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As a career systems administrator, I have some recommendations for your notes:

  • I would highly recommend installing/setting up sudo for your regular user to be able to install packages, set up systemd, and do other administration things.

  • the useradd command was not mistakenly used in the original post for ubuntu. The steam user does not need a password, and giving it one means a user can log in as it. sudo -iu steam can be used to switch to the steam user after setting up sudo for your regular user.

  • separate into sections the things that are system administration like yum and firewalld in a way that show which access level should be used for each.

Feel free to DM me on discord if you'd like any further explanation on these points or for any other linux admin and security questions you might have. I use the same name.

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I'm running a 32 player server, and am not going higher because of the usage I'm seeing and the system I'm running on. Hopefully some details on my setup can help you out. I'm about to set telegraf up and push server stats into a grafana instance, so I can share that later when I have some numbers too. If anyone has some rough numbers on running a 64 player, would be interested in hearing.

I'm running in a VM on a VMWare ESXi system, the specs for the VM are as follows:

2 vCPUs (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1541 @ 2.10GHz) with no overcommit, so they have dedicated cores.
4GB Mem
40GB HD (virtual disk is on a samsung PCIE m.2 drive - super fast)
This is running at my house where my internet connection is 1gbit down and 45mbit up

CPU usage

Originally, I was running 4 CPUs, but the server was barely using 3 of the cores. Reducing to 2 cores, players report no difference in performance, even running 60 tickrate. When the server is full and people are murdering, one core will run up 65-75% of one core, and the other core will bounce around between 10 and 30%.

Memory Usage
I deployed from a template that hd 16GB memory assigned to it, but the VM was only using ~1.2GB, so I reduced to 4gb to leave some room for file caching. At 4gb, the server VM has not used any swap space.

The m.2 drive is super overkill. Server map changes finish in ~2 seconds tops. A regular sata SSD would likely see similar performance.

Network usage
The absolute highest I ever saw the server get for 32 players was about 6.5mbits upstream and 8mbits downstream.


I toyed with building a cheap intel i5-9600 system to get to 64 players because I'm pretty sure I'm CPU bound to around 40 players on my 2.1Ghz xeon. The 9600 runs up 4-ish Ghz, and the system would cost ~600 to build from nothing.

For those player counts, some ballpark specs that should do what you want would be:

16 Players

CPU: 2 or more cores @ 1.8ghz or higher
Mem: 2GB
Disk: Doesn't matter, whatever has capacity
Bandwidth: 5mbit down, 3 mbit up

32 Players

CPU: 2 or more cores @ 2ghz or higher
Mem: 3GB
Disk: Doesn't matter
Bandwidth: 8bmit down, 7mbit up

64 players

CPU: 2 or more cores @ 4ghz or higher (fairly confident)
Mem: 4GB (Guessing here)
Disk: doesn't matter
Bandwidth: 15mbit down, 10mbit up (maybe +2-3 for each)

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To get to the point where I ran into the Saved directory missing, I followed the original post to that point. My directories looked like this:

[email protected]:~$ tree -L 1

├── linux32
├── linux64
├── mordhau
├── package
├── public
├── siteserverui
├── Steam
├── update_mordhau.txt
└── (my script for updating the server with steamcmd)
7 directories, 3 files

[email protected]:~$ cd mordhau/
[email protected]:~/mordhau$ tree -L 1

├── Engine
├── Manifest_DebugFiles_Linux.txt
├── Manifest_NonUFSFiles_Linux.txt
├── Manifest_UFSFiles_Linux.txt
├── Mordhau
└── steamapps

3 directories, 4 files

[email protected]:~/mordhau$ cd Mordhau/
[email protected]:~/mordhau/Mordhau$ tree -L 1

├── AssetRegistry.bin
├── Binaries
├── Config
├── Content
├── Intermediate
├── Mordhau.uproject
├── Plugins

6 directories, 2 files

The OP says I should be expecting the directory named Saved in that last command output, but it wasn't there. After some digging around, I ran the script in the second directory listing above with just sh It did a bunch of stuff on startup and ran in the forground. After waiting a bit, I hit CTRL+C and looked in /home/steam/mordhau/Mordhau and the Saved directory was there with Game.ini and others inside of it.

If this doesn't help, I'll be home around 6:30PM PDT and can jump on discord to give you a hand.

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With this server update, we have people in discord who are unable to get their servers listed in the server browser. There's a long delay after LogInit: Finish loading of assets took 0.000015 seconds and the server eventually gets to the point where it runs and cycles maps, but there's never a selection for announce/browser server. Previously the log would show entries where it polled na01, na02, eu01, eu02, ap01, and ap02 to determine where it should list, but those log entries are absent.

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@Fassan said:

@ExCTyrdlu said:
My 22 player server running on 1x 2.095GHz, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD 100/100 Mbps, tickrate is 60. I haven't problem with overload/lags on full server.


This is my cpu load on 16 player:


But I am running at 120 tickrate, is that overkill?
When I was running 32 players sometimes I got small lags and the cpu then spiked for like a minute.

A dev confirmed in another thread that the server only requires one core. The official servers are quad core ~4ghz systems running one server per core. The deciding factors for a good experience are

CPU speed - player count dependent on core speed
Bandwidth - need sufficient throughput for player count

Your tickrate will have a direct impact on both of these. Your server is receiving data from all the clients for what they are doing, and sending the data for what everyone is doing to everyone. The tickrate is the rate that the client updates are received and sent. A higher tickrate means that the client will send that many updates to the server per second, and your server will send those updates to clients. This will drive more cpu load for processing and more bandwidth usage (PPS, BPS).

To compare, I'm running a 32 player server on a 2.1ghz CPU at a tickrate of 60, and haven't heard any complaints. Here's a clip of my server load while it was full yesterday: