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Before I get into this I just want to state that I'm writing my personal opinion here, and you can feel free to disagree with me, but I think that the things I'm going to write should be changed. I think the game is just too unfair for people that are as good as "average" and use weapons like the longsword, or the eveningstar, you know what I mean.
I will only cover weapons/shields and perks that I have a bad opinion of in this topic, I might make another one where I talk about the maps.


  • Bloodlust should be nerfed to only work once.
  • Dodge should have a much bigger stamina drain than it has now, because as of now you can spam it 5 times and basically lose no
    stamina at all


  • Rapiers should have their stamina drain a lot higher on stabs, because right now, it looks like the thing is made of plastic, and the
    damage should be brought up on slashes and down on stabs.

  • The Executioners Sword should have it's stab damage reduced a lot, because you're stabbing the opponent with a blunt blade.
    Take a sharp blade in real life and press it against your palm, ONLY press, not move. You'll notice that it won't do anything against you
    (I mean after some time your palm might get a bit red, but no blood). Now, a stab can never be a perfectly straight attack, so it would
    cut you (if you had maybe a shirt on, but then it would only really cut the shirt, the straight "tip" would stop at impact), but not draw
    blood (at least not a significant amount).

  • Quarterstaffs should be almost useless against lvl 3 armour, as they would only (in real life at least) only puncture the armour, and since
    Mordhau isn't exactly a full blown fantasy game, and since it is aimed to be somewhat realistic (I'm referring to the mordhau grip, or the
    half swording) I can't imagine getting killed by a stick in full metal armour, but of course, for game balance, make it have some damage
    to it, why not.

  • Fists, since I already wrote about the quarterstaff above, the fists would be a nice addition.
    Fists should do some damage to lvl 3 armour (really just game balance), and should make the player hurt himself to some amount if he
    tries to hurt someone in lvl 3 armour, the other armour levels are generally fine.

  • War Axe. It's equipment points requirement should be brought up to 6 points, because it basically renders the battle axe useless not
    even mentioning that the war axe is better in every way. The war axe (even though not even existing in real life, at least not one with 2
    axe heads) shouldn't deal a lot of damage against lvl 3 armour, axes aren't meant for metal armour, as in their time period they were
    meant to pierce through mail and clothing.

  • Recurve Bows should shoot a little straighter, a bit more like the longbow, but the trade off being that they just don't deal as much
    damage as the longbow, but they have more ammo.

  • Longbows should have their equipment points reduced to 10, 11 points really doesn't make any sense to me (but then you'd see 3/3/0 players running around with longbows, this one is a bit tricky).

  • Daggers, and pretty much all shorter weapons like the arming sword, and the bastard sword should have their stab attack speed made
    slower and their stamina drain for stabs higher.
    Damage against lvl 3 armour should be reduced, and maybe add an alternate grip to all of them where the player holds them with the
    blade facing downwards, so the weapons would deal more damage against level 3 armour, because armour gaps (now this would look
    pretty silly for the arming sword and the bastard sword, but idk).


  • Shields should only work when the player that is using the shield actually looks at the attack, encouraging the shield user to pay more attention in fights.

That's it, thank you for reading it.
Would love to hear your opinion in the comments, since, this is a discussion.