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  • 4 Aug '18
 Longboard Guedes

Marox should hire a witcher


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  • 3 Oct '18
 Longboard Guedes

[99+] Prophet : The player enlights himself about the Mordhau release date.

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Name : Guedes SkateLord

Location: Small cave in DarkForest, next to the mason first spawnpoint to the left, can't miss it.

Hours in Chiv : Enough to have 0% chance of acquiring any sexual disease from female beings

SoW reading: Spam F key, thank me later ...

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  • 2 Oct '18
 Longboard Guedes

[420] Trancendence : Stay as ragdoll for the entire game.

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It would be cool if they put some gay voice actor too...

Gay voice insult:
"Your hair seems like a rat nest"

Gay voice respect:
"I used to be a warrior like you, then I took dick in my eveningstar"

Gay voice hello:


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@SWSeriousMike said:
Is hope this is pasta. For your sake.

Just saying that the devs are not being professionals enough, and in doing so, making the game stale for both sides, casual and comp players.

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Don't forget M&M 2 bannerlost

By may 2020, the devs will be relaxing, waiting for a matchmake duel contraband with the same old 20 or so people like they used to do back in chivalry.

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It's really sad this whole situation...The devs have the money to solve most of it's problems, but I'm starting to assume that they are mindless and greedy... Not "inexperienced"

They could have fixed it by just putting someone to do this social media stuff for them, besides Jax... But no.

Maybe that is what they want... A highlight

Meanwhile at PCgamer...



"I don't have any black people in my neighborhood, so for that I believe putting them in the game wouldn't be realistic at all." Says Marox the project leader of the game.

Investment for them means less money, not improvement probabilities.

They already said that 11 people can't handle all the work... What are you devs waiting for ?

The definition of stupidity.

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From my perspective, the devs don't know what to do next. The game success was a surprise indeed... Lack of planning and maybe the will to assimilate more members to the team not existing, alongside inexperience, seems to be the answer for this catastrophic post release dying-status.

The dilemma, although ,proves to be really challenging...

Make more maps and gamemodes along side modding tools to capture more casuals for a little longer.


Invest the time into making the competitive scenario better, targeting the resources to a even smaller, but loyal, group.

Either way, the playerbase will decline.

It could have been a lot smoother tho... 50%+ player count loss.

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I'm kinda bored tbh ...

I've been using the catapult, firepot and throwables only mercs.

Don't really like the "competitive" vibe thing of this game, it is not as fun as the pseudo-teamobjective mode...

Devs should put more effort on making new maps with team objective as a main mode.

If you look into YT for mordhau, you will see that the most viewed videos are from people doing stupid and silly things on Frontline mode, with the competitive play going rather "underground".

I think the devs made this game just for themselves. And, for them, the only thing fun in Chivalry was the competition of the same 10 or 20 guys. See crossroads? That's alright if you played DUELYARD for 5 years....

Or... They just don't know how to handle plans with the great success and the amount players of the game currently.

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Cool !

Imagine when(if) the devs add others instruments, like flutes, bagpipes and those royal trumpets ! Would be awesome.

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This game was made FROM "competitive "Chivalry players FOR "competitive" chivalry players. Not from stupid casual that thought the game was FUN.


No wait, 90% player loss ? Those plyers were just scrubs that couldn't GIT GUD, not a TOOL to MAINTAIN the HEALTH of the game. Don't need them in my competitive scenario.

Something just backlash and the devs now are millionaires. Wonder what it was ...

Maybe because their main buyer target were NOT ENOUGH to make the money they "needed".

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Why the devs don't answer then ?

Call it a bug or whatever ...

They should fix it, the guy from the first post made a research and deserve an answer. Why try to make it disappear ?

If it should or not be like that, devs own us some feedback.

"Triternion, we listen to the community. Just listen :)"