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  • 3 Jul '19

Personally I wish this kind of attention would be turned towards the nightly curse of abhorrent griefers that only join games to block spawns, plant bear traps and spikes for friendlies and team damage via hitting teammates' backs or outright shooting selfmade ballistas at them.

I feel bad that energy that is hopefully going into more maps (actual FL this time instead of King of the Hill would be my desperate, desperate wish; or, ideally a conversion of existing maps into team objective mode maps to introduce that as a new game mode parallel to FL plus 1-2 new ones on top) is being redirected due to this PR mess.

However, just to be clear - I doubt most people expect the core team to go running after chats instead of improving the actual game. But if you want to do something, conceptualize what kind of active moderation official servers deservce and should have, figure out the amount of temp and permanent positions require and get dedicated people for this.

Or more bluntly: If you are sincere, don't just say "We plan on improving in this regard", get something underway that improves community reporting tools in the next patches and implement someone as a contact point who can actually act on things that spring from that.

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  • 19 Jun '19

I scrolled a bit through it..the commentary was painful and maximum cringe.
The fighters apparently did not take themselves or the entire thing very serious (fists and frying pans, wooden shovels).

For a title that sounds like it wants to convey "Competitive matches", this was just awful and painful to see and hear.
I cannot believe this is the kind of thing that gets tens of thousands of dollars as a reward.

I had hoped to see e.g. 4v4 or 8v8 team based matches, maybe a ranked 1v1 duel progression of 12 people from 12 clans pyramiding towards a top 3..

I think I simply don't "get" Twitch. Or, well, maybe I am 25+ years too old for this kind of thing.

Still, good on Mordhau I guess?
Maybe we can use all this popularity and money to expand resources, develop actual Ladders and duel modes and get this all to be more interesting 6-12 months down the line.

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  • 8 May '19

Just wanted to congratulate you guys on the success.
I've been trying to fend off the "omg, nothing has been fixed in like 5 seconds, I want a refund and will write a negative review" entitlement over in the steam forums a bit, so I am glad to hear the overall numbers are great and that it really is just a minority of people having issues there.
Very glad to see Mordhau is doing well and I hope we'll continue to have a robust core game.
Looking forward to what you guys put out next for it. :)