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@SWSeriousMike said:
Looks hot.

Got a love a woman with beautiful eyes

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  • 10 Apr

The big things with third person are as follows

1.) It enabled you to peak around corners and can camp them with no risk to your self, while contraband is the only map atm there will be a 3v3 ranked and more maps added so take that what you will

2.) It enabled a playstyle that should be high risk

That playstyle being mostly casino drags and toe sniffing since they required you to face away from your opponent to do going third person eliminates that and has very little downsides since you still have full view of your opponent

3.) Its downsides aren't that huge for the extra vision you get

Yeah the usual stated dow side is having your character block your body this downside was totally negated simply by looking slightly down and at an angle meaning you had full fight ability while enabling point number 2

The core issue with all 3 combined is there isnt much they can do without messing up the core combat to such a large degree

The inherit advantages of third person are simply too great for a competitive scene

The devs have also stated they are looking to fix the extra wide resolution exploit to cap max fov

The goal here is to make the game a level playing field for ranked and also trying to fix a very toxic style of play

Yes its unfortunate but there isnt much you can realistically do with third person because its inherit problems that enable some full blown jank

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Now the maul is a subject of a lot of differing views but it does boil down to 2 major problems at this current time

1.) It's not as viable of a weapon at higher levels despite its raw power

2.) Despite point one its still an extremely toxic weapon because of how it plays out in front-line and even duel servers with the oh so funny naked maul army

Fixing the maul is kind of hard as if you remove its 1 shot head shot on all armors it loses its identity and basically becomes all around inferior to the E-Star in all fronts so I cant really bring my self to be rid of it

Another issue is its thrust , its slow short range and its only strong point is that it setups a two shot if you land the thrust on the chest making the maul very unforgiving to fight , but fairly easy to avoid with lighter builds

On the flip side if the maul player goes light they can keep pressure up fairly easy with the weapons stamina game, while its no sledge , its not locked behind a meme perk and with good footwork would basically out stamina most everyone if your footwork is good at keeping them in striking distance

Mechanically the maul is missing a few key aspects that make it truly viable at higher level and is over tuned in other aspects that make it toxic to deal with overall

1.) It's overall slow as hell , not innately a bad thing but with its short reach makes it much easier to deal with

2.) It's lack of utility in a fight means that if they are in a fight they are pretty one dimensional in play style making it far more predictable than its competitor the Estar or even the Executioners sword (i have separate gripes vs that one but i wont get into that now)

3.) Its stamina pressure is overbearing when its on a light build allowing it to keep in your face much easier and if their defense is good as long as they got the first hit in or forced a wiff, making it a very difficult weapon to duel if they are a competent player with it.

So getting to the meat of this i got a few tweaks that would make it more viable at higher levels, while reducing some of the toxic aspects of the weapon in front line to hopefully make it a healthier weapon and a proper contender with the E star

Maul Rework idea.png

Lets tackle the damage first.

1.) Despite the head shot being unchanged I am changing its swing damage to chest and legs without lowering swing hit to kill
this will keep its identity as a head shot monster.

From: T0=85 T1=83 T2=77 T3=75

To : T0=85 T1=75 T2=70 T3=65

While this doesn't affect time to kill for swings it will drastically reduce kill credit for the naked one and done playstyle, aswell as be less of a death sentence vs t3 when dealing with other players and recurves on the field aswell

3.) Stab damage should also be toned down vs t2 and t3 chest

From:T2=36 T3=35
To : T2=35 T3=30

this will make more sense when i get to the speed adjustments here

To compensate for the damage nerfs

1.) Swings should be 700ms from 725m

2.) Stabs should be 600 ms down from 650ms

3.) Stab combo speed to set to 900 ms

4.) Stabs (if possible) should be granted the ability to combo

Another minor change to stamina is reduce swing miss cost by 1 point to 12 from 13

and reduce stamina drain from 24 to 21 to make it slightly more forgiving to fight thanks to the stab buff

The maul may need further adjustments down the road but i think this would be a healthy start to it aswell as help make it more viable in higher level play

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  • 5 Jul '19

@NikolaiLudovik said:

@smug said:

@Treusturm said:

Mount&blade had female characters and the world didn't end.

Mount and Blade had females and 95% of the time they were used as naked with names like Daenerys.

I am not against it but do not act like it will have a positive impact in the game.

Yeah dude complain about THAT in the same game where u can cosplay as shrek and run around naked with a pan.

Jesus fucking christ

Hope they won't fuck up how the armor looks, I would rather not see thicc thots in this game, otherwise, it's fine.
Not like this thread has any point because modding tools will allow for anime girls (thing which I said before) wielding large swords. So as far as I am concerned, female characters are not a priority until we get:
-Modding Tools
-Siege Mode
-Duel Mode
-r a n k e d m a t c h m a k i n g

That's all I want. And I believe it's what the game needs quite desperately.

The devs already have some of the models in game and I believe the majority of the work on them is done

There is even a hidden toggle in the config file where your loadouts are stored


Now you cant quite play them in match because it defaults to the Male character and the female models in game lack a head


But as we have seen before they do have working models

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  • 7 Apr

@Quenquent said:

@esturias said:
No need for another thread. Everything that needs to be said has been said. More than once.
The rest is up to the devs.

No, that's the problem. Every Maul discussions, especially on this forum, had been reduced to content for a video about babies crying on Youtube. It's either "Maul OP plz remove" or "Just move away/dodge LOL" and no actual discussions/suggestions has been done.

I think @Kashi here have, not only the good approach, but also some good suggestion. A swing damage nerf to prevent "tag and go" tactics that I do see a lot in FL/Inv, a nerf to two-shotting which was my main concern, while still keeping the main point of the weapon : aim for headshots. And, in bonus, more viability in duels while keeping the main counters to it.

Pretty much my aim tbh

As much as I personally dislike the maul I do think it fills a niche in the game and should have adjustments to keep its identity while making it more viable yet less toxic

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  • 6 Apr

@Pred said:
I don't think your changes would make any difference, Maul is so broken and so much "outside" the framework of this game, it can't be fixed with cosmetic changes. Yeah, random drive-by bonky boys might now get 85 kills and 15 assists instead of 90 and 10, but does it change anything?

Consider this excellent, hard, skill-based, focused gameplay and tell me 10 less damage on torso hit are going to fix it:

10 less damage to t3 doesn't sound like much it is enough to push the majority of kill credit away from the maul user that doesn't stick in fights mind you this is mostly targeted towards the more toxic hit and run style that is overly rewarding,

For example ive seen a naked maul man run around and secure 60+ kills and zero assists at level 20 withot really dedicating to a fight and barely landed finishing blows himself, instead he was running around body shoting anyone he got close too and ran off for his team to finish. if i would wager a guess based on how poorly he fought in a 1v1 he only landed maybe 25-30 finishing blows himself while the rest was done in by his team,

While its not a Bad play style in and of itself ,it does overly reward them with kill credit causing them to get higher ranking and potentially getting even a commander role where their inexperience causes them to basically throw the match for their team

the swing damage change is mostly to shift that to assists so it doesn't inflate their score and they would have to
1.) aim for the head more as you should with the maul
2) commit to fights more to finish the opponent

The real meat of the changes comes with the stab adjustments, moving it from raw damage to more utility it still keeps a good chunk of damage but requires either more hits or land a head shot with the thrust to confirm the two shot followup on swing

I'm hoping this makes abit more sense on my train of thought here

while your video does show the raw power of the maul you also commit to fights instead of running off to land single hits on as many people as possible on unaware enemies

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  • 6 Apr

@SWSeriousMike said:
The maul will never be changed because it is the ultimate manifestation of the hypocrisy of the devs and the community.

Shields were attributed with exactly the same problems. But while shields were shunned the maul is cool. Even if you could somehow lead a civilized and objective discussion based on arguments in this forum, it most likely would still be just ignored.

The maul also escapes all the other balancing guidelines that were followed at least loosely with the other weapons. It's an outlier in almost every regard for purely romantic reasons. You are fighting a hopeless fight here.

cant blame me for tying my dude ,im just hoping it does spark a civil discussion really .

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  • 2 Apr

On the subject of self defense yeah it's pretty damn unlikely that a sword will come in handy but it is better than nothing I could be half swords and used as a leaver or for stabbing, people have an aversion to getting stabbed anyway

So as unlikely it is ,it's better than nothing, especially in places that ban firearms ...

And as humble staff says there are tornaments for cutting Matts and it's a skill all to itself that takes proper practice much like target shooting

And messing around I do mean just what humble says , hitting various things like bottles and other stuff just for fun , just like target shooting at the range

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  • 17 Mar

E star is arguably the best weapon for all round play because it has high damage good reach (the 1h thrust reaches farther than people think it does)

Excellent mixup game

And has strong stamina game

There isnt much wrong with the weapon with it's only real "weakness" being hitstop for group fights but that honestly is debatable because hitstop allows for it's insane mixups

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  • 7 Jan

Shields where reworked because it was unhealthy to the games balance

And the way they where before it would be impossible to balance them for this games system

Now they have a base they can work with that can be balanced

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  • 29 Dec '19

I have immense respect for you mate

It takes a thick skin to push through alot of the game let alone strive to improve

On the subject of range there is two things messing with it

1 is you can sprint and attack a d 2 the shorter weapons have an additional lunge to then

Moving backwards when it's not your turn is a good idea because it gives you more watch the opponents animations

just dont loose your cool and learn each weapons benefits and cons to get a solid grasp of what you can get away with

A big bit of advice , if they are using fast weapons learn its windup timing and the. Walk towards the hit and parry so you can negate some drags while you learn the limits of the game

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  • 26 Sep '19

@Tr0gledyte said:

@Kashi said:
No man you really are misunderstanding what an accel stab is

Think of it more as a proactive move where both players are moving around

You use footwork and body movement to avoid an attack while getting a counter stab ready as you essentially dodge the attack and move your characters body towards the direction of the stab to make sure they dont back out of your reach

It's not as important for super long weapons but it is still an accel as you are making sure the attack hits as soon as possible

Nobody just sits there static

That's footwork and applies to literally everything in the game. An accel is swing manipulation.

Footwork is part of swing manipulation INCLUDING stabs, its how you can get stab accels , especially when you start the windup out of measure

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  • 5 Jul '19

A true thinking man


To smash or not to smash

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  • 15 Apr

I like alot of these ideas in theory but the pits wouldn't really be possible

We could instead have tripwire instead

Maybe have a ramp (like how spikes can be used but taller not offensive and fairly thin to not outshine baricaides )

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  • 14 Apr

It does make a little bit of sense because those tiny knives also take a crapload of stamina to block with

Also please stay on topic about maul changes specifically, just to keep it from derailing the subject of the topic

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  • 6 Apr

@Pred said:

@Kashi said:
the swing damage change is mostly to shift that to assists so it doesn't inflate their score and they would have to
1.) aim for the head more as you should with the maul
2) commit to fights more to finish the opponent

Dunno bruh, you actually want to be committed to big fights as Maul user, because that's what lets you maximize your kills - the more you are riposting (during which you will be taking less damage due to hyperarmor) and the more there are people nearby to switch to and regenerate health, the longer you can stay alive and rack up kills (obviously works best with bloodlust).

Getting a "fake kill" when you have hit a dude and he dies to someone else is not really THAT much of a problem.

On the subject of hyperarmor you dont take less damage you just dont get flinched and cause weapons to hitstop on ya

And for the kill credit issue it's more of a problem of the mauls raw 75 + chest damage

its amplified because the sheer amount of naked maul builds, every match there is at minimum 3 In a lobby somtimes more . Alot of the time these guys dont commit to fights as I've stated and I stead run around with a hit and run style.

I wouldn't really be mentioning it if it wasnt for the number of rounds that got thrown because said builds getting a commander role from it

The adjustment is mostly targeted at this specific playstyle so players that earn those kills more directly become the commander instead of the level 50 or below meme man that got more kill credit than they rightfully deserve

I've seen perhaps 6 or 7 rounds in the last 30 games that end in such players getting commander only to die in the first 3 minuites.

While yes they are helping the team secure kills before the commander step and keeping enemy numbers thin the reward is abit too high for the effort put in . Considering how shit it feels for the commander to die off because a guy doesnt have a solid grasp of the mechanics

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  • 2 Apr

@SWSeriousMike said:

@CazzyVR said:
Anybody else here that? No ok. must have been the Wind blowing through my wondow while I polish a Battle Ready 460 high Carbon English Bastard Sword

Battle ready. Not even lazy is battle ready and he has ballistic body armor and at least one semi-automatic rifle.

Honestly there is no reason to keep a sharp sword at home. If you want your HEMA training to be taken seriously, telling awe-inspiring tales of the devastating deadliness of fantasy hammers and bragging about fondling with health hazards is not the way to achieve that.

There is a reason to have sharps at home , they are cool in some people opinion

Others have them for cutting Matt's and such for cutting competitions is another reason to keep sharps at home aswell

Im planning on getting a sharp poleax why? Because I like collecting things of the like and somtimes I like to just mess around with them for fun ,

Another reason for it is because I appreciate the history behind arms and armor and love seeing historical technique be brought back to life , even if it's only good for sport in modern day.

No reason to get condescending about people's

It's just like saying there's no reason to play video games using the same argument and such

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  • 31 Mar

i love The Bird . That aside i do agree but on a larger scale, overall slashing damage is abit overtuned for alot of weapons making it very unforgiving , especially if you choose to run t3 armor, you get a pretty substantial movement debuff for what feels like bairly an increase in defense its there but just doesn't feel like its worth it for the sacrifice you take in mobility

i would love to see at least a test where damage across the board was lowered vs t3 and t2 slightly to see how it plays out for the game

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  • 26 Mar

even realistically its bloody difficult to simply break the haft of spears, realistically you wouldd need the darn thing to be planted in something solid to do it with a solid strike

not to mention how awefull it would be for balance especially considering how the game plays

and stab weapons are part of the game just because you dont like them doesnt mean they arent healthy only a handfull of weapons arent healthy and that is due to ambiguous animation not stab spam

please put bias aside when discussing ideas because it doesnt help for discussion at all

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  • 20 Mar

if they are only dragging that means they are already messing up

you gotta condition them with accels then fake an accel into a drag to trick them to parry early

also on the subject ,currently high level play is more focused on stab mixups since its ambiguous as hell and difficult to read on some and impossible on others (like the bastard sword)