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Who are we

After coming to the realisation that nothing has changed on the communication between Triternion and Mordhau's community even after hiring the community manager Jax, we members of the community have decided to take the matter in our own hands and try to improve it.

Our mission is simple, gathering every piece of information we can find, archiving it and publish it under the form of regular "community devblogs", which will be posted here on the forums. While a good part of the active community might often find information they already knew, we believes that scattering information on various medias is not a way to communicate efficiently with most of the community, and we hope that condensing what we know into a single post will solve this issue.

If you are interested in helping, contact me or Monty le Gueux.

Community dev blog # 1

DISCLAIMER: All of this information was gathered from Jax from a stream that happened almost 2 months ago. A lot has surely changed since then. It is not certain that a feature listed here will be in the next update.



Anvils are located at different places throughout maps (spawn). You can put a weapon on the anvil and hit it with a blacksmiths hammer. This slowly upgrades the weapon.
Dagger -> Shortsword -> Arming Sword -> Bastard Sword -> Messer -> Estoc -> Longsword -> Greatsword -> Zweihander



Perks cost loadout points.

Cost: 2 points
Deal more damage with fists. (Possible increase to kick as well)

Cost: unknown
Assumed: Less stam usage while jumping

Cost: 2 points
30-50 stamina gained on kill.

Cost: 8 points
Makes it possible to choose peasant weaponss in loadout.

Cost: 1 point
Take less fire damage (50%)

Unknown name (Counter-archer):
Cost: Unknown
Increases ranged damage against other archers.



Shortbow: 8 points
Longbow: 11 points
Crossbow: Unknown cost



New voices (2) that you can choose for each loadout.
You can adjust the pitch of the voice.
There are voice commands but they weren't shown due to some technical difficulties.

New maps + Frontline:



It is unknown how much is map dependant, but there are 7 capture points and each team starts with one captured. Each team has a resource as well. This resource starts at 1000 and slowly drains. The speed of the drainage depends on the amount of points captured.

Camp expansion:


There will be a frontline version of camp with a giant battlefield filled with crows and AI trebuchets as well as a castle on the other side of camp.



A frontline map with a small city/castle surrounded by farms and a river. Building design similar to tourney.


There was music in the dev build as well as a slider to change the volume.

List of peasant weapons for perk:

  • Carving knife (1 point)
  • Pitchfork (1 point)
  • Heavy Branch (2 points)
  • Sickle (2 points)
  • Wooden Shovel (2 points)
  • Rake (3 points)
  • Hoe (4 points)
  • Rusty Fork (4 points)
  • Rusty Shovel (5 points)
  • Scythe (5 points)
  • Pickaxe (6 points)
  • Sledgehammer (6 points)


Community devblog #2 will arrive in 2 weeks with almost everything else we know so far about the next update.

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  • 28 Jul '18
 Sir Zombie

Community Dev Blog #2

Prelude: All of the current public info is in this blog. This means that if you are a VERY active member, you'll have seen most of it already. As always, Mordhau is subject to change and there isn't a 100% chance of any of these things to make it into the next update or the full game, however all of the info is still from the devs.
I would also like to give thanks to some people in no particular order: Monty le Gueux, Edy Nelson, Renaissance, Iodine, Ulkenstride, Cswic, Blink, Jackass and of course Crush and Marox for info. As all of the current info is in this blog, there won't be a third blog for some time. Now onto the actual content.

Combat changes

New weapon arc
The weapon arc has changed so that drags and accels are easier to tell apart. It is more controllable, especially the early part of release. It also reduces the overall arc, removing the 5% bandaid, and removes the curve on overheads.

The stun on kicks is removed, however the kick will still be stronger than the previous kicks that didn't have stuns. Jump kicking is also disabled and so are hand hits on the kick, making its range more consistent.

Minor movement adjustments
No accurate info except that they have changed it slightly.

Bubble reduction
This has happened because of the arc and movement changes.

Max stab release nerf
The previous max stab release of 375ms has been reduced to 350ms.

Clash chance buffed
You are now able to clash in early release as well.

Fist changes
The perk "Pugilist" that buffed your fist damage is also renamed to "Brawler".

The lunge speed buff is reduced if you turn during it.

Hyperarmor buff
The reduction of damage taken while riposting has been increased from 50% to 66%.

The shields will have a bigger parry box that also use the new parry mechanics.

Mechanic changes

Horse damage
The damage you deal while riding on a horse will now be based on your relative velocity to the enemy. The faster you are, the more damage your swings and the horse trample damage will be.

Chase mechanic
You will now receive a speedboost after chasing someone for a few seconds. The boost is removed once you lose line of sight.

Chamber rework
Chambering will now use the same timing as parries while still requiring you to match the angle. Chambering will also cost 20 stamina and chambering with 0 stamina left will disarm you.

Stamina system
A bunch of values have been made the same across all weapons: morphing will always cost 5 stamina, feinting will cost 10 and chambering will cost 20. You can't morph while at 0 stamina.
Hitting someone will give you 10 stamina and killing them will give you 30.

Parry rework
The parry no longer checks for the angle of the attack, but instead uses a hitbox in front of your character, this also applies to shields. This makes it more difficult to parry attacks from the side and above, but attacks from below are easier to parry. You can also sprint while parrying.

Shield counter
Triternion is working on a way to counter shields but it is unknown currently.

Weapon changes

Shortsword and dagger
The shortsword and dagger will be nerfed, lowering damage and also nerfing the stamina usage.

The halberd could previously pull people off of horses with the alt mode. This is now removed, making the billhook the only weapon that can do it.

Throwables cost reduction
All dedicated throwables will now cost 2 less. So the axes and rocks will cost 1 point and knives will cost 2.

New items

Utility and support items
New kinds of items will be introduced to the game. These support and utility items can be equipped on the loadout screen but also found on capture points in Frontline. Utility items will include a bear trap that deals damage to you when you walk over it and ragdolls you if you survive. It can be disabled by hitting it.

The lute is being worked on again. It will play music in its main mode and can be used for combat in its alt mode. There are 8 different notes you can play using different directions of slashes and stabs.

Weapons and armor
According to Crush, there are a lot of weapons coming to the weapons list. There is also a new helmet, shown in the picture below.


The pavise is a new form of shield that only works against projectiles. This means that it will also be cheaper, since all the other shields also work in melee. It can also be placed on the ground.

Cosmetic changes

Realistic hit feedback
The knockback on attacks have been reduced and hitting someone will enable cosmetic reactions on both your weapon and the body of the person that was hit. There is also camera feedback. Crush has said that some parts of it are similar to the effects in the new God of War.

Locational Wounds
Hitting someone will create a wound exactly where you hit them. The wounds also vary by attack and weapon type.


Head tracking
The fact that your character will automatically move his head to look at other players has been removed, unless you are standing still.

New crosshair
Look at Spooks comment below for more accurate info.
There is a new crosshair that will help show a lot of information to the player, such as: the angle for your 240* attack, the chamber and parry window and all the attack phases.

The exact animations that are improved aren't know but there are "some good improvements".

There will be a new war axe skin, shown in a previous image as well as changes to the longsword skin for backers. These changes make it much darker and similar to the original pictures.


Main menu effects
As shown in an earlier image, there will be fire on the main menu screen.

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 Sir Zombie

Community Dev Blog #3

Prelude: The last dev blog had a lot of text but it didn't have a lot of pictures, this is the other way around. If you are active on the official discord and want to help with gathering info or making the blog you are still free to contact either me or Monty le Gueux. Now onto the actual content.

Gameplay clips with map and crosshair changes

In the following clips you can see the new crosshair in action as well as a peak of the upcoming changes to Camp, expanding it and preparing it for Frontline as well as Tourney.





Maxilator is using a shortbow in this clip. You can see the quiver as well.

Grator is using the new helmet and waraxe skin.

You can see a glimpse of the voice commands but don't tell anyone.


New helmet
A picture of a WIP helmet. It has also been mentioned that there will be a painted version of one of the new helmets. The previous new helmet was shown in the previous blog.


New hit effects
In this short clip you will be able to see the new cosmetic hit effects on both the enemy and the player as well as the new crosshair. Note that in the later clips which you can see above, the effect is much more subtle.

Lute action
Elwebbaro is trying to ruin the fun for our bard so he hits him with the lute. In the background there is another person playing the instrument. Sadly it doesn't have any audio.

A picture of the upcoming perks.


There are also two more perks that are not shown in the picture, a scavenger perk that makes enemies drop ALL of their weapons instead of just the one they are holding and an experimental dodge perk. More info can be found in Marox' comment

This is a video of the perk "Flesh Wound" in action. It allows you to live for 5 seconds after being dealt a lethal blow that isn't to the head. If it cuts off your left arm you can still use 1handed weapons and if it cuts off your right arm you'll be able to swing with your left fist.

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Link by daddy Marox

Right now our plans are to reach release stage, and this will mean skipping the beta due to time constraints. By this I mean any real beta -- something like a 1-2 week "beta" that AAA studios pull before release might still happen so we can catch the most obvious bugs and are able to stress-test our backend servers (for unlocking, matchmaking, etc), but no real serious testing as was the case with our combat system.

Keep in mind that right now, we're in no place to delay this further. Neither monetary, nor marketing-wise, as we've burned through our funds and then some more, but more importantly, we have nothing more to add at this point that we don't feel we can't add after release. So past 3 months or so have been focused exclusively on wrapping things up, and adding whatever we feel we must before release. This has led to some surprises ;)

If you felt we we limited content during our alpha/combat testing phase, you'd be right. This was partially to limit interest, and partially to focus testing on what we really needed feedback on. The testing we did do has been invaluable, and led to many changes that gradually improved the state of the game leaps and bounds. All of this will ultimately culminate in us unleashing the true experience of where we intended this combat to play out. It's never been our goal to limit the game to duels, deathmatch, and such. The fact that this gameplay was none-the-less enjoyed throughout our long alpha period I think is a testament to how much fun it is. We've actively tried to make things unappealing in terms of game modes so that we could have the ugly stuff show up now rather than later. Many of which we fixed, some which remains to be fixed.

But now to the fun stuff. With release, thanks to the testing done so far on the core combat, we'll be able to unleash a whole new experience, taking what we've done and balanced so far into whole new venues of play. This will involve 3-4 large maps (we have 2 additional maps coming shortly after release, which we have some work left on that might take 1-2 months) that will feature what will be our 3 iconic modes on release.

Frontline: linear conquest-style maps with final objectives to complete. Goes up to 64 players and is a lot of fun, the goal of this mode is to provide the best of Team Objective from Chivalry, which is the creation of an artificial frontline where fights are focused, but without the arbitrary (and often undesired) changes in mechanics necessitated by objective design. In many ways simple, but just works so well.

Battle Royale: what you might expect with some twists, but this is a whole different beast in melee, with up to 64 players. We've had more crazy moments in our limited testing than I could describe. The mechanics just play together in such bizarre ways.

Horde: our co-operative mode with waves of enemies to eliminate. Smaller mode with around 6 players vs 50+ AI. Comes with greatly improved bot behavior, and an exploration aspect to really push replayability and tactics.

We've been playtesting this stuff internally, and it's immensely fun, it's getting to the stage where we are able to wrap things up, but we still need two months or so, give or take a couple of weeks. If I could estimate the exact date, I'd do it, but we're not going to pull necessary polish back just to meet a deadline. We're independent developers and disregarding deadlines when it comes to delivering a superior product is where our strengths lie. What I can tell you is we can't hold things back much longer, and thankfully, we don't need to. So just because we're not testing something in our public branch with everyone else, doesn't mean we're not testing things internally (that said, no, there's no super secret testing club). There's many reasons why we're not doing this, from limiting publicity to simply being more efficient, as we don't have to deal with distributing everything to the masses and making sure each small iteration doesn't break everything. It lets us do quick iterations and is a necessary evil this close to release.

It really does feel like a completely different game when played in these game modes, so we're looking forward to finishing work on this and releasing it so we can start on post-launch work and content.

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 Sir Zombie

Sorry, I am currently working on Community Dev Blog #4 and don't have time to make the third one.

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 Sir Zombie

This is actually exactly why we shouldn't have Early Access.

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 Sir Zombie

Want my fucking gold teeth


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I found out that if you have toggledamage on and switched to spectator your first body would remain. This results in some funny possibilities.

First test but what is that in the background?:

It's a fucking tower of cavemen:

More pictures of me and Edy's glorious 4 layer caveman tower:

Best picture with both of them in frame imho:

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@Havoc said:

@marox said:
Please give more details, no need to pull any punches.

Compiled (edited/paraphrased) list of gripes or statements/suggestions from a few anonymous users. (INCOMPLETE LIST)

I'll try to answer some of these questions and delete the repeat ones as well as those I agree with.

  • Mordhau needs either visual GUI or 1st person animation feedback in so players know specifically what attack angle they'll activate using a swing.

They were working on it but they just didn't make it in time.

  • You get knocked back a bit too much when you're hit

I myself haven't really found the knockback to be bad.

  • Stabs are awkward using mouse directional stabs, as you'll often get the incorrect stab attack angle out, being forced to rebind each stab attack angle to mitigate this issue is not a solution.

Then maybe actually use your mouse to stab so you don't get the wrong angle.

  • Parrying is very easy at the moment, and feels more akin to chiv as an all-compassing hitbox, rather than something that needs to be aimed at an opponent's weapon. It's also a bit too easy to fall back to a parry if you've made a mistake.

Before you say if a thing needs to be nerfed you have to ask yourself: "Does it really NEED to be nerfed?"

  • The wind-up mechanic for weapons is awkward as the attacks themselves are very quick. It's gotten to the point where a majority of players aren't reacting to visual cues, but rather the auditory grunt to parry.

The grunt is also a thing you can use to parry. This is intended. So what?

  • Under Swings being able hit behind an opponent's legs

Do you have any footage of this?

  • Thrown mace does more damage than the other thrown weapons


  • Wind-up mechanics actually make drags a lot more effective for slower weapons, coupled with the faster swings

Is this an issue?

  • Combat getting bogged-down/delayed, resulting in players either having to gamble or feint to progress combat

Feinting is a mechanic. You should use it.

  • Often after an opponent's parry, an opponent's weapon will visually look completely still then they'll swing after a very short wind-up. (Clarification: Riposte overheads whilst looking down connect almost instantly especially when the weapon-hitbox activates inside the player or right after the short wind-up)

It is a shame that there is a part of the windup where it can be parried while not dealing damage.

  • Certain two handed weapons, such as the zweihander, can cover close to 360° of a player using an overhead rainbow

You can turn 180 degrees. If you couldn't, the combat would be sluggish probably and target switching would be impossible.

  • Difficult to tell what attacks your opponents are doing up close due

  • Feinting~parry and morph~parry meta


  • Chambers greatly unrewarding

They don't cost stamina and give a fast hit. Do you want it to be faster? A fucking free hit?

  • Still able to do very effective waterfalls

Drags are a part of the game afaik

  • Overheads often not connecting with players despite the 1st person model clipping through an opponent.

Yeah they are working on that.

  • No incentive to not spam crouches

It makes you predictable as fuck.

  • No looping animation.

I actually don't know what this means. Could you please explain.

  • Spamming attacks seems to be very effective combined with attack acceleration.

Fucking learn to parry.

  • Kicks being ineffective tools to prevent facehuggers, especially due to attack acceleration

Have you tries morphing or riposting kicks? Bet you haven't.

  • Overhands and underhands are difficult to read due to the wind-up animations, and it's gotten to the point where a lot of players are only just chaining those attack types whilst dragging or fainting/morphing using four keybinds. It looks silly, it plays silly, but it's very effective and awful to fight against.

There isn't a lot more than that tb

  • Mordhau will often crash if you play on fullscreen and ALT TAB

Then use borderless


They use the screens to cover up loading. That is how most games work.

  • No bloody footprints when you walk through a blood puddle /refund

Oh yeah game is unplayable

  • WTF, how come the kickstarter stuff was available in an earlier showcased build of Mordhau but not now?

Because they need to find a way to distribute them.

  • No point in clash fighting as the faster weapon will win

Yeah? Stop clashing and parry their attack.

  • Lack of Dev interaction besides crushed occasionally hopping into discord

Not really tho

  • Feinting/Morphing too effective

Git gud

  • Being able to spam jump/crouch attack spamming without issue

Is there supposed to be an issue?

  • Being able to flourish into a stab or a stab morph

Is this bad?

  • Players fighting like jackhammers on crack spasming out to try to confuse you, with morphing and feints it's way too good

Maybe don't get confused?

Havoc most of the people you've talked to just seem to not realize that they are bad at the game and can improve. It hasn't even been out for a week and to think you are the best already is stupid imho.

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 Sir Zombie

Yeah so official pic of NDA


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@Sirwarriant said:
Lots of replies, and exactly zero proof that the devs planned dragging as an intended feature.

For those of you say the combat would lack depth without dragging, the game has feints, it's possible to miss swings, mis judge weapon reaches, and you can body feint as well.

Hmmm yes exactly 0 proof


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 Sir Zombie

Wear a helmet irl imho

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This has a lot of numbers. Very scary. Reported.

Duchess 6895 9871
Duchess 6895 9871
Duchess 6895 9871
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Make archers balanced so they don't need to be limited.

Duchess 6895 9871
Duchess 6895 9871
  • 16 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

Have y'all considered that we aren't good at the game yet and MAYBE you will learn to counter feints over time?

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 Sir Zombie

Anti-uncy clan unite