

But as far as I am concerned, I do also think that a 'hold' block should exist as well, but it should function very differently rather than being this campy tool you can crutch yourself behind to make you almost invulnerable and immune to weapon maneuvers such as feints, chamber, morph and swing/thrust manipulations.

Perhaps that could be a solution to make one-handed weapons more on par with deadly two-handers who are currently wrecking everything.

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  • 7 Jun '19

I have been both theory crafting and playing with the Warhammer for the last couple of days, and I find the weapon to be a lackluster.

A good way to describe the Warhammer, is to call it a cheap but 'lucky' weapon, since with its limited reach you may sometimes land a lucky head strike with either side of the weapon, which will deal incredible amount of damage.

A great way to describe the Warhammer, is to call it the lucky mace. Since with the reduced reach, you may sometimes be able to land strikes to the head, which will deal incredible amount of damage on either side of the weapon. The reason why I call it luck is because I found it to be incredible hard to do this, and even when I feinted.
I'd often strike my opponents hands, which would lead to a torso hit, which is measly 20 damage if you are using the spikehead versus tier 3 torso.

There are two ways that I have found to be most effective when using the Warhammer, and it goes as following:*
I always swap to spike head upon spawn and try to land one strike to the head. After the first strike, whether its head-strike or not, I'd usually swap to the hammerhead. If I landed a head strike, then I can kill with the next body hit, if not. then I just need two more hits to kill my opponent.. So this weapon becomes a 3 Hit-to Kill weapon on an average, 2 if you are lucky and 4-5 if you are having the worst luck or aim ever. (Also versus tier-3)

Other way is to just use the Hammerhead and go for consistent three hits to kill... (Hammerhead will never 2 Hit with head-strike and body strike consecutive, both MUST be head strikes)

But spike headstrike and hammer torso strike deals enough damage for a 2 HtK.

That's my analysis over the Warhammer, I think the hammerhead part of the Warhammer could need a buff so that you wouldn't need to switch between sides during the middle of the combat to get a reliable two hit to kill. Please let me know if there's any other combos that I am not aware of.

Altmode strike to the head and original mode strike to the body is enough to two shot a tier 3