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@marox said:
Better graphics, and we added cats. Were we filming? Maybe.


dodge cat loadout soon? yes? okay good thanks

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close thread, all that remains is memes

seriously though



more gay hats, please

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  • 20 Dec '16

@SIEGE said:
Oh! Ancient Greeks! my favorite Medieval warrior-trade society!

I'M talking about the weapons ok??? jeeeez, gotta be so sassy

(honestly though you're right, I legitimately want to see this in-game with the armor and everything, as silly as that may or may not turn out)

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calm DOWN ya pole-lovin' nerd

see i insulted you AND reassured you at the same time; a perfect combo that puts me on the highest tiers of this thread 8) stay small son

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  • 19 Dec '16

look I know this probably doesn't fit the setting but


as long as I get confirmation I can bullshit something like this with a buckler and spear at least, I'm good