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@Cro said:

@Christian2222 said:
All the racists should have a black character with no armor for a week. (even though we can't have a black character even if we wanted to XD)

You do realize that racism these days has long lost it's original meaning and has just become another synonym for "unpopular ooinion" (aka. not backed by the mass media).

Well, when someone write in the chat that they "hate nig*" I call that blatant racism

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  • 10 May '19

@Peacerer said:
Even with the best GPUs of 2011 for example HD 6990 or GTX 690 you couldn't run Mordhau. :P

This is wrong, I'm running it with a GTX 670OC (and a i5 3570k, so pretty old stuff).
OK it is not perfect and I had to tweak the settings to get a correct experience.
But it is doable

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  • 4 Jul '19

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@smokratez said:
Feint dancing is why I don't bother with duels. It has nothing to do with fighting. It's lame af.

Clearly you know nothing about fighting.

There was no feinting in midieval fighting.

Source ?
I call bullshit on that

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  • 15 May '19

@SharkLoli said:
When i try to open the key binds it gives me a error message saying "Unhandled exception has occured in your application. Access to path "C:/Program Files (x86)/ Steam/steamapps/common/mordhau/Config" is denied." (i would post a screen shot but it won't let me for some reason) i have no clue how to stop steam from denying access to lute bot please help.

First, check if it is really the good path. Then you need to add the name of the .ini in the path (...config\blablabla.ini)