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  • 1 Feb '19
 Sir Zombie

Want my fucking gold teeth


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  • 18 Oct '17
 Sir Zombie

I found out that if you have toggledamage on and switched to spectator your first body would remain. This results in some funny possibilities.

First test but what is that in the background?:

It's a fucking tower of cavemen:

More pictures of me and Edy's glorious 4 layer caveman tower:

Best picture with both of them in frame imho:

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  • 17 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

@Havoc said:

@marox said:
Please give more details, no need to pull any punches.

Compiled (edited/paraphrased) list of gripes or statements/suggestions from a few anonymous users. (INCOMPLETE LIST)

I'll try to answer some of these questions and delete the repeat ones as well as those I agree with.

  • Mordhau needs either visual GUI or 1st person animation feedback in so players know specifically what attack angle they'll activate using a swing.

They were working on it but they just didn't make it in time.

  • You get knocked back a bit too much when you're hit

I myself haven't really found the knockback to be bad.

  • Stabs are awkward using mouse directional stabs, as you'll often get the incorrect stab attack angle out, being forced to rebind each stab attack angle to mitigate this issue is not a solution.

Then maybe actually use your mouse to stab so you don't get the wrong angle.

  • Parrying is very easy at the moment, and feels more akin to chiv as an all-compassing hitbox, rather than something that needs to be aimed at an opponent's weapon. It's also a bit too easy to fall back to a parry if you've made a mistake.

Before you say if a thing needs to be nerfed you have to ask yourself: "Does it really NEED to be nerfed?"

  • The wind-up mechanic for weapons is awkward as the attacks themselves are very quick. It's gotten to the point where a majority of players aren't reacting to visual cues, but rather the auditory grunt to parry.

The grunt is also a thing you can use to parry. This is intended. So what?

  • Under Swings being able hit behind an opponent's legs

Do you have any footage of this?

  • Thrown mace does more damage than the other thrown weapons


  • Wind-up mechanics actually make drags a lot more effective for slower weapons, coupled with the faster swings

Is this an issue?

  • Combat getting bogged-down/delayed, resulting in players either having to gamble or feint to progress combat

Feinting is a mechanic. You should use it.

  • Often after an opponent's parry, an opponent's weapon will visually look completely still then they'll swing after a very short wind-up. (Clarification: Riposte overheads whilst looking down connect almost instantly especially when the weapon-hitbox activates inside the player or right after the short wind-up)

It is a shame that there is a part of the windup where it can be parried while not dealing damage.

  • Certain two handed weapons, such as the zweihander, can cover close to 360° of a player using an overhead rainbow

You can turn 180 degrees. If you couldn't, the combat would be sluggish probably and target switching would be impossible.

  • Difficult to tell what attacks your opponents are doing up close due

  • Feinting~parry and morph~parry meta


  • Chambers greatly unrewarding

They don't cost stamina and give a fast hit. Do you want it to be faster? A fucking free hit?

  • Still able to do very effective waterfalls

Drags are a part of the game afaik

  • Overheads often not connecting with players despite the 1st person model clipping through an opponent.

Yeah they are working on that.

  • No incentive to not spam crouches

It makes you predictable as fuck.

  • No looping animation.

I actually don't know what this means. Could you please explain.

  • Spamming attacks seems to be very effective combined with attack acceleration.

Fucking learn to parry.

  • Kicks being ineffective tools to prevent facehuggers, especially due to attack acceleration

Have you tries morphing or riposting kicks? Bet you haven't.

  • Overhands and underhands are difficult to read due to the wind-up animations, and it's gotten to the point where a lot of players are only just chaining those attack types whilst dragging or fainting/morphing using four keybinds. It looks silly, it plays silly, but it's very effective and awful to fight against.

There isn't a lot more than that tb

  • Mordhau will often crash if you play on fullscreen and ALT TAB

Then use borderless


They use the screens to cover up loading. That is how most games work.

  • No bloody footprints when you walk through a blood puddle /refund

Oh yeah game is unplayable

  • WTF, how come the kickstarter stuff was available in an earlier showcased build of Mordhau but not now?

Because they need to find a way to distribute them.

  • No point in clash fighting as the faster weapon will win

Yeah? Stop clashing and parry their attack.

  • Lack of Dev interaction besides crushed occasionally hopping into discord

Not really tho

  • Feinting/Morphing too effective

Git gud

  • Being able to spam jump/crouch attack spamming without issue

Is there supposed to be an issue?

  • Being able to flourish into a stab or a stab morph

Is this bad?

  • Players fighting like jackhammers on crack spasming out to try to confuse you, with morphing and feints it's way too good

Maybe don't get confused?

Havoc most of the people you've talked to just seem to not realize that they are bad at the game and can improve. It hasn't even been out for a week and to think you are the best already is stupid imho.

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  • 6 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

Yeah so official pic of NDA


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  • 20 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

@UnderPepeGrillosControlΦ said:
I like tons of features of those 3 games, like:

  • Keep your attack ready from wherever you want, directional atack (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

Directional is in and better than ever. Holding your attack is weird and would ruin combat.

  • Block from wherever you want when you want with no recovery time (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

You don't want mistakes to be punishable?

  • Weapon clashing (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

Is in.

  • Breacking shields (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).

You can lose your shield already.

  • Horse fight (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen-Development).

Will come later. This is only alpha.

  • Ship fight (Mount&Blade).

It is only alpha right now. There might be a ship map later.

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  • 11 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie


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  • 8 Nov '18
 Sir Zombie

Very cool! This will be in community dev blog #5

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  • 13 Oct '17
 Sir Zombie

And what you are saying is an opinion
There aren't a lot of people playing because there aren't a lot that can play

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  • 21 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

Yeah if Spook has the time then this is one of the major improvements available to the armory

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  • 30 May '17
 Sir Zombie

Pewpew tbh

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  • 11 Sep '17
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Didn't they say that the game was basically ready a couple of days ago though

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  • 15 Aug '17
 Sir Zombie

Hello this is officially not a shitpost. I declare Mordhau to be a good game with all my heart. This wholesome message has been sent to you by the new me that only helps the new people. I hope all of you have a wonderful day! :)
Also I've just invented a good joke:
Mordhau when?
Soon™ :D
haha that gave me a laugh

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  • 26 Mar '18
 Sir Zombie

but what if you didnt fall for the feint

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  • 12 Sep '17
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Maybe even 5 hours before imhotbh

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  • 31 Jul '17
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@Maci said:

@Plebican said:

look at that dynamic leg positioning...

Very nice but even Skyrim had FootIK. And Chivalry and every other somewhat modern game.

But look at it

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  • 9 Apr '17
 Sir Zombie

But you could buy it during the kickstarter...

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  • 25 Sep '18
 Sir Zombie

In other news:

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  • 9 Mar '17
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80k bois

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  • 8 Mar '17
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I'm sorry to tell you, but the lute can't be a part of your loadout.
Even tho it should be like jesus christ marox you are so close and yet so far to make it perfect just add the lute pls imho tbh

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  • 30 Apr '19
 Sir Zombie

Dont know if people know about this bug or not but im not getting any gold or xp